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The GIMP is a image manipulation program. It is free (as in speech and in beer), it is open source and it runs on Linux (and other Unixes), Windows and MacOS. It can do nearly all the stuff you can do with Adobe® Photoshop® and more than a lot of other programs. I'll show you in this screencast how to use it for postprocessing digital camera images. There will be a new episode each thursday (european) night.

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Video tutorials for the free graphics software GIMP
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Episode 170: Set the Presets!

A nice feature crept into GIMP 2.7 under my Radar – presets for the tools in the toolbox. You can store all the settings, give them a name and recall them later. I show how to make some for rotating an image and cropping in different aspect ratios. GIM...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 201: OPSEC!

Nearly all colour laser printers leave a pattern of tiny yellow dots all over the paper. These dots contain information about the printer and perhaps also about the time and date of the print, the IP of your computer and who knows what else. These code...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 200: Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

And here is the mythical Episode 200 - in a quite different form than planned. Years later, shabby audio and short. I am still on a steep conversion course with my workflow - and completely out of routine. Even the video is partly out of focus.... Thi...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 199: G’MIC

G’MIC is a lot of things that do stuff with images. You have a stand alone program with a complete image manipulation and analysis programming language, an online service and a GIMP plugin that gives easy access to (nearly) the whole package. Don’t get...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 198: Darktable revisited

“darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to d...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 196: ENIAC and Me

In this video I try to change history and put myself in an old image of the first electronic computer, the ENIAC. The original image is an US ARMY Photo under Public Domain, downloaded from Wikimedia. As this is intended to be the base for a class pr...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 195: Whose RGB?

Colo(u)r ist the topic this time. You are in for a ride from the electromagnetic spectrum to the biology of color vision and the infamous Mantis Shrimp. (Link to the fabulous Oatmeal!) Grassmann’s Law gives a clue how to create a color sensation in th...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 194: A look into digiKam (1/2)

This week nachbarnebenan shows how to use the KDE (and Windows) photo organizer digiKam. There is more to it, a second part will follow. I don’t know much about digiKam because I use Gnome Shell as my desktop environment and digiKam is made for KDE. It...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 192: A Mondrian UI

After a too long summer break I give you a preview of one feature in the next version of GIMP – the unified transformation tool. It combines the tools for moving, rotating, scaling, shearing and for changing the perspective in one tool with a nice and ...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 192: Look Down! – A Challenge

There was no show for quite some time – and there will be a gap until the end of summer. I move back to Bremen – and that takes a lot of time and creativity away. But in Bremen I will have nearly 2 hours more time each day, because I can walk to school...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 197: The LGM 2014 Group Photo

I went to the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig to get either a boost for my motivation or to find an end for this project. It turned out to be a booster. It was a really good time – even with missing the first day and the (for me) most interesti...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 190: JPEG and PNG, what’s in it?

The last episode was for absolute beginners, this one is for Geeks. I try to explain (and understand on the way) how images are stored in PNG and JPEG files. PNG (pronounced “PING”) does this lossless, the image can be retrieved in the same quality as ...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 189: Currywurst for Beginners

This is an episode completely in “Beginners Level”, some of you have asked for such a thing. I go through the editing of an image and cover a lot of topics. Nothing really in depth, but you should be able to work your way through other material after v...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 188: The Book

This episode is about using GAP, the GIMP Animation Package, and “The Book of GIMP”. I walk through one of the tutorials of the book and create a multi layered animation that will be used in a cleaned up form for these videos. I can not praise the book...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 187: Cleaning Up

The last episode got a lot of comments – thank you all for them! And in this episode I try to follow all of the tips you gave me. I remember layer groups and drop shadows, see that Alpha to selection is really better and fight with Copy&Paste in th...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 186: A new Face!

Long time no show – but this project is not dead. For the fresh start a new design for the intro is needed. And a new design needs new colours. I used the Colorschemedesigner to create a palette of colours fitting the “Original MTG Orange” from the lo...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 185: The 52.02 €rror – Printing with Profiles

I gave myself a real photo printer for the 5th anniversary of “Meet the GIMP!” and have now my work-flow ready to print in the “right” colors. One reason I shied away from printing for years were the costs. Original Printer Ink is one of the most costl...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 184: Scraping the Web!

