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Join Erica Lerman on the weekly episodes of the Online Empire Building Podcast where she dives deep into a variety of topics to help entrepreneurs improve their online marketing, grow their tribe and monetize their passion. With actionable advice and special guests, Erica helps bloggers, infopreneurs, coaches and small businesses weed through the noise to develop tactics to take their businesses to the next level.

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Join Erica Lerman on the weekly episodes of The Mamapreneur Show where she dives deep into a variety of topics to help mom-entrepreneurs improve their online marketing, grow their tribe and monetize their passion. With actionable advice and special guests, Erica helps bloggers, infopreneurs, coaches and small businesses weed through the noise to develop tactics to take their businesses to the next level.
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Ep 31 - Building an Online Business to Help and Support New Moms

Ashley Winning created The Motherhood Circle to provide mums with a nurturing, safe environment to talk with other mums. Ashley joins me on The Mamapreneur Show to share with us how she went from her own experiences through to business launch.
Erica Lerman author

Ep 30 - 10 Tips To Rock Social Media

Whether you just started your business yesterday or have been slugging away for years, a social media presence is critical for almost any business out there.  I impart some words of wisdom (ok, ok, really just 10 tips to help you grow your social media...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 29 - 5 Ways To Get Started Selling Products On Amazon

Megan Loftin, Amazon Hustler, host of The Bootstrap Boutique YouTube channel, Amazon private labelling business coach, and all around fabulous lady, joins me on episode 29 of The Mamapreneur Show. She walks us through 5 ways to get started selling prod...
Erica Lerman author

Planning Your Business to Take Time Off

If you’re a business owner, I don’t have to tell you how hard it can be to detach and go on vacation. I mean a real vacation where emails aren't checked and laptops are left at home. This episode of The Mamapreneur Show looks at how Erica has planned t...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 27 - Nutrition With A Twist

Stephanie Warner of An Infinite Heart joins The Mamapreneur Show to talk about her business, motherhood and partnerships as an entrepreneur, and how realizing that she is capable of building a successful business has allowed her to do so.
Erica Lerman author

Ep 26 - 10 Local Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Business

For a local business owner, the options to market your business can be overwhelming. While there are tons of local marketing options, you may not know where to start. In this episode of The Mamapreneur Show, we look at 10 local marketing tactics to gro...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 25 - A Business With a Mission

Girls Chronically Rock is the brain child of Keisha Greaves. She launched her clothing line and eStore with the goal of empowering people with chronic diseases all while tapping into her love and knowledge of fashion and design.
Erica Lerman author

Ep 24 - Collaborate to Compete

As business owners we've likely all experienced similar start up pains and struggles when it comes to gaining exposure. Instead of spending energy knocking each other down, we can use our precious time and energy to build and foster lucrative relations...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 23 - How To Find And Hire The Perfect VA

A virtual assistant can help out with projects or day-to-day tasks within your business. Regardless, they are there to help and support you. On this episode of The Mamapreneur Show, we look at how to find and hire your perfect VA with special guest Sam...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 22 - 10 Common SEO Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

If done correctly, it can be very cost-effective, and the results are long-lasting. You manage to rank your website on Google’s top search results pages, and you can get free organic traffic for months to come. But, don't make these common SEO mistakes...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 21 - Copywriting for Reassurance

If you have a quick scan over some of the most successful landing pages or eCommerce stores, you'll notice something in common. Evoking a sense of reassurance helps businesses making their customers feel more confident in their purchases. Making it tha...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 20 - Using Google Analytics Data To Make Smart Decisions in Your Business

Google Analytics is usually the go-to source for capturing and sifting through information about your website. A lot of businesses see the value in using Google Analytics on their site, but they are unsure where to start or what to look at.
Erica Lerman author

Ep 19 - From MLM Seller to MLM Coach

In episode 19 of The Mamapreneur Show, I sit down to chat with Jordan about how she started her coaching business, how she gets and engages with clients, as well as her recommended tools, tactics and approaches to build a business that you love. From M...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 18 - How To Increase Your Website's Speed

