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Join us as we delve deep into our monthly topics, interviewing self made millionaires running successful online digital businesses. Each month we explore a new area getting fresh ideas and the most up to date marketing strategies for online marketers.

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Join us as we delve deep into our monthly topics, interviewing self made millionaires running successful online digital businesses. Each month we explore a new area getting fresh ideas and the most up to date marketing strategies for online marketers.
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Using Confrontation As A Catalyst For Massive Business Growth

This was recorded as part of our weekly live workshop series. In it I get vulnerable, sharing an area of my life I've awkwardly confronted and how you can use it to propel your business growth forward
Cindy Donovan author

026 Michael Cheney: Affiliate Marketing Success For Newbies

Have you heard about making money with affiliate marketing but you aren't even sure where to start learning about what works and what not? Wondering how come some of the people in the affiliate marketing industry make loads and loads of money while yo...
Cindy Donovan & Michael Cheney author

027 Sam Robinson: Newbie To IM Badass In 12 Months

For this episode, I interview Sam Robinson, who is a Wellington-based product creator helping internet marketers streamline and grow their businesses, the man behind multiple JVZoo Marketplace best-sellers, but also one of the new faces in the online m...
Cindy Donovan & Sam Robinson author

026 Brandee Sweesy: Making the Most Out of YouTube Advertising

Brandee Sweesy, Google Hangouts and Youtube marketing expert discusses how to set up YT ads, how to test your ads and set your budget, how to best monetize youtube advertising, tools and suggestions for optimizing your ads for better results, complianc...
Cindy Donovan & Brandee Sweesy author

025 Cyril Gupta: 100,000+ Views A Day With Free Youtube Traffic

Cyril shares how video recipes got him involved in this space, what to focus on when you start a YouTube channel, what's the best way to monetize your videos, how to get free youtube traffic and how to correctly optimize your channel.
Cindy Donovan author

024 Dan Lok: Wantrepreneur's Success Path

Are you continuously dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur and quitting your job or have you recently started your first business? Is mentorship one of those things you are super-curious about but didn't have the time to explore this subject because...
Cindy Donovan & Dan Lok author

Using Udemy To Convert Strangers Into Students - and Students into Buyers

During today’s episode, Eric will discuss how to generate leads and build a massive Facebook following using Udemy’s 10 million student marketplace, how to structure your course to get around Udemy’s limitations for lead capture and how to monetize it ...
Cindy Donovan & Eric Weiss author

Tapping Into HUGE Affiliate Traffic For Your Product Release

During this episode, Delilah will discuss how JV or, ‘Joint Venture’ partnerships work in the affiliate marketing marketplace, the sources she uses to expand your search for top level affiliates to support your product releases, how to build relationsh...
Cindy Donovan & Delilah Taylor author

Leveraging Videos for Fast Cash or Traffic

During this episode, Anthony will share what he calls his “Goodwill Video System”. A 7 part, step by step strategy to earning fast cash for when you are in a bit of a financial crunch - and need cash right away.
Cindy Donovan & Anthony Aires author

Stealthy Web Traffic Tactics for Local Businesses

During this episode, Randy will be teaching how to build your bank of testimonials (he shares the magic method and number with us), and how to build a 10x10 frequently asked questions and how to turn what you already answer on a daily basis, into mater...
Cindy Donovan & Randy B. Stuppard author

Email Marketing Conversion Boosting Tactics

During this episode, Stephen shares how to capture leads and the 5 step process he uses to build intimacy and lock in that initial connection with them. We talk about how to time your emails and when the best time is to hit send, how to increase conve...
Cindy Donovan & Stephen Gilbert author

Unlocking the Power of Clean Email Traffic

During this episode, Harris shares how to avoid common pitfalls when buying email traffic, how to make sure the traffic is a perfect match for your offer, how to protect yourself against click fraud and how to still bank big-time even if you initially ...
Cindy Donovan & Harris Fellman author

Media Buys By The Numbers

During this episode, Jonathan shares how to discover media sources outside of Facebook and discern which ones will work and which ones will cost you money, how to bid using his counterintuitive method that will instantly cut your initial costs to next ...
Cindy Donovan & Jonathan Van Clute author

