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Where is all the revenue in beacons?

If 2014 was the year of beacon awareness and 2015 was the year of the rollout, will 2016 be the year of beacon revenue? If so, how will they earn and for which industries will they earn for? Chuck highlights a recent ABIresearch study that shows this b...

The 5 IoT success factors for media & entertainment companies

Tata Consultancy Services released a massive global trend study called "Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force" and it is crammed with incredible insight into this emerging world. In this episode we pull out the 5 success factors for medi...

Sony ushers in Drones as a Service (Daas)

Sony announced they are entering the drone business - not to sell them but to rent them out as a service to other companies. Are they becoming the Hertz of the drone industry? That's for another episode. Today we focus on how this announcement fits int...

Connected "things" to be 25 billion within 5 years

On this inaugural episode of the show we lay the groundwork for the size and scope of the coming era of the Internet of Everything. IC Insights provides some incredible numbers of "things" that will be connected to the Internet within the next few year...

Chrysler has 1.4 million reasons to embrace the Internet of Things...quickly

Chrysler ran into a PR nightmare this week with the controlled hack of a Jeep while it was cruising along the highway. They managed to mess around with the air conditioning and stereo and then shut down the engine - all while the helpless driver panick...

Hey retailers, here's why no one is downloading your mobile app

There is a harsh reality in the retail industry right now, we don't shop every moment of every single day. I know, hard to believe it's true but it is. This makes the likelihood of consumers downloading an app (and keeping it downloaded) very low. Chuc...

What shoppers want from a retailer's mobile app - a checklist

It isn't complicated. In fact, it comes down to 2 things. These two simple things that customers want inside a retailer's mobile app are defined in the most recent UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper report done by Comscore. In this episode, Chuck extracts...

Mobile commerce around the world - not a small number to be found

Mobile commerce is getting big. How big? Great question. Chuck takes us around the world to give us the answer. First to the UK, then Korea, Italy, China and the US. Lots of "billions" being tossed around in this episode...

The OTHER 10 smartphone sensors you aren't using

Perhaps it is true that we only use a fraction of our human brain because we haven't mastered how the rest work. The same could be said about the sensors inside our smartphones as well - until now. Former Thinknear founder Eli Portnoy has launched his...

Wearables AREN'T about getting ads to the wrist

Wearables can be a confusing world. On one hand (punny) we wear them in hopes that they streamline our lives, make us healthier and bring our eyes away from the constant glow of the smartphone screen. On the other hand we are all trying to figure out h...

Is mass transit the key to mass mobile commerce adoption?

Adoption for mobile payments happens when it hits on something that lots of people do every single day. Buying a chocolate bar or a lottery ticket doesn't cut it, neither do groceries. Starbucks has nailed it and so to has the Mass Bay Transportation A...

mCommerce, not apps, dominate mobile revenue and investment

If you are wondering where all the money is being invested into and earning from in mobile we have the answer: Mobile Commerce. It has taken in almost 50% of all investment money and is slated to dominate earnings for years to come. Just how big is it?...

The 3 obstacles to mobile payment adoption are...

We highlight the top 3 monstrous obstacles to mobile payment adoption in this episode based on the results of a study by the Mercator Advisory Group. However, there is a fourth obstacle and it is something Chuck says as the final word of this episode -...

What does Android Pay mean to the mobile payments industry?

Now there is no excuse. Mobile payments are upon us as every major smartphone operating system and platform will have the capability to make a payment by years end. The latest is Google's announcement of Android Pay at Google IO. We take this opportuni...

4 lessons learned from the front line during the year of beacons

A year ago beacons were the rage. Today they are a reality and the lessons that have been learned during the first real year of beacon implementations are many. Chuck had an opportunity to moderate a recent panel that featured 4 of the top beacon minds...

43% of retailers have no idea how mobile impacts their business

There are gaps in the way retailers implement their mobile strategies. Take, for instance, the results from the Mobile Payments and Fraud 2015 report highlighted in this episode. Chuck identifies where the opportunities exist between how merchants are ...