Site speed is one of those website things that can seem overwhelming or confusing to most, though shouldn't be down played.  A key aspect of your user's experience and a factor in Google Ranking, your website's speed needs to be addressed, and I'm supe...
Erica Lerman author

EP 17 - A Business From Experience with Kate Reynolds

Episode 17 of The Mamapreneur Show welcomes Relocation Coach, Kate Reynolds. This interview examines at what it's been like to grow a business from idea to execution all while balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood.
Erica Lerman author

Ep 16 - Implementing An Awesome Customer Service Approach

It is through exceptional attention to the customer relationship that you can ensure your customers walk away happy - and in turn, return with repeat business or recommend you to their friends. Episode 16 of the Mamapreneur Show talks about how to appr...
Mamapreneur author

Identifying and Creating Valuable Content

Content is critical for business as they aim to capture the attention of consumers and keep them engaged and informed. Done effectively, content marketing drives deeper engagement with current tribe members and prospective customers. On today’s episode...
Erica Lerman author

More Time is NOT The Solution

We live in a culture that values productivity, but too often we confuse productivity (being busy) with the real thing. Somehow the busier we are the more exciting our life must be, the more successful, or more important we are. This episode of the Mama...
Erica Lerman author

Creating the Perfect Opt-in with Carla Holden

Today's podcast episode dives into what makes a great opt-in. From defining your audience to marketing your freebie. Carla Holden, Business Coach and Sales Funnel Strategist, weighs in and gives her advice to help you build your list and make more sale...
Erica Lerman author

Ep 12 - Welcome to the Mamapreneur Show, Why I Rebranded

Quick episode to introduce you to the rebranded podcast, The Mamapreneur Show.

Ep 11 - Monetizing Your Email List with Haley Burkhead

Email marketing has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Find out how you can not only grow your email list but monetize it as well through sales funnels and automated sequences.

Ep 10 - Upping Your Organizational Game With Trello

Staying organized and on track is a key to running a successful business. Ardelia Lee joins the Online Empire Building Podcast to discuss how you can use Trello to up your project management game and stay focused on reaching your goals.

Episode #9 - Don't Fall Prey to Making These Common Website Development Mistakes

If you have plans to make a website or improve an existing one, this episode is for you.  Erica and Meghan Hartman, of Crafting Creative, have some stellar advice for you. Find out what 6 mistakes to avoid and create that killer website today!

A Look Behind the Curtains: Marketing Campaigns

A look behind the curtain! This episode of the podcast takes listeners behind the scene of a new, thriving business to learn about 4 marketing campaigns. What the plan is, expected success and tracking techniques.

Taking The Leap Into Entrepreneurship with April Potts

Champion Coach, April Potts, joins the Online Empire Building Podcast where we dive into the mindset and goals aspiring entrepreneurs need before they take the leap.


As your business grows, you can't do it all yourself. Knowing how to select, manage and lead a team is one of the secrets to growth. Episode 6 of the OEB Podcast we meet Erin Thorp, an expert in project and people management. 

Plan Your Way To A Successful Website with Vicky Price

Website development is a big task, but the time commitment and frustration can be minimized by appropriate planning and preparatory tasks. This week's episode features Vicky Price of Hurricane Jane Creative where we dive into her recommended 4 steps to...

Elevate Your Online Presence With Video - Guest Cristin Goss

We've all heard that “Content is King” and that compelling, authentic content is essential. However, let's stop for a moment to think about how things are rapidly shifting towards video being the King of the Kings. Get recommendations from Cristin Goss...

How Do I Know What Content I Should Create?

How do you know what content is going yield the best results? Let's cut through all the choices and dive into techniques to help you decide.

Introduction to the Online Empire Building Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Online Empire Building Podcast, the place for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to increase their online exposure and grow their business.

Vision Boarding Your Way To Success with Melissa Robbins

Episode 2 of the podcast features Melissa Robbins, fitness and success coach, where we dive into how vision boards can be a tool for success.