Host Jaclyn Friedman and a rotating cast of whipsmart guests untangle the politics and culture of sex, and help out real-world sex advice-seekers.

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Unscrewing up the sexual culture. Host Jaclyn Friedman and a rotating cast of whipsmart guests untangle the politics and culture of sex, and help out real-world sex advice-seekers.
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29.10.2019 Unscrewed

The Feeling of Safety

Sex! Danger! Rebellion! Underground lairs! It's all there and so much more in Safe Sex, the new comic book series from Unscrewed fave Tina Horn. What makes us feel safe, and how does it differ from what actually makes us safer? Why is bureaucracy a dis...
10.10.2019 Unscrewed

All Roads Lead to the Rapist

It's Part 2 of our live show at the PRX Podcast Garage! If you haven't listened to Part 1, go do that first: it's called When You Share Your Pain. This second half features filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman (Roll Red Roll) talking about why she turns her cam...
2.10.2019 Unscrewed

When You Share Your Pain

It's Part One of the Boston live show! Featuring Bernadine Truth and audience-generated lightning round answers, and kicking off a two-part discussion about the perils and possibilities of focusing on perpetrators and enablers in our stories about sexu...
24.09.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: A Witchy Way to Move

Welcome spooky season with a reflection on crones from Sady Doyle, and then get scary active about our rights to defy sex stereotypes before the SCOTUS rules we can get fired for doing gender wrong. All this and more in a new Spare Parts quickiesode! ...
17.09.2019 Unscrewed

Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers

Welcome to Season Eight, Unscrewed Nation! We're kicking it off with a season-long theme -- Edge Case -- and a deep dive with the genius mind of Sady Doyle, whose new book Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers is all about the women we write off as monsters, an...
4.09.2019 Unscrewed

Listen: Bad Christian

Last month, Jaclyn chatted with the guys of Bad Christian about sex ed, protesting ICE, voting, when kids are ready for sex, and so much more. Check it out, and subscribe to the Bad Christian podcast wherever you get your shows. Unscrewed will be back ...
23.08.2019 Unscrewed

Rewind: An Army of Lovers

It's time for our annual reminder that pleasure isn't optional - it's a key ingredient in both our humanity and our political resistance. Let historian Hanne Blank explain as she talks with Jaclyn about what she learned during the 80s AIDS crisis, the ...
23.07.2019 Unscrewed

Listen: Adult Sex Ed

Another episode of one of my fave shows to share with you, this time with me on it! While I'm still on summer hiatus, enjoy me talking butt sex (and many other things) along with Myisha Battle on the legendary Call Your Girlfriend. If you dig the episo...
25.06.2019 Unscrewed

Listen: Suspect Class

While Unscrewed is on summer hiatus, Jaclyn is bringing you the most Unscrewy episodes of other people's podcasts! Today: an episode of Rewire.News' Boom! Lawyered, bringing you some great news from the courts that you may have missed last week. For i...
6.06.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Don't Desist

Last episode of the season! Including a bunch of updates from listeners, an advice question from a woman in a dry spell, new ways to get involved with Unscrewed Nation, a political pep talk - and because I forgot to say it on the show, HAPPY PRIDE TO M...
21.05.2019 Unscrewed

What Kind of Girl Do You Want to Be?

Right-wing extremists are infiltrating public schools under the guise of "sex education" -- even in liberal school districts. But in Eugene, OR, high school girls are fighting back.
14.05.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Don't Sex Strike

What to do about draconian abortion laws (hint: it doesn't involve whether or not you fuck), a call for podcast suggestions, and advice for an aspiring sex educator, all in one quickiesode.
7.05.2019 Unscrewed

Future Imperfect

What should the future of anti-rape work look like? Activists Lorena Kourousias and Kalima Young of the Monument Quilt project join Jaclyn to talk art, orgasms, Afrofuturism, and living your future vision now.
23.04.2019 Unscrewed

Sex Party!

