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The MKai Audio Podcast is dedicated to recording great music in your home studio. Every week I discuss techniques, tips and tricks that will help you produce better music. So hit the subscribe button and lets get started with recording and mixing your best track yet

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The MKai Audio Podcast talks about all the techniques, skills and gear you need to make great home recordings. Listen to different topics every week on the topic of Recording, Editing, Mixing. I test out some of the tried and tested recording methods, explain different core techniques and even have the odd Interview. Find out all the details at and follow me on twitter (@mkaiaudio) and Facebook (
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Show#22 – Make Your DAW Your Best Friend

In this weeks show I look at two new guitars that are a little different to the norm. The main segment is all about making your DAW the most powerful tool you have by making it’s functions second nature. In the Tech Talk Section of the show, I talk abo...
James McKay author

Show#21 – Quality vs Content

A new layout for The MKai Audio Podcast, We talk about the latest news in The Control Room, Getting the balance right between Quality vs Content and I share an interesting room mic tip when recording drums Show Links Focusrite Audio Interface Drivers –...
James McKay author

Show#20 – Speeding up your Mixing Workflow

In this weeks show, I am looking at improving your mixing workflow. In a mix there are lots of little things that can help you work faster. None of them are overly complicated steps however they can clear the administrative side of a mix out of the way...
James McKay author

Show#19 – Building Your Studio

In episode 19 of the MKai Audio Podcast I discuss a few changes I have made to the website and what I hope to do going forward. The main segment this week is about building your studio. You may have been in the audio world for a while but there will co...
James McKay author

Show#18 – You CAN know & have too much

In this episode of the MKai Audio Podcast I have a little rant about how trying to learn too many things at once will only make the process harder. The same can be said for owning too much gear. In the my advice section I talk about Home Mastering and ...
James McKay author

Show#17 – Talking Gear with Slau

I am so happy to have had the chance to talk with Slau from Be Sharp Studios and The Sessions with Slau Podcast for the show this week. We talk a little bit about gear, Microphones and what you should really look for when you are starting out. Click he...
James McKay author

Show#16 – Recording Acoustic Guitar

In this weeks episode, I discuss a few tips for recording acoustic guitar including looking after your guitar, I shoot out a few different mic placements and how the dreaded DI signal can maybe add a little detail to your track. Click here to view the ...
James McKay author

Show#15 – Mobile Recording

In this episode of the MKai Audio Podcast I cover what mobile recording is and how to avoid some of the pitfalls you may face along the way. I talk a little bit about gear, planning your project and what essential tools you should have with you at all ...
James McKay author

Show#14 – Getting More Done In Your Studio

In the new episode of the MKai Audio Podcast, I talk about a few smart moves that will help you to get more done with the time you have in your studio. Time is something that not a lot of us can afford to waste, so by work more efficiently we can ensur...
James McKay author

Show #13 – Aux Tracks, Busses and Sends

In episode 13 of the MKai Audio Podcast I talk about what Aux Tracks and Busses are and how you can use Sends for parallel processing. Below is a new video on Pre-Fader and Post Fader Sends. Click Here to view the show notes and leave a comment Click H...
James McKay author

Show#12 – Using Automation

This week we talk about 3 different automation techniques that you can use to learn what automation is. I also share a piece of advise on how to get the most from all the great blogs, podcasts and tutorial videos out there. This week I have created a v...
James McKay author

Show#11 – Using Loops and Samples

I have a new podcast episode for you today. This week I look at using loops and samples in your music. They can be a real asset to a home studio as they are professionally recorded sounds however if used incorrectly they can sound lifeless and clinical...
James McKay author

Show#10 – Recording an EP

In this weeks episode, I talk about why an EP is a great project for singer/songwriters and engineers to start with to learn how to run and complete a project from start to finish. In the MyAdvice section of the show I talk about the advantages of usin...
James McKay author

Show#09 – Recording Do’s and Don’ts

Β  In this episode of The MKai Audio Podcast I discuss a few things you should do and a few things you should try to avoid when it comes to recording. In the My Advice section of the show I discuss why you should be prepared for everything a recording s...
James McKay author

Show#08 – Simply Compression

As a follow up to last weeks podcast, I take a look at another massive part of recording and mixing…….Yes it’s Compression. I talk about what compression is and explain the basic controls on a compressor. I will also discuss a few different operations ...
James McKay author