The AudioNowcast is a pro audio podcast that covers all aspects of audio in the music, recording, film & television industries. Topics include: song writing & music marketing; recording & mixing; location sound, sound design & sound editing. Our panel is made up of industry professionals who share their insights, stories and tips.

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Audio professionals talking about the industry.
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AudioNowcast July 3, 2019 episode 196

Sound designer extraordinaire Scott Gershin is back on the podcast after a wild and crazy year. topics included: Scotts adventures this past year, he moved and yet he didn’t, VR is there a future, making major changes, scary deadlines impossible schedu...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast May 22, 2019 episode 195

We’re back!!! Topics Included: 10 months of traveling the world film SPACES, a little bit of our adventures and challenges, what concert did we walk out and why, who “is a rat” (surprised me) why keyboards matter, (nothing like turning knobs) prepping ...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast June 27, 2018 episode 194

This is a really special show. We start off by talking about GearFest 2017 and what a wonderful industry event its grown into. It’s now officially a “I have to go” type of trade show much like NAMM and AES  yet its truly its own thing. We then talk abo...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast June 14, 2018 episode 193

Dave Smith from Dave Smith Instruments was our guest on this podcast. Topics included: SPACES finally launches, (woo hoo!) Guitar Center get a new lease on life, for at least a year or two, Dave Smith Instruments, How do they keep on coming up with all...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast May 9, 2018 Episode 192

Video game sound designer Bret Johns was our guest for this special 12 year anniversary podcast. Topics included: 12 years of the AudioNowcast (time really does fly!!), how and why we have lasted so long (uhhhhhh), MPE and what it is and why it matters...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast March 22, 2018 episode 191

YESSSSS we are back, we have a new studio, new setup, new outlook, new guest but same panel of amazing people and then some. Voice over actor Jordan Reynolds was our guest on this episode. topics included: We missed you, seriously I was going through w...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast Sept 26, 2017 episode 190

Kevin Donan the owner of “As the Record Turns” in Hollywood was our guest for this podcast. topics included: Dave Smith Instruments and a little about our visit there, we are giving away some incredible DSI swag, social media and the final word, seriou...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast August 22, 2017 episode 189

NASA scientist, musician and all around great guy Mike Paul Hughes joined us for this inspirational podcast (it really is). topics included: How many streams do you need to be a hit (lots), Bobby both depresses and gives us hope, reverb and sound desig...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast August 8, 2017 episode 188

Composer, photographer and all around awesome guy John Knipp joined us for this podcast. topics included: Buyers remorse, buying monitors, Guitar Center going down (still), what it was and what it is now (sad), Guitarget anyone, Sweetwater and why we l...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast July 19, 2017 episode 187

We had the pleasure to have the amazing Richard Chycki, producer and engineer, joined us for this podcast. topics included: Gatekeepers, why sometimes there are people who just get in the way, hear a bad mix on TV on the radio in a theater maybe one of...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast July 12, 2017 episode 186

Engineer with the most informative website ever, writer and all around great guy Barry Rudolph was our guest for this show. topics included: Barry’s website and why it’s a great resource for anyone in audio, making mistakes and why it’s always the litt...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast June 20, 2017 episode 185

Alan Price was our guest for this groundbreaking podcast (at least for us) as he performed a few songs! topics included: Critiques and why they matter, should you be nice or be real, how do you know when to be just plain honest (if your Rob its all the...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast May 30, 2017 episode 184

Dr Joe Carchedi joined us for this podcast where we talk about burnout, exhaustion and just pushing it a little too hard. In other words, life in audio. topics included: New York Met Opera, why you need to see an Opera, how they mix an Opera and just h...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast April 26, 2017 episode 183

Eric Persing founder of Spectrasonics was our guest for this 11 year anniversary show. topics included: 11 years of the AudioNowcast, what were some of the highs (Ken Scott, Producer for David Bowie and a Beatles engineer) and what were some of the low...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast April 4, 2017 episode 182

Producer, and one of the owners of Antares Audio Technologies, Jess Jackson was our guest for this podcast. topics included: Auto-Tune, Podcast update, what we’re doing, what we’re not doing and a few other changes, (we have a producer!), Auto-Tune,  M...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast March 21, 2017 episode 181

