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Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science. The Nature Podcast is a free weekly audio show featuring highlighted content from the week's edition of Nature including interviews with the people behind the science, and in-depth commentary and analysis from journalists covering science around the world.For complete access to the original papers featured in the Nature Podcast, subscribe to Nature.

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The Nature Podcast brings you the best stories from the world of science each week. We cover everything from astronomy to neuroscience, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature journal. We meet the scientists behind the results and providing in-depth analysis from Nature's journalists and editors.
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12.06.2019 Nature Podcast

13 June 2019: Mighty magnets, and aerosols in the atmosphere

This week, a record-breaking magnetic field, and aerosols’ potential effects on the atmosphere.In this episode:00:45 Making massive magnetsResearchers have created the world’s strongest direct current magnetic field. Research article: S. Hahn et al.08:...
5.06.2019 Nature Podcast

06 June 2019: Microbes modifying medicine and kickstarting plate tectonics

This week, how gut microbes might be affecting drugs, and a new theory on the beginning of plate tectonics.In this episode:00:45 Microbes metabolising drugsResearchers are investigating whether the gut microbiota can alter the activity of medicinal dru...
31.05.2019 Nature Podcast

REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast May 1983

This year, Nature celebrates its 150th birthday. To mark this anniversary we’re rebroadcasting episodes from our PastCast series, highlighting key moments in the history of science.The discovery of the ozone hole in the mid-1980s was a shock. Scientist...
30.05.2019 Nature Podcast

30 May 2019: Cold fusion, gender parity in universities, and studying wildfires

This week, looking back at cold fusion, a ranking of gender balance in universities, and measuring the impact of wildfires.
22.05.2019 Nature Podcast

23 May 2019: Pre-industrial plankton populations, European science, and ancient fungi.

This week, how climate change has affected plankton, the future of European science, and evidence of an ancient fungus.
15.05.2019 Nature Podcast

16 May 2019: Recoding genomes, and material from the Moon's far side

This week, rewriting the script of life, and a trip to the far side of the Moon.
8.05.2019 Nature Podcast

09 May 2019: Urban vs Rural BMI, and the health of rivers

This week, body mass increases around the world, and river connections in decline.
1.05.2019 Nature Podcast

02 May 2019: China's growing science network, and talking brain signals

This week, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and translating brain patterns into speech.
26.04.2019 Nature Podcast

REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast April 1953

This year, Nature celebrates its 150th birthday. To mark this anniversary we’re rebroadcasting episodes from our PastCast series, highlighting key moments in the history of science.Over 60 years ago, James Watson and Francis Crick published their famo...
25.04.2019 Nature Podcast

25 April 2019: Tiny earthquakes, the genetics of height, and how US-China politics is affecting research

This week we’ve got an extended News Chat between presenter Benjamin Thompson and Nature's European Bureau Chief Nisha Gaind. They discuss a new way to identify tiny earthquakes, new insights into the heritability of height, and how political tensions ...
17.04.2019 Nature Podcast

18 April 2019: Reviving brains, lightning, and spring books

This week, restoring function in dead pig brains, spring science books, and the structure of lightning.If you have any questions about the partly-revived brains study, then the reporters at Nature are keen to answer them. You can submit them at the bot...
11.04.2019 Nature Podcast

Podcast Extra: The first image of a black hole

This week, researchers released the first image of a black hole at the centre of the M87 galaxy. In this special News Chat, Nature reporter Davide Castelvecchi, who was at a press conference in Brussels where the image was announced, tells Benjamin Tho...
10.04.2019 Nature Podcast

11 April 2019: Heart failure and vacuum field fluctuations.

This week, a new mouse model for heart failure and characterising energy fluctuations in empty space.
3.04.2019 Nature Podcast

04 April 2019: MDMA and the malleable mind, and keeping skin young

This week, why MDMA could make social interactions more rewarding, and how your skin keeps itself youthful.
29.03.2019 Nature Podcast

Backchat March 2019: Calls for a research moratorium, and the evolution of science reporting

In this month’s roundtable, our reporters discuss calls to pause heritable genome-editing research, and how science journalism has changed in the past 20 years.
27.03.2019 Nature Podcast

28 March 2019: Human impacts on Mount Kilimanjaro, sex differences in pain, and a crystal-based cooling method

This week, how humans are affecting Kilimanjaro's ecosystems, differences in pain based on biological sex, and refrigerating with crystals.
20.03.2019 Nature Podcast

21 March 2019: Antibiotics in orchards, and rethinking statistical significance

This week, a plan to spray antibiotics onto orange trees, and is it time to retire statistical significance?
15.03.2019 Nature Podcast

REBROADCAST: Nature Pastcast March 1918

This year, Nature celebrates its 150th birthday. To mark this anniversary we’re rebroadcasting episodes from our Pastcast series, bringing to life key moments in the history of science.As the First World War draws to an end, astronomer Arthur Eddington...
14.03.2019 Nature Podcast

14 March 2019: Ebola in DRC, a new HIV treatment, and the proposed US budget.

Instead of a regular edition of the Nature Podcast, this week we’ve got an extended News Chat between Benjamin Thompson and Amy Maxmen. They discuss the ongoing Ebola outbreak in DRC, an injectable treatment for HIV, and how the proposed US 2020 budget...
6.03.2019 Nature Podcast

07 March 2019: Coastal carbon-sinks, mobile health, and Mileva Marić

This week, wetlands' ability to store carbon, mobile health, and the story of Mileva Marić.
27.02.2019 Nature Podcast