Media Buying Secrets for Profitable Affiliate Offers

During this episode, Tuan shares his actionable plan for media buy beginners and the secrets to finding good affiliate offers, setting up profitable campaigns and scaling your media buys income while minimising risk and streamlining the process.
Cindy Donovan & Tuan Vy author

Effective Facebook Advertising Strategies

During this episode, Matt shares from his experience managing facebook promotions leading to millions of dollars of product sales. We go into depth about how to create custom audiences, so that it feels like you have a massive budget, when really - yo...
Cindy Donovan & Matt Ford author

Getting Free Traffic When You Have No Time to Lose

During this episode, Shawn shares how to find traffic sources who are ready and begging to buy from you, how to deliver your message with class and how to choose great products to promote and leverage free content and free traffic to sell them.
Cindy Donovan & Shawn Casey author

Building the Ultimate Viral Traffic Powerhouse

During this episode, Wilco will discuss the mechanics of how the ‘word of mouth’ concept works, the 3 characteristics your offer needs to go viral, the math behind determining if it WILL go viral or if you need to tweak it and if so, what to focus on a...
Cindy Donovan & Wilco de Kreij author

Content Marketing Authority Building, One Answer At A Time

During this episode, Earl reveals how to use your current skills to set yourself apart. He shares his 10x10x4 framework method to discover what people need to know, how to share it with them and how to profit fast. He breaks down the method he uses t...
Cindy Donovan & Earl Flormata author

Traffic With Authority - How To Compete For Visibility & Win

During this episode, Steve talks about how to use build a powerful following for influence and authority marketing. We cover how to discover your perfect fit when using social media, how to pace your activity and properly engage in a way that creates a...
Cindy Donovan & Steve Olsher author

Audience Explosion With Instagram Traffic

During this episode, the first in our traffic training series, Ryan shares what Instagram is and why you want to be a part of this exploding platform, how to be an account worth following, how to make money with Instagram and why most marketers screw t...
Cindy Donovan & Ryan Maher author

14 Traffic Tactics For More Webinar Registrations

Mark Anastasi is an internet entrepreneur, an international speaker who was present in 116 countries and had 16,000 people attend his seminars, and the author of New York Times best-seller and Wall Street best-seller "The Laptop Millionaire".
Cindy Donovan & Mark Anastasi author

Pack Your Webinars Out, Right from the Start

Mark Thompson has created products and built a massive online business for ten years, selling over $20 million dollars in products sales.
Cindy Donovan & Mark Thompson author

$250,000 From An Online Live Event Series On Men's Sexual Health Topics

During this episode Susan will share how she filled her webinar events, how she structured the entire series to sell multiple products and the proven flow of a successful webinar - a lot of which, is pre-recorded and can potentially be used for evergre...
Cindy Donovan & Susan Bratton author

Positioning Your Product, In Any Niche, For Webinar Success

During this episode, Sean will discuss how to market webinars outside of the regular make money online niche, using them for bigger business including how he has worked this strategy into a company makeover, taking them from 7 figures now to 8.
Cindy Donovan & Sean Donahoe author

Structuring an Earlybird or Prelaunch Webinar For Up To 70% Conversion Rates!

During this episode Chad reveals his secret formula for using prelaunch webinars to maximise a digital product launch, building up massive excitement and getting up to 70% conversions on your pre-launch webinar.
Cindy Donovan & Chad Nicely author

WaaS - Webinar As A Service - Confessions Of A Pitch Strategist

During this episode Neil reveals how he finds clients, how to position your service, how to make sure your webinars sell and how to systematize it to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
Cindy Donovan & Neil Napier author

Head Of JVZoo's Webinar Division With 400+ Delivered Speaks On What Is Working NOW.

In this episode number 2, I interview Rich Wilens, who has hosted over 400 different webinars for JVZoo’s sister company Webnarswaps. Currently he runs JVZoo’s Webinar division and has created in-depth training programs specifically about webinars - in...
Cindy Donovan & Rich Wilens author

Structuring Webinar Pricing & Selling High Ticket Software Via Online Seminars

During this episode, Walt shares his exact strategy for raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars using online webinars - and specifically how he structures his pricing, how he finds the perfect products to sell and how he gets stellar conversions eve...
Cindy Donovan & Walt Bayliss author