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We keep you updated with the latest activities at the Blender Institute and Blender development.

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We keep you updated with the latest activities at the Blender Institute and Blender development.
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Podcast Ep. #072 - Showdown

Ever heard of the Disney/Pixar bracket? A few days (actually weeks) ago we took the challenge together and went through an epic showdown!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #071 - Orange

In episode 71 we start a conversation that will definitely continue in future episodes of the podcast: our memories and experiences with Blender Open Movies.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #070 - Trivia

While the studio is getting ready for the Code Quest, Hjalti had a special surprise to test our Blender nerdism: a trivia game!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #069 - Idols

With the teaser trailer of the open movie HERO being released, it got us thinking about our heroes.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #068 - Focus

"How do you keep focus?". This is the question we ask ourselves in this episode.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #067 - Quest

You might have heard of the Blender 2.8 Code Quest. If not, join us for a little recap, plus some fun before-the-launch behind-the-scenes stories.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #066 - Calculations

Welcome to 66, where we recap what is happening at the studio, including the challenges that come with calculating and estimating how long and how many resources a production will need.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #065 - Poodle

Welcome, take a seat! The alternative ending for Agent 327 - Operation Barbershop has been released, we recap the release and quiz Pablo about how it's like to transition from Maya to Blender.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #064 - Trends

It's 2018! After a rundown on the latest Blender Cloud updates (especially Flamenco) by Dr. Sybren, we review the status of the Hero and Spring Open Movies. Finally we delve into a fully scientific prediction about the trends of this year.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #063 - Cow

After a brief recap about the on-going work on the Spring project, we get a hold of Sergey to talk about his latest Blender development! Check out episode 63 to peek behind the curtains of Blender Animation Studio!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #062 - Pablicoco

Say welcome to our new animator Pablo Fournier in this action packed episode 62! Francesco and Hjalti share what happened on their trip to CTN and Andy sums up the latest progress of the Spring movie project.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #061 - Spring

e kick off this episode talking about the wrap up and awesomeness that was Blender Conference 2017, to later dive deep into the valleys of the next big thing: Spring.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #060 - Julien

Last time we said goodbye, now we say hello! Welcome Julien Kaspar to the Blender Animation Studio! The rest of the team is getting ready for Blender Conference, wrapping up the next open movie “The Daily Dweebs”, which now has a release date!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #059 - Dalai

Dalai joins us for his last podcast (for now!) before going back to sunny beaches in Brazil, but not before telling us all about Blender 2.8. Francesco shares his experience at PIXELvienna, and more!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #058 - Scripting

Tales from America, The Dweebs, future content and Scripting for artist. What a ride!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #057 - Candidate

Learn all about Blender 2.79 in this special episode dedicated completely to the upcoming Blender release.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #056 - Dweebs

The Blender Animation Studio is back with the announcement of a new short open movie project!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #055 - Construction

Back to our original format, here is a recount of our latest adventures! We celebrate the beta release of Flamenco and Attract, hear from Pablo about Mundos Digitales and more!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #054 - Startup

Blender 2.8 news? Check. Experience on starting a new project or mastering Blender? Check. Cloud and Flamenco updates? Check! This podcast is all over the place, tune in for episode 54 of the Blender Animation Studio Podcast!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #053 - Opera

Welcome to episode 53 of the Blender Studio Podcast! A few hours before the team goes to the opera we talk about the latest updates on Blender development, like grease pencil and other 2.8 goodies.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #052 - Agent

We are back! And after the release of Agent 327: Operation Barbershop we stare at the bright future.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #051 - Luca

As the Agent 327 animation approaches completion, we discuss our daily work at the studio and bid farewell to Colin and welcome Luca to the Blender Institute team!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #050 - Waking

Let's celebrate together the fiftieth episode of the Blender Institute Podcast!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #049 - Birthday

Happy Birthday! Blender Cloud turns 3 today! Join us for Blender Institute Podcast n. 49 as we relive happy memories on how the Cloud was born and grew up to what it is toda
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #048 - Nacho

Meet Nacho, Blender Institute's latest addition to the animation team. Watch the sky: Colin tells us all about his currently running Kickstarter campaign for SKYWATCH.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #047 - Mantissa