This is our first podcast from our new podcast studio. topics included: Our new podcast studio, where it’s at and why we sound so dang good, give you a hint RODE, Death Cab for Cutie and why they absolutely killed it, they are a great live band, what o...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast January 23, 2017 episode 180

Larry Droppa owner of API joined us for this post NAMM show. topics included: NAMM 2017, what we saw, what we liked, was there a trend in anything this year, API what new gear did they show off, their new console and why it rocks and we are going to tr...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast November 22, 2016 episode 179

This is our second podcast from Rob’s studio. topics included: Saul Walker the founder of API and what a great man he was, API and the legacy continues, Britney Spears and how good was her concert, do we really care that she sang to a track, way more t...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast October 25, 2016 episode 178

Looking for a new home, we podcast from the Robs studio. topics included: AES what we saw, what impressed us and what kinda fell short, VR and the new tools that are out there, can you make money in VR, should this be your career track, JBL new speaker...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast July 26, 2016 episode 177

Paul Ill bass player extraordinaire from Loki Sonic Studios was our guest for this podcast. topics included: Baby Metal and how awesome they are, JPOP and the fact that there is great music all over the world, is vinyl making a comeback, uh yes it is a...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast June 28, 2016 episode 176

This was our last podcast from Westwave. (not that we knew it at the time) topics included: The start of our VR podcast, AudioNowcast 360, Diego talks about Color Bots, his new adaptive tonal processing product for Ableton Live, whats up with Avid and ...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast UPDATE

Here is a quick update on the AudioNowcast (yes we’re coming back) and maybe a small rant as a bonus.
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast April 26, 2016 episode 174

This is our 10 year celebration podcast!! topics included: NAB 2016, VR, some other stuff and 10 years of podcasting!!!! Thanks so much for listening and supporting us these past 10 years, be sure to like our Facebook page.
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast March 22, 2016 episode 173

Producer Jess Jackson was our guest for this podcast. Tyga, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are just a few of the names of people he has work with. topics included: The passing of a few giants in the industry, Rob still not a big fan of progressive rock,...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast March 1, 2016 episode 172

We are back with a podcast full of a little bit of everything. topics included: iPad Pro, is it worth it, is it time to change they way we judge tablets, they are getting bigger and faster but are they getting better, (the software is) sometimes its ju...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast February 2, 2016 episode 171

This is our post NAMM Show, show. (Ha! say that 12 times fast.) topics included: NAMM what we saw, what we didn’t see, who we saw and a whole slew of fun stuff about the show, Avid and more conversation of our favorite DAW, why aren’t there any Pro too...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast January 12, 2016 episode 170

Super producer and nice guy Michael Beinhorn was our guest on this podcast. topics included: We lost a couple of amazing people recently, Natalie Cole and how special she was, David Bowie and what he meant to not only music but to our culture, someone ...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast December 15, 2015 episode 169

This is our last show of the year. topics included: Slapper from Cargo Cult, why it’s so awesome and why you need it (uh 5.1 delay, total control great UI, sounds awesome need I say more) a plugin that cost thousands and why it’s worth it, presets or s...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast November 24, 2015 episode 168

Sound designer Shawn Duffy joined us for this episode. topics included: Guess who voiced that commercial, Delbert Hunt tells us all about it, (then goes back to engineer the show), CD’s vs streaming take 15, how long will it take to make the same money...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast October 24, 2015 episode 167

Another AudioNowcast success story. topics included: Guess who scored a major VO gig, he’s new and the gig is huge, AES talk is is going to be that good this year (it was), what speaker company is heading back into production and why you need them, You...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast September 25, 2015 episode 166

This podcast is full of all kinds of great stuff from discussions of new formats to production tips. Topics included: Native Instruments and the Stems format, do we like, is it good for music, is it a crutch, Virtual reality what it means for the audio...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast 165.5 Martin Page Special

We sit down and talk to Martin Page about his latest release “Hotel of the Two Worlds”. He lets us in on not only what went into making this album, but discusses his creative process and influences that contribute to his songwriting. Its a great listen...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast August 4, 2015 episode 165

We are back to a semi-full house on this podcast. topics included: Live sound and hecklers, your mixing and your exposed, sometimes the clients is not right, voice manipulation, some of our favorite sound design plugins to get everything from great sto...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast July 22, 2015 episode 164

