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Terri& Karamoon talk about our British and American perspectives on Japanese cultural concepts& daily life. We've lived in Japan for many years.

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Culture and daily life in Japan
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JP 12 Pachinko, Japan’s Most Popular Passtime パチンコ

Lots of Japanese people are addicted to Pachinko gambling. Find out why in Japan Podcast episode 12.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 11 Kabuki-Traditional Japanese Theatre-歌舞伎

Episode 11 is all about Kabuki, a form of traditional Japanese theatre.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 10-2 English Conversation Schools- 英会話

Part 2 of English conversation schools.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 10-1 English Conversation Schools- 英会話

The first of a 2-part episode about English conversations schools in Japan, known as eikaiwa.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 09-3The-Mob-Yakuzaやくざ

The third and final part of our yakuza episode. We're not scared but maybe you should be.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 09-2-The-Mob-Yakuzaやくざ

and our very nice coverage of the mob continues...
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 09-1-The-Mob-Yakuzaやくざ

This is going to be a very, very nice set of 3 shows about the Japanese mob. Very nice. Almost too nice.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 08-3-Trendy-Gals-Gyaruギャル

And now the conclusion (at least for now) of the Gyaru interview...
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 08-2-Trendy-Gals-Gyaruギャル

This is part two of our interview with Gaby from The Get Go Tokyo blog.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 08-1-Trendy-Gals-Gyaruギャル

Gaby from The Get Go Tokyo blog has been involved UK Gyaru culture since the early days, and is widely considered to be one of the biggest of the "big dogs". She very kindly agreed to give us an interview.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP07: Pub-Bar-Izakaya-居酒屋

We're not in an izakaya as we record this, but we couldn't discuss food and culture without talking about these staples of Japan. Time for a bit of nommunication ;-)
Terri& Karamoon author

JP06: Tapered Eating Utensils-Chopsticks-箸

And our food-focused shows continue with the ubiquitous Asian food utensil, chopsticks.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 05: Fish in Vinegared Rice – Sushi-寿司, 鮨, 鮓

Well, we couldn't let the food shows go by without addressing sushi, could we? So, here you'll find our take on the world of raw fish (and other things) on top of vinegared rice.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 04-3: A Meal in a Box – Bento-弁当 (Obento-お弁当)

Last part of the Bento show: immigration affecting Japan's food habits, living longer by eating a more traditional Japanese diet, living well as you get older, making obento, little kids in Western countries with their obento, the incomparable Giant Ro...
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 04-2: A Meal in a Box – Bento-弁当 (Obento-お弁当)

About bento, 'mind your manners' poster campaigns, eating culture in Japan, England and the US, multitasking while eating, obesity, and more.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 04-1: A Meal in a Box – Bento-弁当 (Obento-お弁当)

I like bento with things like sukiyaki (sliced thin beef with a sweet sauce), an absence of spaghetti, and exciting rice (not just white rice). but that's just me. isn't it odd that Karamoon and I didn't even talk about our favorites in this show...sta...
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 03-3: Male-dominated Society-Danson-johi-男尊女卑

This is the final show of this 3-part exploration of danson-johi, Japan's male-dominated society, from our Western perspective. I think we'll be exploring danson-johi in future shows, both in the context of other elements of Japanese culture, and per...
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 03-2: Male-dominated Society-Danson-johi-男尊女卑

Is our friend Alex Brooke right when he wonders if Japanese women, in general, are complicit in their oppression (in our eyes at least), because they have so much to gain from it? We’d love to hear what you think, especially if you are a Japanese woman...
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 03-1: Male-dominated Society-Danson-johi-男尊女卑

Danson-johi means: Japan's male-dominated society. this will be a three-part discussion.
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 02: Foreigners-Gaijin外人 (Gaikokujin外国人)

Some people believe that being called a gaijin is an insult. There's a diverse set of perspectives when it comes to whether the word 'gaijin' is derogatory or not. Certainly, using gaikokujin is seen as more polite, although the meaning is essentially ...
Terri& Karamoon author

JP 01: Japanese Gardens-Nihon-teien日本庭園

How come the wires are buried in Ginza - aren't the earthquakes going to reach Ginza?
Terri& Karamoon author