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Dion Almaer, John Resig, and Alex Russell discuss news and events coming in from the Open Web community.
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Episode 6: Sizzling Open FX

I have moved to Mozilla along with my long time friend cohort and collaborator, Ben Galbraith. He joins us on this podcast, along with Alex, who joins us as a Noogler. You can download the podcast directly (OGG format too), or subscribe to the series, ...

Episode 5: Ryan Stewart of Adobe

Ryan Stewart of Adobe joined us for episode 5 of the Open Web Podcast. We really want to be pragmatic Open Web citizens, so thought it would be good to hear from Ryan and get his point of view on what Adobe, and he, are thinking with respect to the Web...

Episode 4: Allen Wirfs-Brock, and Pratap Lakshman from Microsoft on ECMAScript, IE 8, and more

Allen Wirfs-Brock is the standards guy from Microsoft who sits and works on ECMA. Pratap Lakshman is from the JScript team, and works on the ECMAScript 3.1 committee. They were gracious enough to joined us on the call to discuss the recent new around ...

Episode 3: Anne van Kesteren on CSS, XHR, and other Web standards

Anne van Kesteren is an Opera Software employee who is deeply involved in the standards community. Just take a look at his page on the WHATWG site and you will see the many specifications that he is actively working on, such as: access-control XMLHttp...

Episode 2: Brendan Eich and Arun Ranganathan on ECMAScript Harmony

I have been a little worried about JavaScript, the language that you know…. powers the Web client right now. Fortunately, it appears that a bunch of the engineers on the ECMAScript standards groups came together in Oslo and actually make a good effort ...

Open Web Podcast Episode 1: HTML 5 news, Web Workers, W3C Selectors, and Dojo happenings

Welcome to the inaugural episode of a new podcast to cover news, happenings, and our opinions on the Open Web (download the Open Web Podcast episode one directly or subscribe to it, including via iTunes). When I say “our” I am talking about the foundin...