Can people who support sexual freedom become a political force to be reckoned with? Fiona Patten, founder of Australia's Reason Party, is proving it.
16.04.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Action Month

Your dating app wish list, how to turn Sexual Assault Awareness Month into Action Month, a scary bathroom incident involving trans rights that the right-wing won't be crowing about, and a little tease from Jaclyn, all in 15 minutes.
9.04.2019 Unscrewed

Appetite for Power

Black women are often conceived of as the victims of BDSM and pornography, but can they also be sites of Black women's healing, pleasure, liberation or power? Professor Ariane Cruz, author of The Color of Kink, says yes.
3.04.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: The Good Guys

On Biden, Dr. Willie Parker, and why the "good guys" hurt us. Plus we hear from listeners who took Jaclyn's advice and wrote in to update us on how they're doing!
26.03.2019 Unscrewed


When she was young, Anuradha Bhagwati chose an unusual way to rebel against her strict immigrant parents; she joined the U.S. Marine Corps. What followed taught her about power, masculinity, double standards, trauma, bravery, activism, and much much mo...
19.03.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Pleasure is a Human Right

Listener sex ed news from Oregon, a new documentary about Steubenville, and some deep thinking about the sexual politics of liberation: all in this one quickiesode.
12.03.2019 Unscrewed

The Room Where It Happened

For the 10th anniversary of Yes Means Yes, Jessica Valenti joins Jaclyn to share behind-the-scenes secrets and reflect on the legacy and future of their landmark book.
5.03.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Bad Enough

Oklahoma tries to make sex ed strides, Jaclyn gives away her audiobook, and a heartaching listener question about who gets to call themselves a survivor.
26.02.2019 Unscrewed

The Absence of Pain Is Not Pleasure

What can the history of Black sexual oppression and resistance in the US teach us about how Black people get all the way free? Dalycia Saah and Rafaella Fiallo of Afrosexology have a vision.
20.02.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Super Interactive

Listeners sound off on sex ed and offer their own resources, and Jaclyn asks you to a whole bunch of stuff. Oh, and we take it wayyyy back to before the internet had search engines.
12.02.2019 Unscrewed

A Very Specific Mary Poppins

Scarleteen.com, the groundbreaking sex ed website, turns 20 this year! Celebrate with Jaclyn and Scarleteen's founder Heather Corinna, who reflects not just on how the site -- and sex ed -- has evolved in two decades, but how doing the work has evolved...
5.02.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: All That Gender Shit

On the human cost of content moderation, sex ed news in Colorado, and a listener question about a sexual role reversal -- but not the fun kind.
29.01.2019 Unscrewed

This Is Why We're Bad At Sex

In December, Tumblr banned all "adult content" from its site, only the latest salvo on a misguided quest of corporations and politicians to crack down on adult entertainment in the name of protecting the innocent. Elle Chase, who ran Lady Cheeky, one o...
22.01.2019 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: The Real Scandal

Fake nude selfies, a really amazing pop culture recommendation, and advice for a listener who's not getting what she needs.
15.01.2019 Unscrewed

Dystopia Buddies

Now that Kennedy is out and Kavanaugh is in, how bad are things going to get for people who need abortions? Robin Marty joins Jaclyn to talk about her new book Handbook for a Post-Roe America, and some surprising ideas on how to fight back with everyth...
19.12.2018 Unscrewed

Sex While Trans

Why is it so hard to find good sex advice for trans women? Educator, performer and activist Rebecca Kling joins Jaclyn to talk it out on the meta level, and to help out two very specific listeners who are going through changes as they transition.
20.11.2018 Unscrewed

The Robots are Coming

Sex robots are here. Now what? Jaclyn catches up with cultural critic Katherine Cross to talk robot brothels, dudebros, Ex Machina, and why you should be excited for the robot uprising.
15.11.2018 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Look Alive

Trump may be banning the phrase "sexual health," plus listener questions about breaking into activism and good books for girls growing up in hostile territory.
6.11.2018 Unscrewed

Why Does Patriarchy Persist?

