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Conversations about Change

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Conversations about Change
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Yi-Tan Call 342: Creating a Health Space

Even though we try to solve them with analytic, divide-and-conquer approaches, diseases and well-being are multi-scale phenomena. They operate at genomic, cellular, immune system, body/mind, family, community and global scales simultaneously. Tom Munne...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Call 341: Securing Health Information

The Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA) brought with it some new health information regulations that extend HIPAA. The new rules have many implications for US health care delivery. As a result, the health care industry is likely to undergo traumas and transfor...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Call 339: Mission Asset Fund

Picture the many waves of immigration that constitute the United States. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. When do they feel that they’ve “arrived”? What achievements or signifiers help them feel this way? What obstacles are in their way? That’...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Tech Call 338: Cannes Advertising Gala

The advertising business has come a long way online since the first online banners back in 1993. Simulmedia CMO Brian Wieser is just back from an annual ad festival in Cannes. With Brian, let’s discuss: What’s happened to advertising since the Net and ...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Call 337: Your Big Questions

Between new service launches, IPOs, country IPOs (Initial Public Outcries?) and a bit of voicemail hacking, there’s been plenty going on lately. Surely all this raises some questions for you. We’d love to know what they are. Together, let’s discuss: Wh...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Call 336: Managing Semi-Structured Data

Last week we talked about Google+, which with Facebook and a torrent of other sites is raising the volume of unstructured data in the world. At the opposite end, for highly structured data, we have databases. What about what’s in between, especially wh...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Call 335: GooglePlus

A UFO landed in everyone’s yard this week: a social web-thing with Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles. It’s like Facebook, but not like Facebook. Though invites aren’t openly available yet, Google+ (or GooglePlus, if you prefer to write it out) got ...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Call 334: Rebuilding Detroit

Few cities are as iconic of America’s industrial and civic fall as Detroit. Dewayne Hendricks grew up in Detroit and left. Recently he returned, to see where and how he might help revive his city. If we can sort out what’s wrong in Detroit, he figures,...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 333: The OODA Loop

To help US fighter pilots win the Korean War in the air (and to help US fighter plane developers design fighters that weren’t inferior to their opponents), Air Force colonel John Boydinvented the OODA Loop: Observe, Orient, Decide and Act (more here an...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author

Yi-Tan Call 332: Brazil, Curitiba and Change

Brazil has had its ups and downs, including dictatorships and hyperinflation. Now, though, it seems to be in a solid upward cycle. I’m just back from a trip to Brazil, with stops in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, a city that has become a popular case study of...
Yi-Tan Call: Summary Version author