Here are the 5 steps to true personalization

Fighting the tyranny of the average - that's how Lucinda Duncalfe describes our current mobile and digital state and she is not far off. At a recent event, Chuck had an opportunity to sit with the Monetate CEO to talk about her 5 levels of the path to ...

Hey, NFC isn't DOA!

NFC hoopla reached a fevered pitch right before Apple finally announced support for the tap-to-do-stuff technology. Since then it seems to have hit a silent stride in the market beyond the initial feeling it would be yet another mobile payment platform...

Why context is a currency you can't ignore

This isn't new. The idea that time & location married with supply & demand brings untold opportunity has been around since long before mobile, the Internet, computers and electricity. What is different today is the fact all 4 of those things ar...

Mobile now influences $1 trillion in retail sales

There's a number for you. Mobile now influences $1 trillion of in-store sales. This is according to the most recent survey results from Deloitte Digital. Navigating the New Digital Divide highlights the growing importance of tracking the entire mobile ...

The mobile banking generation

Banking has always been among the first services that we all seem to adopt as technology evolves. First it was the web - can you imagine a world without Internet banking today? Now it is mobile. It seems that the utility of having access to our account...

Where IoT meets mobile commerce

The industry surrounding the Internet of Things will be worth $8 trillion according to a recent report by Cisco and DHL. While a good portion of that value will be in hardware and software, Chuck explains how all of those connected pieces will lead to ...

Mobile payments now account for 27% of global online payments

Mobile is becoming more and more a part of the buying process. It now accounts for 27% of global online payments and is not slowing down. In fact, that number is up 5% from the previous quarter. All this is from the Ayden Mobile Payments Index for the ...

Smartphone visits up 269% and mobile revenue up 123% for retailers

I'm not sure there are any mobile influence deniers left out there but after the results from the Performance Index from MarketLive there should be very little doubt about it. The study - highlighted here by Chuck - shows the incredible growth in mobil...

Big screens are taking over our pockets

From big to small to big again. This is the path that we have taken with the phones in our pocket. We started with phones that required a car to carry the battery and clamoured for more portability. Just when our prayers were answered - and so much mor...

Has MCX already lost the battle?

MCX - the Merchant Customer Exchange - has brought together many of the top retail brands on the planet to offer up a unique mobile commerce platform but things seem to be fraying at the edges. In the span of 48 hours the service, beta-testing somewher...

Mobile game developer? Here are your odds of success

If you ask every smartphone user on the planet if they've played a game on their phone, the majority (as in the GREAT majority) will say they have. Ask those same people if they've paid for a game on their phone and the number shrinks. If you ask those...

Where smaller retailers are spending on mobile this year

A recent study by Edelman Berland on behalf of eBay Enterprise looks at where and what smaller retailers are doing and spending for mobile initiatives this year. Chuck has pulled 2 key stats from the report and discusses them in this episode.

Beacons are getting smarter - fast.

The uses of beacons have matured in the last year and are now rolling out for many different uses across almost all industries. Chuck runs down some of the big announcements that are shaping the beacon industry including news from Swirl, Swatch, InMark...

Do mobile sales keep pace with mobile traffic growth?

Mobile's consumptive nature marches forward pretty much unabated when it comes to originating traffic. This is uncontested as the majority of us look to our smartphones and tablets as first screens these days. Traffic is one thing, but what about sales...

8 mobile commerce stats that you should know now

There have been an incredible number of mobile commerce studies that have been released over the last month but have no fear - you don't have to read them all. Chuck highlights 8 key data points from these studies that you should know and he does it in...

67% of consumers now use smartphones while they shop

That's a crazy stat. Even crazier is that this time last year that number was at 26%. Crazier still are the people that don't do it - right? This number comes from a recent survey done by Redshift Research on behalf of Oracle - entitled Retail Without ...

Why-fi? Because it makes your business better

In-store WiFi will jump in 2015 - according to the recent Impact of Store Networks and WiFi on Customer Experience study done by IHL Group. The study focuses on a number of in-store technologies but, as you'll see in this episode, the impact of having ...

