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This is the podcast for small businesses that are looking for online marketing answers. Co-hosts Bob Turner and Dino Pelle discuss topics related to social media, SEO, content marketing including your blog, podcasting and video. If it can be done online to market your business, then the Online Marketing Guys are talking about it.

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Welcome to Online Marketing Guys. This is the show for small businesses looking for information about online marketing. From your website, SEO, content marketing and social media, our team will talk about the best practices and strategies that will help your business grow a robust online presence, and get found!
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Six Things You Need to Know About SEO - Episode 58

Today we know that a vast majority of consumers use the internet to find the products or services they need.   With people searching for that information, you should want your business website to be easily found.  If it isn't, you're losing out on sale...

Website Essentials - Episode 57

Not all websites are created equal.  But to be effective, business websites should all have certain things.  This week co-hosts Bob Turner and Liz Jostes take a look at those essentials that every business site needs on this episode of Online Marketing...

The Science of Website Design - Episode 56

Some websites just seem to have a better feel: A better flow or are more attractive than others.  That's because they are designed using concepts derived from brain science. Our brains want things a certain way, and, from a marketing point of view, if ...

2017 Social Media Marketing Report - Episode 55

Are you up on what's working in social media?  do you know how other marketers are using it? The 9th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report was released in May. Co-hosts Bob Turner and Christina Kettman go over the numbers and reveal the trends ...

User Generated Content - Episode 54

User Generated Content (UGC) is content that is generated by your customers and posted online.  It could include photos, video or text.  But the fact that it was posted by customers showing them having fun lends credibility to your brand. Ideally the U...

Why You Need to be Using Video - Episode 53

Have you been noticing more and more video when you're online?  That's because video has taken off!  It is not only a great way to connect with your customers, it's use is also strategic! Hosts Bob Turner and Liz Jostes tell you why. Let's consider Fac...

Reputation Management, Episode 52

Have you ever encouraged a potential customer to look for you on the internet, only to hear back that they found a negative review or news story about your company?  It happens more than you might think. Negative reviews can take place without your kno...

Relevancy in Your Online Marketing, Episode 51

Knowing what to post online can be one of the biggest challenges for small businesses.  When you’re not sure, that’s when you might stray and end up posting about things that have nothing to do with your business.  That won't attract customers. Co-host...

The Future of Online Marketing, Episode 50

It's our 50th episode!  To celebrate, co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff take a look at what the future of online marketing might look like down the road.  It's all part of this episode of Online Marketing Guys. Bob and Jason take a look at the coming ...

Social Media to Get Found Online, Episode 49

Can social media help you and your business website get found online? That's the question that co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff tackle on this week's episode of Online Marketing Guys. By having a search optimized bio on your social profiles, you, as ...

Censorship on Social Media, Episode 48

Social media sites are owned and controlled by companies.  They have no responsibility to be open platforms for free speech.  They can, in fact, censor posts and do so regularly. Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff discuss social media censorship on thi...

Cleveland Cavaliers Hero Marketing, Episode 47

There is a practice inside of marketing that talks about making your customers the heroes of your content marketing stories.  That way, they feel emotion and loyalty toward you.  It played out recently when the Cleveland Cavaliers marketed to their fan...

Pokemon Go, Episode 46

It is the most successful mobile-app in US history!  Within 24 hours of its release, it had 21 million active users and Nintendo’s shares shot up by more than 50 percent!  The estimated revenue for this game is $1.6 million per day! We're talking, of c...

Do You Need to be on Every Social Channel? - Episode 45

With all the social media sites out there, how can small businesses keep up?  Trying to can be overwhelming for organizations with small teams.   Well, the good news is, you don’t have to try, that is, as long as you know who your target market is.  Co...

Instagram and the 4th of July, Episode 44

Instagram is adding business profiles to its service.  Businesses will soon be able to add a business account to this app and be able to have insights into how their posts are performing.  Stay tuned, more on Instagram coming soon. This is a special 4t...

Live Video Everywhere, Episode 43

Video, video everywhere.  At least, it seemed that way last week when an amazing thing happened that demonstrated the maturity of social media.  House Democrats decided to have a sit-in on the House floor.  They were protesting the Republican majority’...

