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...that\'s life abroad

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...that\'s life abroad
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2017-10-02 15:37
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2007-09-27 16:36
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IS-007 Our Motivations

If you are looking this kind of content,you have come to the right place..thanks for your patientreading,let us move on. This one is a little bit late. We apologize for east inflatables blog that but sometimes even students have to be busy. … That’s ...
Raphael author

IS-003 Livingston from Jamaica

It only took us one year of friendship and a podcast to find out why Livingston decided to came to the US for his studies. And since we are ALWAY up to date, we also cover the lates Hurricane ambien lunesta in Jamaica If you are looking this kind of ...
Raphael author

IS-002 David from Nigeria

The first thing a foreign student has to do at FSU is the international orientation. Some people find it very boring, others think it is an important day to understand the new requirements. Today you will find out what David from Nigeria thinks about i...
Raphael author

IS-006 Matt from Canada

This episode is a very sad one. After two years review Safari Challenge Obstacle Course Matt has to leave Tallahassee to go back to Canada and restart his life. Even though we try to be happy for him we surely will miss him Inflatable Water Game. ...
Raphael author

IS-001 International Sitcom

Hello and welcome to International Sitcom. I am Tina. I am Raphael. And this is our life abroad! What is a podcast? Why is this called International Sitcom? Who is Tina? Who is Raphael? Why are we doing this Inflatable Ball? How we plan to do this? W...
Raphael author

IS-005 Cecily from Australia

It’s not all about students. believe it or not but there is a life after College Today we had the opportunity to talk to Cecily, a Postdoc from Australia, who came to the States one year ago. little fockers website cialis gene...
Raphael author

IS-004 Nancy from Lebanon

Today is Labor Day, so we hope you don’t mind the fireworks while we interview Nancy The first child in her family who left home to study abroad chong qi gong men. where to download the despicable me movie film movie download buy zithromax on...
Raphael author