Dennis Moody joins us for another podcast to talk about recording drums. topics included: You ever had a day were everything goes wrong, why you just have to take it from clients and when you don’t (sometime dreams do come true), Reaper why it rocks (i...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast June 15, 2015 episode 163

Dennis Moody joins our podcast and its not like any other podcast. topics included: LIVE SOUND! Dennis Moody joins us to talk about live sound, his process of the sound check, mixing in mono, his mental checklist as soon as the band begins to play, his...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast June 1 2015, episode 162

Nick is back with us after taking a few podcasts off. topics included: Rituals and how we prepare to work, some are cool, some are boring, but the all have one thing in common, changes in royalties for Pandora and what does that mean for artist, (does ...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast May 18, 2015 episode 161

And so we start off Year 9. topics included: Guitar Center rise and (fall?) some pretty good info and can they survive this, to be honest they have already not survived, this is not your fathers GC, (don’t be looking for that deal) listener asks about ...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast April 16 2015, episode 160

We celebrate our 9 year anniversary! (can you believe it?)(I can’t) and are joined by mixer Yahel Dooley and Producer Debbie Gonzalez. topics included: 9 years of podcasts and we start off talking about Guitar Center, will it survive and why you want t...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast March 17, 2015 episode 159

Rob is out a SXSW and we are joined by audio engineer Mike Veralla. topics included: SXSW and what going on out there, Brandon does a great job breaking down the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit, (using sheet music only? kinda crazy) how did they lose and what ...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast February 17, 2015 episode 158

Copying, Copyright and Clients We talked about all of these on this podcast. topics included: Clients, we love em, we need em and they can even save your life, We talk about all things clients related (ok maybe not all things but we cover a ton), the c...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast January 27, 2015 episode 157

Our first podcast of 2015 and we are ready to kick it off with our post (way post) NAMM show podcast. topics included: We talk all things NAMM this year, what we liked what we didn’t and where we think its going, digital tubes? really?, Also we were bl...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast December 16, 2014 episode 156

Our last podcast of the year! (was that quick or what?) topics included: Upgrading your system software, what a pain, Pro Tools the software we all use but from the company just continues to stick it to their user-base, why oh why can’t anyone come up ...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast November 18, 2014 episode 155

Taylor Swift abandons Spotify, is this a trend for the future? topics included: We dig into all the reasons behind Swift’s big move off the streaming service and talk about the future of streaming and the general future of consuming media. Bobby O teac...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast October 27, 2014 episode 154

Diego is back and ready to teach! topics included: We recap all things AES. The guys go over all the good and bad of this year’s conference and touch on what we see coming up in the industry,...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast October 7, 2014 episode 153

Brett Levisohn Executive Producer from Trailer Park was our guest for this podcast. topics included: Rob joins us in the flesh, (Yay! no Skype) Mike butchers yet another word (nothing new there), AES is it still relevant, (we will see) we all have peop...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast September 16, 2014 episode 152

Apple releases a new iPhone and a U2 album nobody wanted. topics included: The heat and how hot it was, (really hot) Apple iphone, iwatch and all things i, who got one, who didn’t get one, and how good is it going to be for musicians, U2 and what are t...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast August 12, 2014 episode 151

People skills, its all about the people skills…and then your talent. topics included: Robin Williams and how sad was that, Live music is awesome and old guys can still rock, Toto is a great band (yes they are), mastering for vinyl, TASSA scale and what...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast July 15, 2014 episode 150

Today we talk about the art of subtle. topics included: Gear, who bought what and why, Brandon talks about his new guitar rig for sound design, guitar for sound design is awesome, Rob talks about his first headphone mix, hell did indeed freeze over, Ni...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast June 10, 2014 episode 149

On this podcast we talk about a potpourri of topics. Topics included: Apple buys Beats and looks for that spark again, smart move or act of desperation, new OS and IOS are they still behind, Rob shocks us all with his latest purchase, we discuss monito...
AudioNowcast author

AudioNowcast May 14, 2014 episode 148

For this podcast we are joined by Russell Bracher, an engineer who has worked with some of the greatest names in the industry! Topics Include: For this extra long podcast we had so much on our plate we didn’t even get to everything! We start out talkin...
AudioNowcast author