Leaders lead and luddites lag in mobile commerce and the gap is getting wider

The mobile commerce gap is widening between retailers that get it and those that don't. The logical thinking is that a rising tide raises all ships - especially when it comes to mobile commerce and retail. Of course when the industry advances so should...

Where the gap is in mobile loyalty

It is one thing to capture loyalty points on mobile - which seems to be almost normal these days - but redemption is a completely different story. As Chuck details in this episode, a new study from Capgemini Consulting has brought to light the biggest ...

Mobile now accounts for 34% of global ecommerce transactions

While the mobile transaction is not the stat to focus on when it comes to the true impact of mobile commerce it is VERY hard to deny the growth in those numbers. Criteo's latest research - State of Mobile Commerce - for Q1 of 2015 shows the incredible ...

70% of mobile shopping app users make a purchase

A new study by the Global Web Index brings some incredible mobile commerce numbers and may answer the age old "app vs mobile web" question once and for all. According to the study there are over 500 million mobile shoppers globally and the largest grou...

5 stats retailers can't ignore

Accenture recently published the results of their mobile retail benchmark study and, if you are a retailer, this is as close to a mobile roadmap as you could ask for. Chuck highlights 5 key numbers here that should help align strategy with consumer exp...

Gadget commerce

First we had normal, everyday commerce, then came ecommerce and mobile commerce and now we are entering the realm of gadget commerce. Chuck takes us on a tour of the things that are emerging as payment tools - from your wrist to your wallet - the way w...

What does Facebook's foray into peer-to-peer payments mean for the industry

Peer to peer payments have been tried before with some success. Companies like Venmo and PayPal have been doing it for years so what is the impact of a company like Facebook entering the market? Chuck puts Facebook's move into perspective using the evo...

How Adidas uses NFC to sell more shoes

How can NFC help sell Adidas shoes? At an OMMA conference at SXSW Jon Werner of Adidas explained the use of NFC embedded inside of their shoes and how it helps consumers find useful information before, during and after the sale. Chuck highlights the ke...

Leading retailers say the mobile experience trumps the technology

At the recent OMMA conference at SXSW a distinct trend emerged from the leading thinkers and practitioners of mobile tech in retail - the experience of their customers trumps the use of technology. This is welcome news as most are leading with technolo...

Mobile shopping habits from around the world

A recent comScore study done on behalf of UPS dove deep into the global habits of mobile shoppers. The study surveyed over 19,000 people around the world and the main points that focused on mobile commerce are highlighted here by Chuck.

The mobile payments soup

In case you hadn't noticed, there is a serious focus these days on mobile payments. It has become, in relative terms, much easier to add payments to an app today than ever before and companies are doing just that. There are some clear leaders emerging ...

88% of mobile app revenue comes after the download

In case there was any doubt about the monetization strategy that works with mobile apps, Juniper Research's latest report makes it very clear. 88% of app revenue comes from in-app purchases, not at the point of sale. The other incredible number that Ch...

Digital products have become the mobile commerce gateway drug

With all the focus on physical product sales from mobile, we should not forget the digital side of mobile sales - which is still growing at an incredible pace. Books, music, movies and apps are driving billions of dollars in mobile sales and are the ga...

Google buying Softcard doesn't reduce mobile payment confusion

Google did what everyone expected and picked up the technology that once powered the promise of Softcard (nee ISIS). Google's Wallet is now one of the new old powerhouses in mobile payments but what does the landscape look like without the carrier cons...

Mobile accounts for 9% of online spending

Another day, another study on the global growth of mobile commerce. The latest is from Ipsos on behalf of PayPal and we summarize the key findings here - including the top 3 obstacles to mobile payments.

47% have purchased from their phone

According to a new PWC study, almost half of us have made a purchase from our phones - that is up from 30% just 2 short years ago. The study examines how often we buy from our phones and what we actually do with them during the purchase process. Chuck ...

Beacons: So small yet so big

The path to success with beacons is not as easy as turning them on and collecting revenue. It may seem so simple on the outside but, as you'll see from this episode, to get it right requires having a comprehensive plan in place before paving a beaconed...