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Doctype is the show for people who make websites. New episodes every Tuesday.

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Doctype is the show for people who make websites.
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Episode 53: Handlebars.js and Text-Shadow

This week, Jim dives in to Handlebars.js and Nick explores several cool text-shadow effects.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 52: Behind the Scenes

This week, Nick and Jim take you behind the scenes and show you how a web show like Doctype gets put together!
Done21 LLC author

Episode 51: Tumblr Themes & jQuery Mobile

This week, Nick shows introduces the Tumblr templating engine and Jim goes over the basics of jQuery Mobile.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 50: CSS3 Transitions and jQuery .css()

This week, Nick shows you how to use CSS3 transitions, and Jim covers the finer points of the jQuery .css() method.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 49: jQuery 1.5 & Responsive Web Design

Jim goes over the new features of jQuery 1.5 and Nick covers the basics of Responsive Web Design.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 48: The Carsonified Office and 2011 Predictions

And we're BACK! :) This week, we take a tour of the new Carsonified office in Orlando. Then, Nick and Jim give their predictions for 2011.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 47: Print Stylesheets and Head JS

This week, Nick dives into print stylesheets and Jim introduces Head JS.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 46: 404 Pages and Underscore.js

In this week's episode, Nick goes over the finer points of 404 pages. Then, Jim introduces the Underscore.js library.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 45: Interview with Mike Kus (Part 2)

At the Future of Web Design in NYC, we got a chance to catch up with Carsonified web designer Mike Kus. This is part 2 of 2.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 44: Interview with Mike Kus (Part 1)

At the Future of Web Design in NYC, we got a chance to catch up with Carsonified web designer Mike Kus. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview, so stay tuned for the second half next week!
Done21 LLC author

Episode 43: Canvas Pixel Data and the CSS3 Solar System

This week, Jim shows you how to get colors from a canvas. Then, Nick deconstructs the CSS3 Solar System.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 42: CSS3 Color Models and Bookmarklets

In this week's episode, Nick shows you how to use CSS3 color models. Then, Jim teaches you how to make your very own bookmarklets using JavaScript.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 41: Advanced Regex and Color Models (part 1)

This week, Jim gets into advanced regular expressions and Nick shows you how to use CSS2 color models.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 40: Interview with Ryan Carson

In this special episode, we sit down with Ryan Carson, the founder of Carsonified, to talk about web business.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 39: CoffeeScript and Alternative Navigation

This week, Jim shows you how to clean up your JavaScript with CoffeeScript, and Nick revisits navigation design patterns. Also, we're in London.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 38: SASS and HAML

In this week's episode, Nick shows you how to clean up your CSS with SASS and Jim demonstrates how to simplify your HTML with HAML.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 37: Canvas Images and CSS3 Buttons

We're back! Jim shows you how to add images to your canvas and Nick deconstructs a CSS3 button library.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 36: Mockups and Canvas (Part 2)

In this week's episode, Nick compares two ways to create mockups and Jim goes into part 2 of a canvas tag tutorial.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 35: Navigation and Canvas

This week, Nick explores the winding maze of web navigation, and Jim starts part 1 of a two part series on the canvas tag. Exciting!
Done21 LLC author

Episode 34: CSS3 Transforms and YQL (part 2)

In this episode, Nick introduces the CSS3 transform property and Jim gets into part 2 of YQL.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 33: CSS3 Effects and YQL (Part 1)

This week, Nick takes a look at some new CSS3 properties and Jim goes over the basics of YQL.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 32: CSS3 Backgrounds and Regular Expressions (Part 2)

In this week's episode, Nick shows you several new CSS3 background tricks and Jim dives deeper into regular expressions.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 31: Depth and Regular Expressions

Nick shows you how to use depth in web design and Jim gives a crash course in regular expressions. Yikes!
Done21 LLC author

Episode 30: Texture and JavaScript Performance

This week, Nick explores the design element of texture and Jim shows you how to optimize your JavaScript performance.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 29: Organizing CSS and JavaScript Animation

This week, Nick gives you some tips on how to organize your CSS. Then Jim explains how to animate elements in JavaScript.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 28: Designing for Content & Cookies

