The IELTSCast podcast is a series of interviews with successful IELTS test takers. By listening to strategies that allowed people to achieve band 7, 8 and 9, you will be put in touch with approaches that get results. Remember to experiment with the strategies you hear to find the IELTS preparation formula that best works for you. If you would like to appear on the show, contact Ryan at

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Join Ryan as he talks with successful IELTS candidates from around the world. Learn the strategies they followed that allowed them to reach their IELTS goal! To get in contact with the community behind this podcast, visit
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Episode 47 - Double action questions are not that difficult!

In this episode, we look at this recent Task 2 question seen in Hong Kong: Extreme sports are dangerous yet popular among people. Explain why they are so popular and how can we do them in a safe manner. Tune in and found out how to structure an effecti...

IELTS essay structures for real 2019 questions!

This episode looks at three recent 2019 IELTS questions and suggests appropriate responses. I'm still coaching IELTS Writing through email. :) Visit my website at  Need help making an IELTS study plan? Tell me about your situa...

Canada PR Express Entry tips from an ICCRC member

Patrick shares his invaluable advice regarding Canadian PR through Express Entry in Episode 45 of IELTSCast. Visit his website at I'm still teaching IELTS. :) Visit my website at  For more informa...

Speaking fillers in a band 9 demonstration

In this episode, I push you to listen for three separate conversation fillers in a band 9 speaking demonstration. The goal of this lesson is to get you to identify and adopt these fillers for use in your own speaking! Do you like IELTSCast? Help the sh...

Episode 43 - Noah has IELTS success in Australia after two disappointing experiences in Vietnam

IELTS is not more difficult in Australia, and Noah's experience acts as evidence. In this conversation, I talk with Noah about his two disappointing IELTS experiences in Vietnam and how they compared to the success he had in Australia. It's a great con...

Episode 42 - Syeda scores band 8 in writing on her first IELTS attempt

 In this episode, Syeda details exactly what she did to score band 8 in writing. She stresses the importance of varied language, and chose a scenario for her General Task 1 letter that made it easier for her to come up with synonyms. Syeda's advice reg...

Episode 41 - Glenn uses iPhone and Facebook apps to help him score band 8

Glenn used technology to his advantage while preparing for his IELTS. As he explains in this interview, he found useful apps on both Facebook and his phone to help him practice his language while on the go. Using 'Criminal Case' on the Facebook platfor...

Episode 40 - IELTS is like...American football?! - Slava explains and shares the secret behind his band 8 in reading

A few weeks ago, I opened my inbox and saw an email entitled 'Have you ever thought about how American football is like the IELTS?' I had to admit to myself that I had NEVER thought about that...nor did I ever think I would think about that! The email ...

Episode 39 - Nura challenges her 6.5 writing mark and gets 7.5

You are not going to want to miss this episode. Nura and I talk about her three IELTS attempts and what helped her grow from overall 6.5 to 8. Nura explains how testing strategy is just as important as raw language ability, and I think this is a very v...

Episode 38 - A quick update from Ryan's side

I've been a little distant this past year, and I just wanted to record a quick episode to let the online IELTS community know what I've been up to and what I'm hoping to do with my time and with the community over the next few months. ...

Episode 37 - David and Ryan talk about lifestyle choices that work to improve IELTS performance

This was a great conversation. David (band 8.5) and I talk about how altering his lifestyle helped improve his performance on the IELTS. At almost two hours, it's one of the longer interviews in the IELTSCast series, but I think you'll agree that the i...

Episode 36 - Prashenjit achieves band 7.5

This is a really interesting episode. Prashenjit and I talk about exam approaches and how study strategies may vary between one candidate and another.Be sure to join us at the community, where you can get your speaking and/or writing a...

Episode 35 - Linh scores band 8

This is a great talk. Linh explains her IELTS success and some specific training she underwent that could be helpful to other candidates from Vietnam.For more episodes like this one, and to talk to me and other IELTS enthusiasts, join

Episode 34 - Sarojini tells the story behind her amazing 8.5

Sarojini and I talk at length about her successful performance at an IELTS exam in Denver, Colorado. It is a great episode. Sarojini's detailed description of her preparation will inspire you.Don't forget to join us at, where you can g...

Episode 33 - How to immigrate to Canada or Australia

This was a really interesting interview I did with Patrick, a Singaporean that achieved Australian citizenship and Canadian PR. He is a licensed immigration consultant in both Australia and Canada and the brains behind, the company thr...

Episode 32 - Igor talks about his band 8.5

This is a really interesting episode in which Igor explains in detail how he scored an almost flawless IELTS score. If you are looking for tips on how to prepare for IELTS, download this episode now!If you are an individual that has had success on the ...

Episode 31 - How did Madawa get band 8?

Madawa and I have a candid conversation about study approaches, testing strategies, and the IELTS in general. It was a great conversation and I really appreciate Madawa taking the time to come on the show and share a success story.Don't forget that you...

Episode 30 - Vinod scores 7 in Mumbai

Vinod and I have a frank chat about his IELTS experience in this episode, and I appreciate the direct nature with which he explains his thoughts. If you have scored band 7 or higher, get in touch with me by emailing have your wri...

Episode 29 - Hoi explains how speed reading helped him get 7.5

Hoi's approach to the IELTS was very calculated. He taught himself to speed read, and this helped him immensely in the reading and listening sections. In this interview, Hoi talks about his prep in detail and touches upon specific tricks that can help ...

Episode 28 - An anonymous guest scores 7 and thinks IELTS prep schools are useless!

In this episode, I talk with a candidate that wishes to remain anonymous. He managed to score band 7 but feels his IELTS prep institute experience did not play a role in this achievement. Tune in and listen to his position.Would you like to appear as a...