LinkedIn is Purchased by Microsoft, Episode 42

Last week, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion!  This is big news in the online marketing and social media space!  What does it mean for the business site?  What does it mean for the software giant? Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff take a ...

Facebook Strategies to Help Grow Your Reach, Episode 41

Are you looking for Facebook strategies to help you reach more of your target audience? Facebook has changed the rules for businesses on their site a number of times over the years. Yet, we keep coming back, despite how difficult they make it for us to...

Using Your Social Media as a Newsroom, Episode 40

Having a strategy to follow when working your social media marketing makes the practice easier. Ons strategy you can use is thinking about your social media as if it were a news room. On this week's podcast episode of Online Marketing Guys, co-hosts Bo...

Twitter: Big Changes, Episode 39

Have you tried to share a photo or video on Twitter and witnesses your character count get reduced?  We all have.  It's pretty frustrating but those days are coming to an end. Last week, the micro-blogging site announced that it will be making changes ...

Content Sources for Your Blog & Social Media, Episode 38

Ever wonder what you're going to post about?  We've all had those days where you know you need top sot and have no idea what to post about. Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff present four content sources that are common to most businesses and are found...

Podcasting, Episode 37

Podcasting is the fastest growing form of media today.  Why the explosion in the last few years?  Technology has finally caught up with it! Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff talk podcasting on this episode of Online Marketing Guys. Today, every smartp...

LinkedIn: Why Your Business Needs It, Episode 36

Too often, it seems like small businesses create their LinkedIn company pages and then forget about them.  But if you want to be found by other business people, and you need to enhance your Google search rankings, then you should reconsider LinkedIn. C...

Creating Great Content, Episode 35

This week, co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff talk about content.  Creating content has some obvious benefits for your business. If you're not sure how to start, listen to this podcast.  If you're already creating content, then Jason and Bob can help m...

Social Media Marketing World 2016 - Episode 34

Social Media Marketing World is becoming the annual conference to attend for marketers from around the world.  The event is held in San Diego, California every spring.  This year, the 4th annual meeting saw over 3000 attendees from 55 different countri...

Social Media Marketing World, Episode 33

The 4th Annual Social Media Marketing World is happening this week in beautiful San Diego, California.  The three-day event draws online marketers and social media managers from around the world.  This year, some 3000 attendees are expected. Social Med...

Better Marketing Videos, Episode 32

If you are producing video to help market your business, then you don’t want anything in that video program to distract from the message. That’s why it’s important to make sure your technical elements are done correctly. Thus, the production value of y...

Hootsuite, Episode 31

Social media has become an important part of the marketing plan for many businesses.  To do it effectively and efficiently, you need a tool to help with posting, tracking and reporting. Hootsuite does all of that and more. Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason...

Happy Easter Wishes, Episode 30

In this abbreviated episode, co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff take time to wish our listeners a Happy Easter and Spring Break.  Bob and Jason are taking the week off to spend time with their families but Online Marketing Guys will be back next week w...

Video Email from Bomb Bomb, Episode 29

Despite what some might say, email marketing is not dead.  While this is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, it also remains one of the most popular. The challenge with email, though, has always been that it is text-based.  It has been hard to...

Your Blog and Social Media, Episode 28

Your blog's primary goal is to attract visitors to your website, and get them interested in what you do as a business. But to carry out tis goal, you need to do a number of things beforehand.  Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff discuss how to prepare y...

Make Your Blog Posts Approachable, Episode 27

One of the goals of your blog should be to attract readers to your website. Once there, they can then learn more about your business through the other pages on your site. It is often the first impression your business will make on potential customers w...

Social Media for the Insurance Industry, Episode 26

Canada's own Kat Macaulay joins co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff on this week's episode of Social Monday. Kat is a social media and digital marketing professional with TAKCAM. She works in the insurance industry building awareness for brokers using s...

Instagram, Episode 25

It was launched in 2010. Facebook purchased it for nearly $1billion in 2012! What is it? It's Instagram! The mobile app is wildly popular with young people. In fact, 90% of its users are under 35. But the oldest members of that group are in their 30s, ...