This week, Allison House steps in for Nick Pettit and shows you how to design for content. Then Jim shows you the basics of browser cookies. Yum!
Done21 LLC author

Episode 27: Call to Action Buttons & Geolocation in HTML5

This week, Nick shows you how to make your site more effective with call to action buttons, and Jim goes over the basics of the geolocation API in HTML5.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 26: Contrast & Google Maps

This week Nick explains visual contrast and Jim shows you how to embed a map in your pages using the Google Maps API.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 25: Floats and Iterators

Nick reveals the exciting conclusion to last week's cliffhanger and explores the mythical float property. Then, Jim unravels the confusion surrounding JavaScript iterators.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 24: CSS Positioning and setTimeout

This week, Nick goes over the basics of CSS positioning and Jim explains setTimeout and a few other nifty JavaScript functions.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 23: Form Design and Custom jQuery Selectors

Nick goes over the basics of web form design and Jim shows you step by step how to create a custom jQuery selector.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 22: Landing Pages and JavaScript Closures

This week, Nick explores some new trends in landing page design and Jim unravels the mysteries of JavaScript closures.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 21: Color Theory and jQuery Events

Nick goes over the basics of color theory and Jim explains the differences between bind, live, and delegate, in jQuery.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 20: Information Hierarchy and Feature Detection

Nick explores an intersection between information architecture and semantic markup called "Information Hierarchy" and Jim demonstrates feature detection with Modernizr.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 19: Design Patterns and JavaScript Minification

Nick takes a look at a few design patterns and Jim shows you how to shrink down your JavaScript files.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 18: CSS3 Selectors and JavaScript's "this"

Nick continues coverage of selectors and demonstrates what's new in CSS3. Then, Jim demystifies the "this" variable in JavaScript.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 17: JSONP and CSS Selectors (Part 1)

Jim shows you how to call 3rd party web services using JSONP and Nick goes over some basic CSS selectors. Next week, Nick will cover the selectors that are new in CSS3.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 16: CSS3 Columns and jQuery Plugins

Nick deconstructs CSS multi-column layouts and Jim shows you step-by-step how to create your very own jQuery plugin.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 15: CSS3 Borders and HTML5 Sections

Jim and Nick are back in the studio, exploring new border properties in CSS3 and breaking down a few of the two dozen new HTML5 tags, starting with sections, article, asides, headers, and footers.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 14: FOWA Miami 2010, Behind the Scenes

On this special episode of Doctype, Nick and Jim go behind the scenes of FOWA Miami 2010 and talk to some of the best in the biz, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Hunter, Steve Huffman, John Resig, Alex Payne, and more.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 13: Home Page Design and Cross Site Request Forgery

Nick gives some quick tips on how to design home pages and Jim goes in depth on CSRF or cross site request forgery.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 12: Grid Based Design and AJAX 101

Nick gives an overview of grid based design and Jim breaks down the basics of AJAX.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 11: Radial Gradients and Web SQL Databases

Nick and Jim keep the party going from last week, and continue exploring CSS3 gradients and web storage techniques.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 10: CSS3 Gradients & HTML5 Databases

Nick shows you how to create gradients without images in CSS3, and Jim takes an in depth look at local databases in HTML5.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 9: Speed!

Nick and Jim show you hot tips to get your site loading so fast you'll smell the rubber burning!
Done21 LLC author

Episode 8: jQTouch and Mobile Design

Jim covers jQTouch, a plugin for jQuery that enables quick iPhone websites, and Nick talks about how to design for the small screen.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 7: Design Workflow and Amazon S3

Nick divulges details about the early stages of his web design workflow, and Jim explains how to get started with Amazon S3.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 6: What's New in 2010

We ring in the new year with a look at our favorite new developments in web technology and design that are coming in 2010.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 5: Icons and Events

We are bidding farewell to 2009 with an iconic event! Actually, we're looking at how to find and use icons, and how to wire up your pages to be interactive.
Done21 LLC author

Episode 4: CSS Frameworks and Debugging Tools

This week we look at some tools to get your projects done more quickly. Nick explains the benefits of CSS frameworks, and Jim demonstrates the use of browser debugging tools.
Done21 LLC author