I found a new feature in GIMP, no idea how long it has been hidden in the files menue. One can import a whole web page in one image! Better than a screen shot, because you don’t need to scroll down. The web site of the GIMP Magazine results in an image...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 183: Dynamics!

In the last episode was a short segment about the brush dynamics in Ramon Miranda’s GIMP Paint Studio. I wanted to read up a bit about this, but the GIMP documentation hasn’t held step with the development here. So this video shows my exploration of t...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 182: A Special Day

It’s a special day today, five years ago I rolled out the very first episode of “Meet the GIMP!”. And now it is #182, that’s 0.7 episodes per week. ;-) But the show starts with an other anniversary. Twenty years ago these days Tim Berners-Lee (still w...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 191: PNG or JPG – The Big Fight

In the last Episode I looked under the hood of JP(E)G and PNG. This time it gets a bit more practical – which is better for what? I tackle two examples from the GIMP Magazine web site and test, if they would be better saved as JPG or PNG. The Plugin “...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 181: 2.8, 2.9 and Counting!

A week of news: GIMP 2.8 is out, we have again a modern stable version of GIMP. Gratulation to the developers, this was good and hard work. But instead of relaxing a bit they threw at the same moment Version 2.9 into the world. High bit depth, not only...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 180: Not for Grown Ups!

Tuxpaint is a painting software for kids between 3 and 100+. Well, the targeted audience ends at an age of 12, but it is still fun to use when you are older. Tuxpaint is available for Linux, Mac OS X and all Windows flavours. Of course it is under the ...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 179: Corners and Edges

I am on my way to a class trip an so you get only a short episode about the corners and edges around the canvas. There is a menu button, a zoom mode button, a navigator and the quick mask for selections. And of course there are the rulers with the guid...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 178: Lurking in the Shadow

You are in for a night-time trip to one of the most secret places on the earth – until 23 years ago. The former Stasi headquarter is only 2 subway stations east of my home and I quite like the morbid, spooky atmosphere there. It’s a really huge areal, ...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 177: Take 2 and GIMP!

Nachbarnebenan continues his tutorial from the last episode. He isolated his model from the a bit to vivid background by making two images from his RAW file. One is crisp and colourful – best for the model. The other one is soft and a bit dull – this t...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 176: Double Photivo

It’s time for a guest again. Nachbarnebenan shows how to process a RAW image in the current (well, it was November…) version of Photivo. Photivo has a very different approach to image processing from GIMP and others. It’s more stacking up and tweaking ...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 175: Polygonal Blob

After a visit to Libre Graphics World with a report about the state of GIMP 2.8 and a look into the future. I tackle a question I was asked at the 28c3. Is there a way to draw geometric figures in GIMP? Well, I found three. The selection tools provid...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 174: Wilber in a Can

To get something festive to drink over the holidays I have ordered a special MTG-Beer from a brewery. It’s finest Pils in a can with Wilber on it! (Why a can and not a bottle – there is no “Make a Bottle Filter” in GIMP.) In this episode I explore the...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 173: Lots of Dots

Meet the GIMP is on Youtube! Mike AKA Eppic has started this channel and is uploading all the old episodes. Thank You! I need some dot patterns for a project with Moiré. And so this episode is deveted to building dot patterns out of a grid without gri...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 172: Chasing Ducks

In this show I explore the Color Balance tool to get the right mood into an image shot just after sunrise. These sliders push the colors around in the RGB color space. But how to push? Then I compare the Curves and Levels tool and give both o them a s...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 171: Nightmare Staircase

While proofreading a new GIMP book as a “technical reviewer” I came across an interesting deviation of the presented recipe. Making a nightmarish effect. It’s really easy, very flexible and you can learn a lot about some layer modes while playing arou...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 169: Garamond

And again a reference to Show #167. Pascal wrote in a comment that he didn’t like the font I used and pointed me to a nice free font called EBGaramond. This episode is about getting and using the font. The font goes back into the 16th century. Claude G...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 168: ZOOMING IN!

