The Totally Football Show with James Richardson

Join James Richardson, a few familiar friends and some new voices too as they take you through all the twists and turns of the 2017-18 football season in the Premier League and around Europe

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Join James Richardson, a few familiar friends and some new voices too as they take you through all the twists and turns of the 2017-18 football season in the Premier League and around Europe
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A hibernating bear’s faecal plug

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Yet more tales from the Opta Quiz (01m 00s)  • PART 1b: Euro 2020 headlines (02m 30s) • PART 1c: Wales v Hungary preview (04m 00s) • PART 2a: Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland (11m 00s) • PART 2b: England v Montenegro an...
Muddy Knees Media author

Sometimes you need that tension

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Tales from the Opta Quiz (01m 00s)  • PART 1b: England v Montenegro and Sterling v Gomez (03m 40s) • PART 2a: Wales and Northern Ireland news (12m 00s) • PART 2b: Ireland v Denmark - with Niels Harild (15m 40s) • PART 2c: Oth...
Muddy Knees Media author

He punches you right in the face for 90 minutes

Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein and Alvaro Romeo review a big weekend around Europe. The cycle appears to be coming to an end at Napoli, while Cagliari come flying up the Serie A table. Juve stay top but has Ronaldo under-de...
Muddy Knees Media author

Gazing on like sheep being herded up a field

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: The greatest goal ever witnessed lived by Michael Cox (01m 00s)  • PART 1b: Liverpool 3 - 1 City (03m 00s) • PART 2a: Leicester 2 - 0 Arsenal (16m 00s) • PART 2b: Chelsea 2 - 0 Palace (23m 30s) • PART 2c: Spurs 1 - 1 Sheffiel...
Muddy Knees Media author

Essentially like Phil Collins

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Chelsea 4 - 4 Ajax (02m 20s)  • PART 1b: Red Star 0 - 4 Spurs (09m 30s) • PART 1c: More CL headlines  (13m 30s) • PART 2: Liverpool v Man City preview (24m 00s) • PART 3a: Leicester v Arsenal preview  (36m 00s)   • PART 3b: C...
Muddy Knees Media author

They did a Niall Quinn

The Champions League is back but the big guns are failing to fire – it’s the Totally Football Show – the full continental. Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein and Alvaro Romeo look ahead to Matchday 4, including Dortmund v Inter...
Muddy Knees Media author

Chaos theory on legs

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: City 2 - 1 Southampton(01m 30s)  • PART 1b: Villa 1 - 2 Liverpool (06m 30s) • PART 2a: West Ham 2 - 3 Newcastle (13m 00s) • PART 2b: Watford 1 - 2 Chelsea (20m 30s) • PART 3a: Palace 0 - 2 Leicester (26m 30s)   • PART 3b: Bri...
Muddy Knees Media author


RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: Liverpool 5 - 5 Arsenal (01m 30s)  • PART 2a: On Xhaka and Arsenal v Wolves preview (12m 00s) • PART 2b: City v Saints and Villa v Liverpool previews (19m 20s) • PART 3a: Palace v Leicester preview (26m 00s) • PART 3b: Bournem...
Muddy Knees Media author

Dude, where’s my lange?

Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein and Alvaro Romeo are back with the Totally Football Show (European edition). There are some surprise leaders across the continent, as Monchengladbach stay top of the Bundesliga and promoted Gr...
Muddy Knees Media author

Three distinct noises

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: Liverpool 2 - 1 Spurs (01m 30s)  • PART 2: Southampton 0 - 9 Leicester - with Carl Anka (11m 30s) • PART 3a: Burnley 2 - 4 Chelsea (24m 00s) • PART 3b: Norwich 1 - 3 Man United (31m 00s) • PART 3c: Arsenal 2 - 2 Palace (34m 50...
Muddy Knees Media author

Your garden

Jimbo is joined by Frida Fagerlund, Jack Lang and Tom Williams for reaction to this weeks Champions League action. There's also an in-depth Premier League preview, plus news of an exciting finish in Sweden's Allsvenskan.  PART 1: Champions League revie...
Muddy Knees Media author

One Berti is already enough

Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens and Raphael Honigstein delve deep into Dortmund’s trip to Inter Milan. Will Jadon Sancho be allowed off the naughty step? There’s the first ever meeting of Ajax and Chelsea. Does Erik ten Hag still not get enough...
Muddy Knees Media author


