Journey to MBE - Enabling the Model-Based Enterprise

Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) and Model-Based Definition (MBD) are fast becoming hot topics in the product development and manufacturing space these days. While it promises numerous benefits, enabling the Model-Based Enterprise also comes with its share of challenges. Since we're all on this journey together, there is a lot that we can learn from each other's experiences. Your host, Raphael Nascimento, will also serve as your guide on this journey by sharing insightful interviews with the show's featured guests as well as his own experiences gained from nearly ten years working with companies at various stages of their MBE journeys. Come join us on this journey to MBE!

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Enabling the Model-Based Enterprise
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007 – A conversation with Jennifer Herron

In this episode I have the pleasure of sharing a conversation I had with Jennifer Herron, who is the CEO of Action Engineering, which is a firm that provides consulting services and training in the area of Model-Based Definition and Model-Based Enterpr...
Podcast Episodes – Journey to MBE author

006 – Query? What’s a query?

In this episode I review the concept of query as it relates to MBD. Query is the primary means of interacting with an MBD model. You can get information about the various digital elements in a model using query,  and most importantly you can get inform...
Podcast Episodes – Journey to MBE author

005 – The Importance of Community

In this episode I provide my thoughts on the importance of the community known as the MBD Technical Committee, which is part of the PTC/User Technical Committees. This community has been around for over 10 years and provides a lot of value to its membe...
Podcast Episodes – Journey to MBE author

004 – A conversation with Rosemary Astheimer

In this episode I share a conversation I recently had with Rosemary Astheimer, a good friend who’s doing some interesting things in the MBD/MBE space. Among other things we talk about her coursework at Purdue University where she teaches MBD and about ...
Podcast Episodes – Journey to MBE author

003 – 4 Keys to a Successful MBD Implementation

In this episode I take a higher level look at what it takes to have a successful MBD implementation. There are 4 key things that you need to focus on throughout the MBE journey. Those things are: Value Management Process Technology Adoption During this...
Podcast Episodes – Journey to MBE author

002 – Orthographic views, good or bad for MBD?

In this episode I talk about the topic of using an orthographic orientation for your saved views in MBD models and whether they are something to be embraced or avoided. I’m contrasting orthographic orientations (where the principal surfaces of the mode...
Podcast Episodes – Journey to MBE author

001 – The story behind the show

Welcome to the first episode of Journey to MBE! This is a short episode where I just wanted to provide you with some background information on myself so you can get to know me a little bit better and then I also wanted to explain how the idea of this p...
Podcast Episodes – Journey to MBE author