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Band 6.5 IELTS Essay with Ex-IELTS Examiner Commentary

Below we have a Band 6.5 essay graded by an ex-IELTS examiner. First you can read the essay, and after we break down why this essay scored a Band 6.5. Each criteria has been considered and the sentence in the essay has been colour coded to correspond t...
IELTS Podcast author

Band 8 First Time

In this episode Sara shares how she got these amazing scores first time: Speaking 8.5 Listening 8.5 Reading 7.5 Writing 7.5 Overall 8.0 She had taken the TOEFL three times and learnt from her mistake. This time she decided to invest in a professional o...
IELTS Podcast author

IELTS Essay and Vocabulary (Climate change)

To score high in IELTS Writing you first need to understand how IELTS examiners grade this part of the IELTS test. IELTS examiners do not give you one grade, they give you four grades. You never see these but they are added together to create an overal...
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IELTS on Computer

Advantages of taking the IELTS on Computer You get the results sooner Tests available almost every day Great for fast typers Easier to make corrections (copy pasting is not allowed) Timer to help you manage the time Word counter in the writing part Hea...
IELTS Podcast author

New Questions with Sample Answers

In this tutorial we answer speaking questions recently seen in the IELTS exam. We focus on parts 2 and 3. Each answer has been transcribed. Useful phrases you can use are highlighted. The audio tutorial explains why these phrases are useful and how you...
IELTS Podcast author

Band 9 IELTS Essay with Ex-IELTS Examiner Commentary

Below we have a Band 9 essay graded by an ex-IELTS examiner. First you can read the essay, and after we break down which sentences helped this essay score a Band 9. Each criteria has been considered and the sentence in the essay has been colour coded t...
IELTS Podcast author

Amit Shares his Strategy for Jumping to Band 7

Meet Amit! He is currently living in the US and aims to be in Canada very soon (hence why he’s taking IELTS). In this entertaining conversation, Amit explains how he got to Band 7 with his writing score and also why he thinks he failed his speaking exa...
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In this episode we speak with Karren from Slow American English. She shares some of her tactics and techniques to: – Boost your confidence – Perfect your pronunciation – Make your speech sound more like a native speaker. Who is Karren? Karren was born ...
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IELTS SPEAKING: Making Notes on Cue Cards

This tutorial shares: Understanding the cue card Developing your ideas Expanding the questions and answers Part 3 – Answering the ‘how/why’ question For the complete written guide, click here. You can download or listen to the audio version here: | Dir...
IELTS Podcast author

Boost Your Confidence for IELTS

Did you ever take the IELTS test and get really upset with your result? Did you ever feel fed up, frustrated, and or felt you deserved a better score? Well this happened to Maria, a lovely girl from Russia now living in Adelaide, Australia. Maria is do...
IELTS Podcast author

How to Beat Procrastination and Prepare for IELTS

This tutorial will help you get ready for IELTS. We look at the causes of your exam procrastination, them succinctly offer a range of valuable solutions. Get this tutorial if you want to: Jump start your IELTS preparation Make the most of every study s...
IELTS Podcast author

IELTS Advanced Speaking: Cause and Effect

In this tutorial, you will learn: the definitions of cause and effect the language phrases needed to talk about cause and effect when and how to use this language in your IELTS speaking exam IELTS Speaking: Using Cause and Effect Language in your IELTS...
IELTS Podcast author

Climate Change Model Essay

How can you get a high band score in Lexical Resource in IELTS Writing Task 2? If you need a high band score in IELTS Writing, then you first need to understand how IELTS examiners grade this part of the IELTS test. IELTS examiners do not give you one ...
IELTS Podcast author

Making Notes on Cue Cards

What notes should I make for IELTS Speaking Part 2? This is a very important question because learning how to prepare your answer in the one-minute preparation time can help you to achieve a high band score. Many IELTS teachers simply tell their studen...
IELTS Podcast author

Employment – Immigration

IELTS VOCABULARY: Employment – Immigration In this brand new tutorial, we dive into high scoring IELTS vocabulary, included in the tutorial is a model essay, a guide for generating ideas, and a list of collocations you can use in your next essay. Here ...
IELTS podcast author

Problems with Task Response – with Student Essay Examples

Ellen, our experienced essay corrector, goes even more into detail regarding Task Achievement. This time, she uses examples from students covering a number of different topics and essay question styles. In this podcast you will learn: How to interpret ...
IELTS podcast author

When to ask for a remark

In this interview I talk with Anna – a student who was so fed up with preparing for IELTS, that when she got her results she said “NO!”. …and she asked for a remark! Why? She did not want to spend another 2 months preparing for the exam. In her past ex...
IELTS podcast author

