Launch Chat: Startup Advice For Non-Technical Founders

Launch Chat is the podcast for non-technical entrepreneurs who are trying to build, launch and scale their tech startups. Whether you just have a napkin sketch or are approaching your Series A this podcast is your guide to creating a profitable, funded startup. We'll go deep into several topics, have Q&A episodes, interview industry experts and do it all without the Silicon Valley hype you normally see.

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The podcast that helps non-technical founders build, launch and scale tech startups.
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LC12: Social Media the Right Way with Marty McDonald of Bad Rhino

In this episode of the podcast we chat with Marty McDonald of Bad Rhino. He gives us a ton of information on how to use social media the right way to grow a dedicated, loyal following, and he also works with us to brainstorm some ways startups can deci...

LC11: Quizzes for Growth Hacking with

In this episode we interview Randy Rayess, a Cofounder of, about using quizzes as a way to increase your traffic, leads and revenue.

LC10: Bad Ass Your Brand with Pia Silva

Branding for entrepreneurs is just as important as the branding for their startups. Learn why from Pia Silva, a Forbes contributor who has built her own incredible business before focusing on her own personal brand, and why that was so important.

LC9: Interview With Accelerator Winner Purple Panda

In this episode we interview the team chosen for the first cohort of the Launchpeer Accelerator. They get into details about what it took to compete against the other 47 teams, how they came up with the idea for Purple Panda, and what their goals are f...

LC8: Starting Our Own Accelerator

In this episode we talk about the launch of our new startup accelerator, including reasons why we're doing it, how it stands out from the crowd of other accelerators, and our plans for the future.

LC7: How to Decide What's In Your MVP

In this episode we talk about how entrepreneurs and startup founders can decide what features to put into their MVP, including the decisions Launchpeer makes to help our clients decide and set themselves up for success.

LC6: Get Warm Intros to Investors Outside Your Network

In this episode we're going to give you a really simple 3 step process to get warm introductions to investors outside your network. We'll talk about a really cool tool we've used to do it and give you some specific information you can start using right...

LC5: Number 1 Way to Validate Your Startup

In this episode of the Launch Chat podcast we'll talk about the number one proven way startups can validate their idea and business model, and it's not simply a landing page with email signups. We'll also give a couple examples of how you can do it for...

LC4: Q&A How Much Equity to Give Up

In this episode of the Launch Chat podcast we'll be answering a question about how much equity to give up for your first round of investment, and how much money you should potentially receive for that equity.

LC3: Guide to Pre-Launch Landing Pages

In this third episode of the Launch Chat podcast we'll be going over exactly what you need to build the perfect pre-launch landing page including what copywriting techniques you should use, some tools you can use if you're a non-technical founder and a...

LC2: Growth Versus Lifestyle Startups

In the second episode of the Launch Chat Podcast we'll talk about Growth versus Lifestyle startups and how it has a huge impact on the roadmap of your startup and the decisions you make for hiring employees, raising money and day to day life.

LC1: Introduction to the Launch Chat Podcast

In the first ever episode of the Launch Chat Podcast we'll give you an introduction to the host, the format of the show, and a bit about Launchpeer and why we're launching this podcast.