Happy release! Blender 2.78b is out, will there be a 2.78c? Our special guest Midge (AKA The Mantissa) uses the latest anyway, and he will be using it soon for a new Motion Graphics training on Blender Cloud.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #046 - Turbocharged

So the big news nowadays is that Cycles motion blur is now 10x faster, but have you ever wondered how that even works? Find out on the Blender Institute Podcast!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #045 - Resolutions

Welcome to the first Blender Institute Podcast of 2017! Find out what has been happening within the frantic production cycles of the Agent 327 film project.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #044 - Kjartan

Welcome to the last Blender Institute Podcast of 2016! In this episode we catch up with Blender development, introduce CG artist Kjartan Tysdal and check the progress with Agent 327.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #043- Nathan

Dalai opens the episode with an update about the upcoming "Layers" project for Blender 2.8. After that, we get to know the special guest of this episode: Nathan, animator at Blender Institute for the Agent 327 Barbershop scene.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #042- #BCon16

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. Or, in other words: Blender Institute Podcast #42.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #041- Micropolygons

Time for your Blender fix! We talk about new full-time jobs in the community, Animation Nodes, Blender development updates on the brand new 2.78 and upcoming 2.8. Special guest: Cycles developer Mai Lavelle!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #040- Blendercoders

Surrounded by Blender Developers, Francesco struggles to ask them meaningful questions about their past with Blender and the exciting future projects such as the new viewport and asset management. Special guests: Mike Erwin and Dalai Felinto.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #039 - Colin

Delight your ears with our 39th sonic adventure! This week we're joined by the Blender celebrity, director of Sintel and former Pixarian: Colin Levy
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #038 - GraphicAll

This week we talk about character sheets, animation and a bunch of Blender stuff, from 2.78 to 2.8, Blender 101 project, new content on Blender Cloud and as always we answer questions from our beloved subscribers.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #037 - Summer

In Episode 37 we discuss the upcoming Blender 2.78, Google Summer of Code, progress with the Agent 327 project and a secret upgrade of the Blender Cloud! Also, Hjalti (aka "double H") discovers that H is silent in some languages.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #036 - Feedback

It's time for Blender Institute Podcast Episode 36! We talk about the latest and greatest Blender development news, Blender Conference, Google Summer of Code and much more.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #035 - Ideasman

What a week! Lots of Blender development news, farewells, pidgeon facts, new jobs in the community and the bright future of Blender Cloud. Join us for Blender Institute Podcast #35!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #034 - HDRI

SIGGRAPH is almost over, Blender Cloud has and HDRI Library, giraffes have a hard time drinking and more on the Blender Institute Podcast #34.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #033 - Lego

SIGGRAPH coming up, Blender 2.8 master planning and Agent 327 progress. Also, new Blender Cloud feature: image sharing! This and more, on the Blender Institute Podcast :)
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #032 - Cold

Blender Institute Podcast n. 32 is here, with a plethora of community news and Blender Cloud activity to delight your ears!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #031 - Web

In this episode we discuss some of the technology and the behind the scenes of the Blender Cloud.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #030 - Sync

We're back at the Blender Institute for podcast number 30 (!) full of Community news, Blender stuff, Agent 327 updates, the special announcement of Blender Cloud's new service "Blender Sync" and more!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #029 - Annecy

Special edition, live from Annecy. The festival, the Blender Institute booth and our great encounters during the show.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #028 - Preparation

We are getting ready for Annecy! Agent 327 3D print, banners, Blender development with Sergey and more!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #027 - VR

We are proud to announce the Caminandes VR demo! Check it out on YouTube!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #026 - Freddy

Freddy the turtle and more community news. Blender development, new content and features coming on the cloud.
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #025 - Bendy

Blender development updates, 3D printing talk, VR, Agent 327, Blender Cloud news, living in Amsterdam and much more in episode 25 of the Blender Institute Podcast!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #024 - Cakes

Film festival selections, amazing new Blender Cloud features and our daily work at the Blender Institute. Join us for episode #24!
Blender Institute author

Podcast Ep. #023 - Projects

More awards, Blender Conference, VR special guests and Blender Cloud Private projects.
Blender Institute author