2019 Task 2 Questions and Sample Answers

IELTS WRITING: Recent Task 2 Questions and Sample Answers In this tutorial we look at 5 Task 2 questions (2019), seen on the exam recently by students. We look at -sample essay plans -how to dissect the question -how to get ideas 1.) The media is incre...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Writing – Paragraph Mastery

Click here to Subscribe to the Youtube Channel.  As you know, essay writing and paragraph structure can be amazingly straightforward and easy experience or ….an absolute train crash! A few years ago, I remember correcting IELTS essays, and seeing some ...
IELTS podcast author

Task Achievement – Addressing ALL Parts of the Task

How do you know you are failing at Task Achievement? You can: -re-read the question a few times -ask friends –improve quickly and get expert feedback from professionals who improve IELTS essays daily! As you know, Task Achievement is more challenging t...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – techniques for nerves

This is the second part of the interview with Weiyan who managed to jump from 6.5 to 7.5 using this exact course. Listen to this to find out: How the IELTS EXAMINER affected Weiyan… How to start your answers How to stay on topic A technique to expand y...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Casino and Self-Study

Weiyan is a self-study student in China wanting to immigrate with her family to Canada or Australia, so she needs IELTS. In part 1 of this interview we review her previous strategies for passing the exam, and what she changed to changed to jump a whole...
IELTS podcast author

Ten Most Common Grammar Mistakes

In this podcast, our essay corrector, Ellen goes through some of the most common grammatical mistakes she sees IELTS students make. Some of the most frequent errors are: Articles Tenses Relative clauses Linkers Punctuation Listen as Ellen explains what...
IELTS podcast author

How to Expand your Vocabulary for IELTS Writing

In this great tutorial we not only look at basic words to UPGRADE to score higher, we also look at some lovely CONNECTORS! The words we look at include: “Alternatively” offers us a way of introducing a different angle on a particular question. “Neverth...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Speaking Sample Answers From Recent Speaking Exams

In this tutorial we look at recent IELTS speaking questions, cue cards, and topics. I give a model example about how to answer a question you can not answer?! For example, I had a cue card about MAGAZINES. I haven’t read a magazine since 2007! However ...
IELTS podcast author

His IELTS course was wrong!

Meet Jasdeep a computer engineer from New Delhi, and soon moving to CANADA!!!! Jasdeep took the IELTS test twice, first he was preparing with an online course based in India, it was OK, but encouraged the writing style of writing. He says it encouraged...
IELTS podcast author

Five Secrets for Effective Preparation, Fast Improvement, and High Scoring Essays

Experienced IELTS tutor Ellen takes us through some of her top tips for the IELTS Writing Section. In this podcast Ellen covers: Whether you should start with task 1 or task 2 How you should study for all parts of the exam What types of tasks you shoul...
IELTS podcast author

How to Write a “Problem and Solution” Essay

IELTS WRITING: How to write a “Problem and Solution” Essay   What is a “problem and solution” essay? A “problem and solution” essay, as its name suggests, proposes a problem to you and asks you to suggest a solution or solutions to it. It may also ask ...
IELTS podcast author

How to Start your Agree / Disagree Essay

How to write an IELTS “Agree or Disagree” Essay What is an “agree or disagree” essay? An “agree or disagree” essay offers a statement and invites you either to agree or disagree with it. You are expected (1) to state your opinion clearly (2) to address...
IELTS podcast author

Jan Leaps to Band 7 (8 Overall!)

The email below is from a student we worked with a few weeks ago: Hey Ben!! Here is a story. First time when I opened an Academic IELTS 11 book it might have been October 2016 and I thought it’s gonna be a piece of cake. I’m sitting the exam, getting m...
IELTS podcast author

Speaking Tips for Part 3

IELTS podcasts had up until recently not included speaking in the online courses for the IELTS exam. This has changed in the last few weeks and we are now accepting students for on-line study of the speaking section of the IELTS exam. In this section B...
IELTS podcast author

7.5 First Time! (Part 2/2)

The next section of the test that really worried Vera was the Listening section. Surprisingly, this is a very difficult part of the exam. Vera had a problem following people even in her native tongue. This is why she embarked on nearly one hundred list...
IELTS podcast author

7.5 First Time! (Part 1/2)

Vera Working Mom Passes IELTS on the First Try Vera is Russian. She is a working mother who hopes to qualify for express entry into Canada. For this, she needed a good score on the IELTS. Vera is a university graduate with a major in linguistics so she...
IELTS podcast author