28 February 2019: Cuckoo parasitism, topological materials and cannabinoids in yeast.

This week, the parenting strategies of a tropical cuckoo, increasing the number of topological materials, and growing cannabinoids in yeast.
20.02.2019 Nature Podcast

21 February 2019: Mouse cell atlases and cataloguing viruses

This week, mapping every cell in a mouse embryo and the benefits of cataloguing all the viruses on Earth.
13.02.2019 Nature Podcast

14 February 2019: Atherosclerosis and disruptive science

This week, the links between atherosclerosis and sleep-deprivation, and how team size affects research outputs.
6.02.2019 Nature Podcast

07 February 2019: Massive chemical libraries, and CRISPR-CasX

This week, virtual drug discovery, and a new addition to the CRISPR toolkit.
30.01.2019 Nature Podcast

31 January 2019: Women of the periodic table, and harvesting energy from Wi-Fi

This week, the female chemists who helped build the periodic table, and harnessing the extra energy in Wi-Fi signals.
23.01.2019 Nature Podcast

24 January 2019: Economic downturns and black holes

This week, the effects of recessions on public health, and simulating supermassive black holes.
16.01.2019 Nature Podcast

17 January 2019: RNA splicing in yeast, and a walking fossil

This week, investigating introns’ roles, and reanimating a fossil.
11.01.2019 Nature Podcast

Podcast Extra: The search for a rare disease treatment

Nick Sireau’s sons have a rare genetic disease called alkaptonuria, which can lead to body tissues becoming brittle, causing life long health issues.In this Podcast Extra, Geoff Marsh speaks to Nick and to the physician Dr Lakshminarayan Ranganath abou...
9.01.2019 Nature Podcast

10 January 2019: Fast Radio Bursts and new year future gazing

This week, detecting intergalactic radio bursts, and seeing what’s in store for science in 2019.
26.12.2018 Nature Podcast

26 December 2018: Our reporters' top picks of 2018

In this special round-up episode of the Nature Podcast, a few of our regular reporters choose their favourite podcast piece of 2018, and explain why they enjoyed making it. 
19.12.2018 Nature Podcast

20 December: Quantum physics adds a twist, and festive fun

The Nature Podcast’s 2018 end of year special, including songs, books, our annual quiz, and more!
13.12.2018 Nature Podcast

Podcast Extra: Evidence of a ‘transmissible’ Alzheimer’s protein

New research suggests that a key protein involved in the neurodegenerative disease can be transferred between brains.
12.12.2018 Nature Podcast

13 December 2018: The art of performing science, and chiral chemistry

This week, ‘performing’ experiments, and making mirrored molecules.
5.12.2018 Nature Podcast

06 December 2018: Heart xenotransplants and phage fighting

This week, improving heart xenotransplants and soil bacteria versus phages.
28.11.2018 Nature Podcast

29 November 2018: Atomic clock accuracy and wind farm worries

This week, measuring gravity’s strength with clocks, and worries over wind farms’ wakes.
21.11.2018 Nature Podcast

22 November 2018: An ion-drive aeroplane, and DNA rearrangement.

This week, a solid-state plane engine with no moving parts, and ‘mosaicism’ in brain cells.
14.11.2018 Nature Podcast

15 November 2018: Barnard’s Star, and clinical trials

This week, evidence of a nearby exoplanet, and clinical trials in a social media world.
7.11.2018 Nature Podcast

08 November 2018: Designer cells, and a Breakthrough researcher

This week, building a cell from the bottom up, and a Breakthough Prize winner
31.10.2018 Nature Podcast

01 November 2018: Mood forecasting technology, and where are the WIMPS?

This week, the role that mood forecasting technology may play in suicide prevention, and a 'crisis' in dark matter research.
17.10.2018 Nature Podcast

18 October 2018: Cannabis horticulture and the Sun's place in history

This week, how science can help Canadian cannabis growers and a potted history of the Sun.
10.10.2018 Nature Podcast

11 October 2018: The life of a new Nobel laureate and organised ants

This week, what life is like when you've just won a Nobel prize, and how a vestigial organ helps ants get organised.
3.10.2018 Nature Podcast

04 October 2018: Latent HIV, bird personalities and the Hyabusa2 mission

This week, targeting latent HIV, the breeding behaviour of bold birds, and an update on a near-Earth asteroid mission.
26.09.2018 Nature Podcast

27 September 2018: A wearable biosensor and a mechanical metamaterial.

This week, an ultra-thin, wearable biosensor and a multi-shape, mechanical metamaterial.
19.09.2018 Nature Podcast

20 September 2018: Negative emissions and swarms under strain

This week, the ethics of sucking carbon-dioxide out the atmosphere and bee swarms under strain.
12.09.2018 Nature Podcast

13 September 2018: The oldest drawing and the energy of data

This week, the oldest drawing ever found, and the hidden energy costs of data.
5.09.2018 Nature Podcast

6 September 2018: Space junk, and a physicist’s perspective on life

This week, keeping an eye on space junk, and how a physicist changed our understanding of life.
29.08.2018 Nature Podcast

30 August 2018: Gravity’s big G and the evolution of babies

This week, an early mammal relative’s babies, and new attempts to pin down the strength of gravity.
24.08.2018 Nature Podcast

Backchat August 2018: Audio reporting, audience feedback, and Brexit

In this month’s roundtable, audio vs print reporting, returning to Brexit, and finding out about our audience.
22.08.2018 Nature Podcast

23 August 2018: Quantum computers and labour division in ants

This week, colony size and labour division in ants, and simulating a quantum system on a quantum computer.
15.08.2018 Nature Podcast

16 August 2018: Bumblebees, opioids, and ocean weather

This week, more worries for bees, modelling the opioid crisis, and rough weather for seas.