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Emily explains all the Chinese idioms in the world

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Emily explains all the Chinese idioms in the world
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Episode 17: 杯弓蛇影 Snake In A Cup

This idiom is about a silly man named Du Hsuan, and how he found a snake in his cup of wine. Shortly after, he got sick...really sick. When Du Hsuan's boss told him there was never a snake in the cup...all of his sick "symptoms" disappeared.Huh?So was ...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 16: 鹬蚌相争 The Fight Between The Shell And The Snipe

This is a fantastic parable about a clam who wouldn't let go of a snipe, and the snipe refused to let go of the clam. The snipe says to the clam: If I don't let go today, and I don't let go tomorrow, you'll get de-hydrated and I'll be seeing a dead cla...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 15: 盲人摸象 Blind Men And The Elephant

Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSSThis idiom is a fantastic parable about 5 blind men who all touch only a part of an elephant and insisted they saw its entirety. Be humble. Allow the possibility that you could very well be wrong about something. ORIGI...
Emily Tangerine author

Episode 14: 叶公好龙 Mister Ye Loves Dragons

Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSSDuring the Spring and Autumn period (771-476BC), there was an official from the country of Chu by the name of Mister Ye GongMister Ye was famous for being a huge fan of dragons. His ceilings would have paintings of dra...
Emily Tangerine author

Episode 13: 杀鸡儆猴 Killing The Chicken To Tame The Monkey

Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSSKilling The Chicken To Frighten The MonkeyOnce upon a time, there was a street artist who purchased a monkey in hopes of turning it into a performing monkey. This particular monkey was not very obedient and gave the st...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 12: 刻舟求剑 Marking The Boat To Retrieve The Sword

Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSSMarking The Boat To Retrieve The SwordTRANSLATION:During the Warring States, there was a man from the country of Chu. He was sailing on a small boat when all of a sudden, a gust of wind rocked the boat and knocked his ...
Emily Tangerine author

Episode 11: 猴子救月 Monkey Rescues The Moon

Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSSMONKEY RESCUES THE MOONOnce upon a time, there was a forest of cute little monkeys. You can imagine macaques, chimps, or even pygmy marmosets. They were playing near a well, but for the sake of Emily's version, it was ...
Emily Tangerine author

Episode 10: 对牛弹琴 Playing Music To A Cow

Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSS对牛弹琴古代时,有一位音乐家名叫公明仪,他才华出众,弹得一手好琴。他的琴声能把人带入如痴如醉的境地。一天,公明仪来到郊外,他随身带着古琴。他来到一片草地,心想:大自然真美啊!他兴致大发,忍不住要弹奏一曲,可是没有人欣赏。他看到不远处有头牛正在静静地吃草,四周一片翠绿,好一副和谐的春日图景。公明仪收环境的感染,心想:我就弹给牛听吧!于是,他就在牛旁边坐下,认认真真弹了起来。他首先弹了一首高深的曲子,曲调婉转优美,极为动人,可那头牛却还...
@EmilyTangerine author


Hey folks! I sat down with Dr. Dennis Zheng...in his own home and forced him to discuss the castration process with me. I felt as if it is my duty to educate everyone on how Chinese eunuchs prepared themselves for their new role as palace watchdogs. Dr...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 8: 指鹿为马 Pointing At A Deer And Insisting It's A Horse

Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSS指鹿为马秦始皇死后,宦官赵高把秦始皇的小儿子胡亥扶上王位,成为秦二世。赵高当了丞相,还想篡夺帝位。秦二世昏庸无道,对赵高言听计从。赵高一时权倾朝野。为了试探朝廷的大臣们,赵高想出一计。有一天,上朝时,赵高把一头鹿献给秦二世。他指着鹿说:“这是臣献给陛下的一匹马!秦二世很诧异: “丞相,这是一头鹿啊!“赵高固执的说:“不,这是一匹马!不信你可以问问众位大臣。”许多大臣畏惧赵高的权势,随声附和说:“对!对!是马,是匹好马!”只有几个正直...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 7: 精卫填海 To Fill The Ocean

精卫填海传说在远古时代,炎帝有个活波可爱的女儿,名字叫女娃。有一天,她去东海游玩,突然暴风骤雨袭来,惊涛骇浪猛卷,女娃来不及逃避,被卷进了汹涌的大海。不久,大海回复了平静。海面上飞起一只美丽的小鸟,它不停叫着:精卫-精卫-!它就是女娃变成的精卫鸟。这种鸟形状像乌鸦,头上有花纹,叫声很像 “精卫!“精卫鸟恨大海,它要把海填平。它从西山衔来树枝,石子,投向大海,每天每日,从不间断。虽然大海没有被填平,可它矢志不移的坚毅精神多了不起啊!To Fill The OceanOnce upon a time, ...
Emily Tangerine author

Episode 6: 开天辟地 Heaven Separated From Earth

This is the first idiom I'm introducing a Chinese idiom in 2016. I figured...what better way to kick off the year with a Chinese myth! Funny enough, this myth is also an idiom, which means it has 4 characters: 开天辟地. The literal translation is: heaven s...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 5: 买椟还珠 To Buy The Jewelbox But Return The Jewel

Hello readers/listeners! I'm a bit late with last week's Chinese idiom because I got super sick during this temperature change. Won't happen again! I got sick because I hate wearing pants, but I learned my lesson and will wear pants more often during t...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 4: 画蛇添足 Adding Feet To The Snake

This long-awaited idiom is called "Adding Feet to The Snake."In Chinese it is called Hua She Tian Zu 画蛇添足。What does it mean to add feet to the snake you ask? Well it means you are adding more than necessary. Because everyone knows snakes don't need fee...
@EmilyTangerine author

Episode 3: 守株待兔 To Sit By The Tree, And Wait For The Rabbit

Jumping right into the story here. Today's lesson is a call for action- to stop being lazy and do something with our lives. I've translated it to: Sitting by the tree, waiting for the rabbit...In Chinese, this idiom is known as 守株待兔. A bunny bashes its...
Breakfast At Emily's @EmilyTangerine author

Episode 2: 一举两得 Achieving Two Things At Once

This episode gives a brief history surrounding the myths of where Chinese people came from! Before this podcast, I didn't even know! Oh the shame of not knowing one's ancestors...Anyways, today's story is the Chinese equivalent of the English idiom "ki...
BREAKFAST AT EMILY'S | Emperor Meow author

Episode 1: 一字千金 One Word Is Worth 1,000 Pieces Of Gold

The idiom in this episode is called: 一字千金 which means, one word equals one thousand pieces of gold. That's a lot of gold! Why are words so expensive? Listen to find out!Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSSThis is where I introduce ancient Chinese idioms ...
Emperor Meow | Emily Tangerine author

Hey China! With Chairman Meow...FIRST PODCAST!

Chairman Meow & Emily Tangerine are so excited to announce our new podcast!Hey China! Easy Chinese Idioms RSSPermalink
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