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The Business of Security Podcast discusses the business side of security. From finding work and what skills are needed to where and how do you network To sharing ideas, tips and advice on networking, technology, marketing, and tools you can use to successfully grow your security business. The podcast offer interviews with leaders in the security talking about the state of the security business, how to brand your business to be successful by using marketing and social media tools. The goal of this podcast is for you to be more productive doing your job as a security practitioner.

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Social Media and WordPress Solutions for Security Businesses
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How to Use Social Media for Your Security Business

Security Business owners that use social media have to do more than just “be on” social media networks in order grow their business. There are so many ways in which to use the tool of Social Media.  There is more to social media than casually chatting ...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Social Media and Website Metrics

Social media is a driving force when used effectively for all types of business including security and executive protection services. You’ve identified your goals, found your market, you are sharing and creating valuable content for potential customers...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Social Media Success for Your Security Business

Social Media success for your business is not overly complicated. Here are few steps that I recommend you act upon to use social media as a tool for your security business. Social Media success begins with knowing who you are, what you do, and who you ...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

BoS Podcast – Be Smart When Using Social Media for Your Security Business

Be Smart on Social Media In this podcast I talk off the cuff, with no notes,  on how security service providers  (EP, Bodyguards, event security, etc.)  should be smart when using social media for their business. I spend a lot of my time on Google to o...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Business of Security Podcast – Exceeding Expectations

In this episode I’ll answer an email from a podcast listener, we’re I’m heading to this week and why, and share my thoughts on exceeding expectations. First up the email a received last week from Chris Kirkland: If you have any questions about marketin...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Business of Security Podcast – Twitter Tips and Tools for Your Business

On to the main topic of Twitter tips and tools. It’s still amazing to me that I can connect and engage with folks I don’t know from Adam, and chat about subjects that I am passionate about. Like social media, internet marketing and the security industr...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Business of Security Podcast – Give People What They Want for Free

In this podcast I’ll be sharing my feedback on the ASIS expo, from which I just returned and a pretty hard hitting, tough love kind of business talk on giving people what they want for free. ASIS, or A-S-I-S, stands for the American Society for Industr...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

013 – Stop Being Stupid on Social

Introduction to the Podcast I’ve been in and for the most part around the security business for close to 20 years. I In 2008 I started my company to help EP and security businesses with web design, internet marketing and over the last few years social ...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

012 Business of Security Podcast – Marketing by Innuendo

In this podcast, I go on a rant about Marketing by Innuendo. Faking it until you Make it with fake photos and content will only get you so far. I really try to provide useful and critical information to help you do your job better but this is something...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Ten Steps to Branding and Social Media Marketing Success

When I was creating notes for this podcast and planning out these steps, I got curious as to what others would say so I asked “What would be the first step to branding and social media marketing success?” in Google + community Social Media Professional...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

I Want to be Number One on Google!

I recently received an email from a client who was asking how to improve their website to achieve a higher rank on Google search results.  This is the bane of every website owner – how do I rank higher in Google search? A collective chant of “I want to...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Business of Security Podcast Episode 011 – Stagnant

  Definition of Stagnant Not advancing or developing – showing no activity; stale For this podcast I’m going to talk about Stagnant in context of what I refer to as your digital platform – your website; and what I have seen as an over reliance on socia...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Dave Johnson Interview #2 – Seizing Opportunities

Business of Security podcast episode 10. In this podcast I talk again to Dave Johnson, president of ITG Consultants and chair of the ABCDEP. But before the interview I spend a few minutes talking about seizing opportunities. You're reading Dave Johnson...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Open Source Intelligence Tools

In this week’s episode I’m going to cover OSINT or Open Source Intelligence.  I’ll share with you some tools and apps you can use to scrub the internet for data, and how to use these common tools to your advantage while you’re at the office or mobile. ...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Protective Security Conference Recap – Interview with Dave Johnson

I’m back with Business of Security podcast episode #8.  There has been a  3 week break since the last podcast episode that was due to personal and professional demands. In this episode I’ll talk about the reasons – but the good news is that I’m back so...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

All About Social Media! What Is It and How It Can Work For Your Business

Happy Easter! In this episode I talk in depth about social media. Everyone says “social media” but what does that mean. My definition is quite simply – social media is an engaging conversation on a public network. Although it’s simple to say and easy t...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Tony Scotti Interview Part Two

Hello my friends! Welcome to episode #4 – can’t believe it has been a month of Business of Security podcasts! I hope you are enjoying the shows as much as I am. If you have any questions or comments about the show please call the show phone number at 1...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author

Importance of Having Mentors in Your Life – Interview with Tony Scotti

One of the goals I have set for myself and to share with you is reaching out to leaders in the security industry and talking to them about such topics as how did you get to where you are today, difficulties running a business, and how to manage your br...
Podcasts – Security Marketing Solutions author