RUNNING ORDER:  PART 1: Michael Cox's kick offs (01m 40s)  PART 2a: Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool  (03m 00s) PART 2b: Crystal Palace 0-2 Man City  (10m 10s) PART 3a: FA Cup - Haringey Borough walk off after racist chanting (14m 30s)   PART 4a: Chelsea 1-0 Newc...
Muddy Knees Media author

Ketchup everywhere

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: Ronaldo v Kevin Nolan and compound interest v Alexis Sanchez (01m 00s)  • PART 2a: Euro 2020 qualifiers headlines (03m 00s) • PART 2b: Bulgaria v England, on and off the pitch (04m 20s) • PART 2c: What’s gone wrong with Irelan...
Muddy Knees Media author

Ukrainian phonetics for David Pleat

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: Carl Barat v Earl Barrett  (01m 00s)  • PART 2a: Czech Republic 2 - 1 England and memories of Sven (03m 10s) • PART 2b: Mixed fortunes for Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland (11m 30s) • PART 2c: On Wales' qualification and...
Muddy Knees Media author

Rabbit, some Pot Noodles and a lobster

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: It’s..........Rebekah Vardy’s account (01m 00s)  • PART 2a: International headlines (05m 30s) • PART 2b: Northern Ireland chat - with Keith Bailie (07m 00s) • PART 2c: Wales, Scotland and Ireland news (12m 00s) • PART 3: A lov...
Muddy Knees Media author

The methodology meeting

If you’re looking for an actual title race, Jimbo and co have you covered with the goings on around Europe’s major leagues. Monchengladbach are top of the Bundesliga, thanks in part to a Borussia blogger, as Bayern lose at home to Hoffenheim. Juventus ...
Muddy Knees Media author

The class of yada yada yada

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: City 0 - 2 Wolves (02m 20s)  • PART 1b: Liverpool 2 - 1 Leicester (08m 00s) • PART 2a: Brighton 3 - 0 Spurs (11m 30s) • PART 2b: Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham and Palace (19m 50s) • PART 3a: Scotland and Championship news (23m 0...
Muddy Knees Media author

A freezer full of mince

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: Spurs 2 - 7 Bayern - with Dan Kilpatrick (02m 20s)  • PART 2: Liverpool v Leicester preview (18m 50s) • PART 3a: The Phil Foden dilemma and City v Wolves preview (29m 50s) • PART 3b: Chelsea v Southampton preview (35m 00s) • P...
Muddy Knees Media author

This elephant was not for dying

Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein and Alvaro Romeo review the latest from around Europe and examine a Champions League week headlined by Tottenham v Bayern and Barcelona v Inter. The panel look at the varying fortunes of Alexi...
Muddy Knees Media author

Chased by peacocks as a child

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Michael Cox the manager  (01m 00s)  • PART 1b: Sheff U 0 - 1 Liverpool (02m 40s) • PART 1c: Everton 1 - 3 City (09m 00s) • PART 2a: Leicester 4 - 0 Newcastle (15m 00s) • PART 2b: Bournemouth 2 - 2 West Ham (20m 30s) • PART 2c...
Muddy Knees Media author

Would autumn happen all the same?

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: EFL Cup round-up (01m 00s)  • PART 2a: Man U v Arsenal preview (12m 40s) • PART 2b: A bad week for Spurs (17m 10s) • PART 2c: Sheff U - Liverpool preview (22m 00s) • PART 2d: Everton v Man City preview (24m 00s) • PART 3a: Com...
Muddy Knees Media author

The Apple of football

It’s the Totally Football Show European edition as Jimbo, James Horncastle, Alvaro Romeo, Julien Laurens and Raphael Honigstein dissect another huge weekend.   Barcelona lose to Tony Adams’s old club, part of their worst start for a quarter of a centur...
Muddy Knees Media author

Death by good taste

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: City 8 - 0 Watford (02m 00s)  • PART 1b: Chelsea 1 - 2 Liverpool (13m 00s) • PART 1c: On VAR and more (18m 30s) • PART 2a: Leicester 2 - 1 Spurs (25m 30s) • PART 2b: West Ham 2 - 0 United and a tale of three strikers (30m 00s...
Muddy Knees Media author

The mysterious fish

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: General knowledge (hard) quiz questions and mascot chat (01m 00s)  • PART 1b: PSG 3 - 0 Real - with Tom Williams (07m 00s)  • PART 2a: Chelsea 0 - 1 Valencia (15m 20s) • PART 2b: Napoli 2 - 0 Liverpool (21m 00s) • PART 2c: Ch...
Muddy Knees Media author