We've been fighting patriarchy so long. Why are we still drowning in it? Carol Gilligan, the mother of feminist psychology, and NYU researcher Naomi Snider think they know.
23.10.2018 Unscrewed

A Family Heirloom

How does fatness affect our sense of our own sexuality, our own gender, our own race? Sonalee Rashatwar, AKA The Fat Sex Therapist, joins Jaclyn to dig deep.
16.10.2018 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Edge Case

Hillary Clinton, Dan Savage and comprehensive pleasure-based sex education. It's a quickiesode!
9.10.2018 Unscrewed

An Army of Lovers

Pleasure isn't optional - it's a key ingredient in both our humanity and our political resistance. Let historian Hanne Blank explain as she talks with Jaclyn about what she learned during the 80s AIDS crisis, the importance of marshmallows when the wor...
4.10.2018 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Shattered

Things are not great. Neither is Jaclyn.
25.09.2018 Unscrewed

Ain't Real Sexy

Feeling ground down? Paralyzed? We've got a brass-tacks activism episode that'll plant a little green shoot of hope in even the weariest heart. Featuring Kimberly Inez McGuire, executive director of URGE.
18.09.2018 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Closet Vibrator

Kavanaugh feelings, secret masturbation and the secret power women have had all along, all in one 15-minute quickiesode.
11.09.2018 Unscrewed

Rage Becomes You

Unscrewed is back and we're starting the new season with some cleansing anger as Jaclyn catches up with Soraya Chemaly about her brand-new book Rage Becomes Her.
21.08.2018 Unscrewed

The Life and Death of Elle Peril (Rewind)

Can you heal the trauma of revenge porn by deliberately becoming a nude art model? Lena Chen, one of the first known women to have private nude photos of her nonconsensually shared across the internet, moved to Berlin and tried it. What she learned alo...
7.08.2018 Unscrewed

Fun Famine (Rewind)

Could your food cravings be telling you you have a pleasure deficit? Body Kindness author Rebecca Scritchfield joins Jaclyn to explore the connections between body image, diet culture, health and sexuality
17.07.2018 Unscrewed

Resistance Is A Stage (Rewind)

Jaclyn catches up with Pamela Merritt, co-founder and co-director of Reproaction, who gets real about what it takes to unscrew the sexual culture in more conservative or otherwise untapped communities.
20.06.2018 Unscrewed

Shame is the Boner Killer

In part two of our conversation about sex and mental health, Jaclyn talks with therapist Shadeen Francis about destigmatizing, deshaming, and decolonizing our mental wellness, both in and out of the bedroom. Also there are donuts.
13.06.2018 Unscrewed

Spare Parts: Body Sommeliers

Last quickiesode of the season brings fake fake lesbians, body sommeliers and more.
29.05.2018 Unscrewed

A Really Small Awkward Surprise Party

What's the relationship between depression and sexuality? It's more complicated (and hopeful! and fun!) than you might think, as sexual and mental health advocate JoEllen Notte explains.
22.05.2018 Unscrewed

If Feminism Was Vampirism

How to make friends with your anger, why tender feelings are contrary to capitalism, and Jaclyn's feminist origin story, all in one jam-packed quickiesode.

They Don't Even Love Me

The news about men's aggrieved entitlement to women's bodies is a LOT lately. Jaclyn processes and gets productive (and downright tenderhearted) with sexuality and emotional health educator Karen BK Chan.

Spare Parts: Hot Butches

Schneiderman, Diaz & Khaled get what they deserve. A history of "girl power." And at last, courtesy of a listener, Jaclyn gets her Hot Butches in Pop Culture. All in one jam-packed quickiesode!

Brigadoon Sex

We needed a break from reality this week, so pull up a chair and listen in while Jaclyn talks with Redheadedgirl about the sexual politics of romance novels. Don't worry: we left in the naughty bits.

Spare Parts: Treat Fuckbois Like Fuckbois

New old visions for survivors, some blunt dating advice, and a little butt action, all in one quickiesode!