Twitter's New Algorithm & Medium, Episode 24

Twitter has changed how users will see tweets.  Gone is the reverse-chronological order of all tweets that has been a mainstay with Twitter since its inception.  Now users will see tweets based on relevancy, with a Facebook-like algorithm deciding what...

Google Plus, Episode 23

It's Super Bowl week and Social Monday co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff are talking about...what else...Google Plus! The social site has been around since 2011, but it hasn't been an easy road.  With a unique feature that differentiates it from other...

Twitter's Recent Woes. Episode 22

Founded in 2006, Twitter is one of the older social media sites still around. The site is known for the 140-character limit of its posts. Despite the limitation, Twitter quickly grew into a power-house social site, reaching its one-billionth tweet in t...

Is Facebook Dead? - Episode 21

Is Facebook dead?  With new sites such as Snapchat, Periscope and Blab, some wonder if the social site has seen better days. But that is just not the case. Facebook is far from being down.  It has a robust, dedicated community.  There are over 1.4 bill...

Medical Practices & Non-Profits, Episode 20

Welcome to Social Monday! This is the last episode of the podcast...for Season One!  After twenty episodes of interviewing other marketing and social media professionals, co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff take some time to tell you about themselves a...

Success Strategies for Social Media Marketers, Episode 19

Welcome to Social Monday! Social media is still a relatively new marketing practice.  Because of that, it doesn't always get the the "buy-in" from companies that traditional marketing does.  This week's guest on Social Monday addresses these corporate...

State of Social Media 2015, Supplemental 1

Welcome to Social Monday! This week, co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff step away from the typical format and present some extra stuff...Just for You! It's our first supplemental episode.  The 2015 State of Social Marketing is a recent report issued ...

LinkedIn for Small Businesses, Episode 18

Welcome to Social Monday! This is the podcast where small businesses can learn about social media and how to make it work for their industry.  This week, we get down to business and talk LinkedIn with Cathy Yerges.  Cathy is a LinkedIn Strategist with...

Relay for Graphics Creation, Episode 17

Welcome to Social Monday! Bob and Jason talk with the Craig Carpenter, the founder of Relay.  It's the new graphics creation platform for social media managers.  Relay is touted as the, world’s first graphics automation platform. Relay goes beyond trad...

SEO Expert Allison Chaney, Episode 16

Welcome to Social Monday! We all want our websites to be found on the internet.  That's why optimizing your website for search is so important.  Unfortunately, it can also be very confusing.  That's why we've invited Allison Chaney to join co-hosts Bo...

Online Strategies for Small Businesses, Episode 15

Welcome to Social Monday! If you're searching for effective online strategies that work for small businesses, you need to listen to this episode!  Kendra Ramirez, Vice-President of Digital Strategy with EMI Network, speaks with co-hosts Bob Turner and...

Social Media: Authors, Journalists, Writers, Episode 14

Welcome to Social Monday! Nancy Sheed of Sheed Communications joins co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff on this week's episode.  Based in the New York area, this Social Media Marketing & Communications Consultant shares her expertise with authors, ...

Joe Pulizzi Talks Content Marketing, Episode 13

Welcome to Social Monday! This episode features an interview with the man that invented the phrase" Content Marketing," Joe Pulizzi.  He is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and the event Content Marketing World.  Joe is the author of fou...

Answering Your Legal Questions, Episode 12

Welcome to Social Monday! Are you confused about what you legally can and cannot share on your business' social sites?  This week we try to answer all of your legal questions  when Bob and Jason  interview attorney Ruth Carter.  She practices internet...

Social Media: Tourism, Marine & Healthcare, Episode 11

Welcome to Social Monday! Bob and Jason reach out across the Atlantic Ocean to talk with Social Media Strategist and Consultant Sofia Pacifico Reis.  This Portuguese native is now a citizen of the UK, and speaks with us from her home in Southampton,...

Phyllis Khare on Everything Social, Episode 10

Welcome to Social Monday! On this week's show Phyllis Khare joins co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff.  Phyllis is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and leader in the social media field!  She is also the co-founder of the Social Media Manager School. ...