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Dirty Words Design is a video podcast about Adobe InDesign and Graphic Design. Host Adam Jury brings you InDesign tips, tricks and "dirty" solutions for sticky problems. This isn't a "best practices" guide--this is problem-solving and making the best out of a bad situation. The videocast will also cover InDesign plug-ins, Photoshop, related resources, and maybe some relevant-to-designers OS X stuff as well.

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An Adobe InDesign and Graphic Design Videocast
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DWD: Episode 11, Work Around the OS X iBooks Library

Here's Episode 11 of Dirty Words Design, which discusses how to quickly edit and preview ePub files using iBooks for OS X. Let's call this episode the first one of Season Two ... I'll be updating the blog to a new theme soon and working on more videos...
Adam Jury author

DWD: Episode 10, Trio of Table of Contents Tips

After a long hiatus (I'm sorry!), Dirty Words Design is back with a roughly produced (I'm really sorry!) episode that contains three tips for dealing with InDesign Table of Contents and using them in ways that may not be typical! (I'm totally not sorry...
Adam Jury author

DWD: Episode 9, InDesign CS5 Background Exporting

Good: I've managed to fix my low audio problems and the videocast should be much more listenable now. Better: InDesign CS5 includes a nice feature that allows you to export PDF files in the background while you work on other stuff! Worse: This backgr...
Adam Jury author

Dirty Words Design: Episode 8, GREP Styles + Preflight Proofing

This episode of Dirty Words Design shows you how to harness the power of two InDesign CS4 features—GREP Styles and Live Preflight—together to automatically detect if your document contains specified placeholder text, such as the dreaded "page XX" refer...
Adam Jury author

Dirty Words Design: Episode 7, Rorohiko’s Soxy

Rorohiko's Soxy 1.0 for OS X has just been released, with a Windows version in beta. This episode of Dirty Words Design shows you how to use Soxy to easily manage multiple versions of InDesign at the same time -- no accidentally opening old files in th...
Adam Jury author

Dirty Words Design: Episode 6, Fixing ‘Edit Original’ in OS X

The Edit Original command is one of the best ways to quickly move between the Creative Suite applications from within InDesign, but it can misbehave under OS X. Here's how to use it, and how to fix it if it stops working as expected!
Adam Jury author

Dirty Words Design: Episode 5, Intro to Acrobat Layers

Episode 5 of Dirty Words Design runs down the basics on why you would want to create a layered PDF, how to export one from InDesign, and a few tips for manipulating those layers in Acrobat. Bumper music is by Creature. The Dirty Words Design Videocas...
Adam Jury author

Dirty Words Design: Episode 4, Fixing Paragraph Style Pairs

In this episode I look at a script that can be used to quickly find and replace pairs of paragraph style combinations. It's a great free script from Thomas Silkjær that can save you a bundle of production time! Important Links Thomas Silkjær's totall...
Adam Jury author

Dirty Words Design: Episode 3, Default Preferences and Document Preferences

This is a short episode; I take a look at setting InDesign document preferences and default preferences that get applied to all new InDesign documents, also how to create Styles [Paragraph, Object, Character] that are automatically imported into new do...
Adam Jury author

Dirty Words Design: Episode 2, More Packaging, and Converting All Text to Outlines

Thanks for waiting—here's Episode 2 of Dirty Words Design; a grab-bag episode that revisits Episode 1 and further explains Packaging vs. Copy Links, and a "feature" of Packaging that you may not be aware of. I also give a brief overview on exporting a ...
Adam Jury author