Topics 2018 part 3

Here’s the 3rd part of the Speaking Topics and Answers for the Exams September – December 2018 If you have your speaking exam soon check out the new IELTS speaking packages.   You can download or listen to the audio version here: |Direct Download Here ...
IELTS podcast author

Topics 2018

Here’s the 2nd part of the Speaking Topics and Answers for the Exams September – December 2018 If you have your speaking exam soon check out the new IELTS speaking packages.   You can download or listen to the audio version here: |Direct Download Here ...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS – Speaking Topics and Answers for the Exams September – December 2018

In this tutorial, we cover the new questions you can expect to see in your next IELTS Speaking exam. Every quarter the examiners get a new list of question topics. In this tutorial, I share sample answers with instructions and tips to help you improve ...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Band 8 Success: She needed 6.5 but got 8!

Meet Annika, she is from Germany but took IELTS while travelling in Japan because she plans to go to university in London. She needed 6.5 but ended up with band score 8! For the reading, speaking, and listening, immersing herself in an English speaking...
IELTS podcast author

Five Connecting Words For Band 9 Essays

Why use connecting words? (1) Connecting words improve the flow of your writing, from one sentence to another, and from one paragraph to another; (2) Connecting words clarify the relative importance of different aspects of your narrative or argument; (...
IELTS podcast author

Five Powerful Sentence Structures

In this tutorial, you will learn: 1. How to break over-complex sentences down; 2. How to build excessively broken sentence patterns up; 3. How to put the main point at the beginning of a sentence; 4. How to prevent the main point from being buried in t...
IELTS podcast author

Icaro Jumps to Band 8 in Speaking

Meet Icaro! Icaro is an ambitious smart student from Brazil, Curichiba. He took IELTS two years ago and scored a Band 7, then started to prepare in a local language centre. At the centre, he was totally disappointed and decided the teachers were pretty...
IELTS podcast author

She asked for remark of her IELTS result and…

She asked for remark of her IELTS result and…  There is nothing more demotivating than feeling really positive about how your exam went only to find out you did not get the results you hoped for. In some of those cases, you simply didn’t do as well as ...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Writing: Discursive Essay IELTS Task 2

Writing a discursive essay can be a part of your exam, therefore you want to make sure you know how to do it to the best of your abilities. To help you get there we have created a step-by-step plan explaining how to structure your discursive essay in o...
IELTS podcast author

Improving Your Grammatical Range and Accuracy with Better Sentence Structure

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris dapibus enim gravida commodo malesuada. Donec sit amet sem blandit, venenatis justo vestibulum, cursus elit. Donec facilisis orci eu tortor interdum, sit amet pretium nisl commodo. Aliquam...
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IELTS Essay Topics with Answers (Writing Task 2)

IELTS Topics are extensive, and consistently finding answers for them takes practice. Below I share how I produce an essay, including thinking of ideas, building paragraphs and planning. Contents How to Get Ideas For Topics 2018 Topics and Answers 2018...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Reading | How to Get 8.5

Vinh is an IELTS candidate from Hanoi, Vietnam that went from not speaking English to scoring above band 7 in every examination! Tips on IELTS Reading and Writing exam IELTS Reading and Writing exam is the most difficult part of examinations for many p...
IELTS podcast author

Why these IELTS essay samples got Band 8 and these 6.5

In this article we will be looking at a few samples of essays that got Band 8, and others that got Band 6.5 in IELTS Academic Writing Task 2. We will look at the criteria, analyze their structures, and compare their differences to see why one was grade...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Academic Task 1 – How to Describe a Table

Academic IELTS describe table task We’re going to show you how to ace the IELTS Academic Writing task so that you’ll be able to craft a compelling, well thought out answer when you are faced with an IELTS Academic question asking you to compare and sum...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Vocabulary and Lexical Resource

Contents Topic Specific Vocabulary  Useful Topic Specific Collocation Learning Resources Sample IELTS Vocab Ebook Academic Word List Ways to learn IELTS vocabulary fast Flashcards for fast vocabulary acquisition Use a Phrasebook Connectors Video: 3 Eas...
IELTS podcast author

IELTS Listening Tips

Contents What happens on the test? Improving Your Core Listening Skills Five Step Method for Improving your Listening Skills For IELTS Quick IELTS Listening Tips Sample IELTS Vocab Ebook Download the Podcast about IELTS listening Tips IELTS Listening E...
IELTS podcast author

How to describe a Pie Chart IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

In this IELTS Academic Writing tutorial you’ll learn different ways to describe a Pie Chart for IELTS. We will talk about the best language to use and teach you how to structure your writing to get the best results from your IELTS Academic Writing Exam...
IELTS podcast author