They’re not fish, they’re not meat

Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein and Alvaro Romeo review the latest from around Europe and look ahead to the return of the Champions League and Europa League. The gang are joined by Olympiacos manager Pedro Martins ahead of t...
Muddy Knees Media author

Lie back and think of Steve Bruce

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1: Norwich 3 - 2 City - with Ffion Thomas (01m 00s)  • PART 2a: Liverpool 3 - 1 Newcastle (10m 40s)  • PART 2b: Wolves 2 - 5 Chelsea (13m 40s) • PART 3a: Spurs 4 - 0 Palace (21m 30s) • PART 3b: United 1 -  0 Leicester (24m 40s) •...
Muddy Knees Media author

Family members

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: England 5 - 3 Kosovo (02m 40s)  • PART 1c: A word on Germany’s travails (09m 30s)  • PART 2a: A brief history pod Liverpool v Newcastle - with Simon Bird (14m 00s) • PART 2b: Norwich v City preview (27m 30s) • PART 3a: United...
Muddy Knees Media author

The Haaland Globetrotters

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: A whizz through England 4 - 0 Bulgaria  (00m 40s) • PART 1b: Why Kosovo are the biggest story in international football (03m 40s)  • PART 2a: Elsewhere in the Euro qualifiers (08m 00s) • PART 2b: Erling Braut Haaland (16m 30s...
Muddy Knees Media author

The canine chumming Chilean

RUNNING ORDER PART 1 - Transfer noise (01.40) PART 2a - International chat - Germany v Netherlands with a remenisci-package feat. Raf Honigstein and Michiel Jongsma (10.00) PART 2b - England v Bulgaria and favourite Bulgarians (18.20) PART 2c - Home na...
Muddy Knees Media author

Super replacement

It’s the Totally Football Show European edition, with Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Alvaro Romeo and Raphael Honigstein scarcely able to believe that Mauro Icardi is now a PSG player. Unbelievable scenes as Juve and Napoli contest a seven-go...
Muddy Knees Media author

Getting their tummy tickled

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Airport transfers (00m 40s) • PART 1b: Arsenal 2 - 2 Spurs (05 00s)  • PART 2a: Liverpool and City continue to set the pace (16m 50s) • PART 2b: Everton 3 - 2 Wolves - with Matt Jones (22m 40s) • PART 2c: Leicester 3 - 1 Bour...
Muddy Knees Media author

Small personing

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: A Swede in England (00m 40s) • PART 1b: Arsenal v Spurs preview  (03 30s)  • PART 2: Bury are gone, are Bolton next? - with Ashley Brown from the FSA (12m 10s) • PART 3a: Man City v Brighton preview and more on Graham Potter ...
Muddy Knees Media author

We don’t need to translate that

A stunning start to Serie A with goals galore and some inspirational stories off the pitch. Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Alvaro Romeo and Raphael Honigstein cast their eye over the weekend. Stepping into the spotlight this week, it’s Griezm...
Muddy Knees Media author

Putting a cloud in a headlock

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Liverpool 3 - 1 Arsenal (02m 20s) • PART 1b: Bournemouth 1 - 3 City (11m 20s)  • PART 2a: United 1 - 2 Palace - with Ed Malyon (14m 00s) • PART 2b: On twitter and racism (24m 50s) • PART 3a: Spurs 0 - 1 Newcastle (27m 30s) • ...
Muddy Knees Media author

British Teletext in Holland

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Wolves 1 - 1 United  - penalties and shirt numbers (02m 30s) • PART 1b: United v Palace preview (13m 30s)  • PART 1c: Existentialism with Jesse Lingard (15m 10s) • PART 2: Memories of Liverpool v Arsenal (17m 30s) • PART 3: A...
Muddy Knees Media author

He’s not a prospect, he’s a reality

La Liga and the Bundesliga return in some style as Jimbo, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Alvaro Romeo and Raphael Honigstein look back at the weekend’s action. Bilbao beat Barca while Bale and Trippier impress for Real and Atleti. Bayern drop points...
Muddy Knees Media author