The blog post image of the last episode was “recursive”, the image contained the image in it which contained the image in …… Bert wondered how I did it – and here is the video about it. For this blog post I decided to make a much more annoying recursiv...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 167: Exporting Grumpy Bears

This Blog needed a header image – and it still needs a lot of header images to rotate through. So I created one out of an image of a Berlin Subway station. Nothing much new in here – rotating, cropping to the needed aspect ratio, a bit of curves for be...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 166: Shotwell revisited

Just a short show about the newest version of Shotwell (0.11.1+trunk of September 19, 2011). They got hierarchical tags implemented – the only feature I really missed in comparison to F-Spot.
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 165: Vertigo

You’ll get a bit dizzy this time. Nachbarnebenan is showing how to make a vertigo effect. But before that I show off the results of a spending spree and have a link to a great video tutorial by Steve Czajka. He combines GIMP, Inkscape and Calligraphy ...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 164: High Pass Sharpening

Sharpening is a part of nearly every image processing. Selective sharpening allows to sharpen the important structures without to “enhance” the noise in the image. Already in Episode 6 I have shown a way to do this. And here is another way, High Pass S...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 163: Colour Curves

Years ago I bought a used Peleng Fisheye and never used it much. So I took it for a walk and shot some scenes here in Berlin. At the top is an image of the famous TV tower at the Alexanderplatz. After a bit of ramblings about Fisheye lenses I process...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 162: Rubber Stamped!

BTW, I am back. In this video I’ll review the “GIMP 2.6 Cookbook” by Juan Manuel Ferreyra. It is available as e-book and “dead tree edition”. The book is filled with dozens of easy to follow recipes (with a few glitches in them), covering creating gr...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 161: Playing with Wavelets

The human skin isn’t as smooth and even as it used to be. At least if you are older than 12 or so. One way to keep up the illusion of eternal youth is image manipulation. Today I explore one way to smooth skin and keep it looking natural. That’s the pr...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 160: Photivo

About Photivo Photivo is a free and open source (GPL3) photo processor. It handles your RAW files as well as your bitmap files in a non-destructive 16 bit processing pipe with gimp workflow integration and batch mode. Photivo tries to provide the best...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 158: Three kinds of Particles

There was a question left open in the last show: How to create a random pattern of particles that follow a gradient in density. I got three answers. One from Benton – just use a brush with absurdly high jitter. Then I got the help that I asked for fro...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 159: EMERGENCY!

No, no real emergency here, just an emergency switch in a Berlin subway station. It needed some attention concerning colour and contrast to get it a bit more creepy. I go through the whole image processing with cropping and changing the colours in sev...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 157: Floating in the Air

I am doing some homework for school this time. Getting a balloon up into the air and making air molecules visible. All with GIMP. ;-) We have a new interactive white board at school. And I try to make a series of images of a balloon for a physics less...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 156: Chandra

This time we are off into space, but still sitting in front of the monitor. I take X-Ray data from the Chandra Satellite and make a false colour image out of them. All I needed to know for that (and much much more) is on their album page. The files I ...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 155: Favicon

Just a short (it’s grading hell….) episode about the little icons in your browser window and the bookmarks. It was a Microsoft™ invention (yes, they invented something ;-) ) and so the most compatible file format is the Windows™ icon .ico file....
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 154: Compile!

This episode is mostly about Linux and competition. We look at our challenge and the winning image and we have a look at the challenge at There you have to design a new splash screen for GIMP. I mention Linux Outlaws who ranted about Ub...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 153: Brocade

Again a trip to Thailand with a wonderful candid shot at a school festival by Peter. There is not much to enhance, just a crop, a bit of curves and the mutation of a blue trash bag into a gray one. Before that I talk about bracketing and “dedicated” v...
Rolf Steinort author

Episode 152: Meditations about too much Light

In March I got some images from Peter in Thailand. He lives there in a country full of photogenic sites and has often only the time to take a quick shot with his P&S camera without being able to work around some of the obstacles. Specially for the ...
Rolf Steinort author