A language that we cannot speak

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: City 2 - 2 Spurs; KDB and VAR (02m 20s) • PART 1b: Southampton 1 - 2 Liverpool (09m 00s)  • PART 2a: Norwich 3 - 1 Newcastle (12m 50s) • PART 2b: Sheff U 1 - 0 Palace (17m 30s) • PART 3a: Chelsea v Leicester (22m 10s) • PART ...
Muddy Knees Media author

Even their own mother can’t tell them apart

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Liverpool beat Chelsea in the Super Cup (01m 00s) • PART 1b: Chelsea v Leicester and Southampton v Liverpool previews (07m 00s)  • PART 2a: City v Spurs preview (11m 30s) • PART 2b: Wolves v Man U preview (15m 20s) • PART 3a:...
Muddy Knees Media author

In a gold cupboard

Another European edition of the Totally Football Show, as James Richardson is joined once again by Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein, Alvaro Romeo and James Horncastle. Ligue 1 is back underway and it’s a shocking start for AVB at Monaco and another r...
Muddy Knees Media author

Chaos theory

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Opening Andy Murray’s post (00m 40s) • PART 1b: United 4 - 0 Chelsea (03m 10s)  • PART 2a: Liverpool 4 - 1 Norwich (11m 10s)  • PART 2b: West Ham 0 - 5 City (17m 00s) • PART 3a: Bury, Bolton and more - with Nick Miller (21m 3...
Muddy Knees Media author

Football hurts

RUNNING ORDER:    PART 1 – Transfers on deadline day (03m 00s) PART 2 – Wolves lovin' (12m 15s)  PART 3 – Who's tipped to topple the top six (22m 15s) PART 4a – Promoted teams (30m 27s) PART 4b – Relegation candidates (39m 55s) PART 5 - Paddy Power odd...
Muddy Knees Media author

Goodbye to the old guard?

James Richardson brings you the first of a weekly European edition of the Totally Football show with James Horncastle, Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein and Alvaro Romeo. Are we set to see some title races around Europe? The panel preview the coming c...
Muddy Knees Media author

Aggressive and excessive squares

RUNNING ORDER:  PART 1 - Liverpool and Man City - who will win? (03m 40s) PART 2 - Chelsea transfer ban, Arsenal transfer BOOM (16m 00s)  PART 3 - Spurs is the word (28m 00s) PART 4 - Manchester United's various chances and changes with Ian Irving (34m...
Muddy Knees Media author

A transformative transfer

RUNNING ORDER:  PART 1a - MoPo Oh No! (01m 40s) PART 2a - The shutting of the transfer window is in sight (08m 10s)  PART 2b - The Dybala-Lukaku conundrum with James Horncastle (10m50s) PART 2c - Inter British transfers, McPlayers, and Villa sign more ...
Muddy Knees Media author

A colon *and* a question mark?

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Bale sent to Coventry as China move collapses (02m 00s) • PART 1b: Atletico 7 - 3 Real (09m 00s)  • PART 2: Funny football injuries 1 (12m 00s)  • PART 3a: Pepe, Zaha, Dybala and other transfer news (17m 00s) • PART 3b: The o...
Muddy Knees Media author

Return to sender

RUNNING ORDER:  PART 1a: Best ice cream in town (01m 00s) PART 2a: Gareth Bale and Dani Ceballos news and updates with Alvaro Romeo (03m 10s)  PART 2b: The rising cost of footballers (06m 00s) PART 3a: German focus including Chelsea, Newcastle, and Bay...
Muddy Knees Media author

Behind closed doors

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: More Scatman John (01m 00s) • PART 1b: Zlatan gonna Zlatan and the best footballing (02m 20s)  • PART 2a: Gareth Bale heads to the Real exit door (06m 30s)   • PART 2b: Pochettino’s future (10m 00s)  • PART 2c: Father and son...
Muddy Knees Media author

An Englishman abroad... and back again

RUNNING ORDER:  PART 1a: Steve Bruce goes to Newcastle, officially (01m 30s) PART 1b: Further Bruce thoughts with Lee Ryder from the Newcastle Chronicle (03m 30s) PART 1c: Joey Barton news (08m 10s)   PART 2a: de Ligt in Turin as Juve aim to be youthfu...
Muddy Knees Media author

A mixed record against the canine community

RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Scatman John (00m 50s) • PART 1b: Arsenal under the Kosc - with Charles Watts from Goal (02m 50s)  • PART 2: From bad to worse at Newcastle (14m 00s)   • PART 3: Griezmann moves, Crouchy retires and Sturridge gets his dog bac...
Muddy Knees Media author