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Ring the Bell: Previewing a Saudi Squabble

Mere weeks after wrestling fans endured a seven-hour WrestleMania, WWE are once again asking fans to get comfortable for an expected five-hour presentation from Saudi Arabia…for some reason. Yes, it’s the Greatest Royal Rumble! With a better build than...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Looking at the Shake-Up

This past week has seen WWE mix up their rosters with the now-annual Superstar Shake-Up, so join Andrew and Ally as they take a look at who has moved to Raw and Smackdown Live, as well as those called up from NXT. We also pay tribute to the late, great...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Grand Slammers

Jeff Hardy’s recent US Championship win made him the 12th man in modern WWE history to join the club as Grand Slam winners…and this gave us an idea. Andrew and Martin have decided to look at the 12 Grand Slam winners and rank – in their opinion – those...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: The Adventures of Billy Gunn 2: More Asses, Fewer Time

We couldn’t leave it at the Royal Rumble… A little more than two months on from Ed’s debut on the show with a memorable choose your own adventure story focusing on The One himself, Billy Gunn, we now get a much-anticipated part two featuring Ed at the ...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: It’s a New Day, Yes It Quiz

It’s WrestleMania weekend, and that means it’s one of those rare times of year when Ring the Bell assembles as many people as we can into one place to record a podcast. And this time – hot on the heels of a memorable entrance theme quiz held before the...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: WrestleMania (with a little Saudi Squabble)

We are finally here…the biggest show of the year…the show that isn’t allowed to have numbers…the show that is no longer the Grandaddy of ‘Em All…It’s WrestleMania! Join Andrew and Ross as they break down the 34th edition of the March/April spectacular,...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: NXT TakeOver: New Orleans

It’s WrestleMania weekend, but before we get to the big show, we have the small matter of NXT TakeOver: New Orleans to deal with! Join Andrew and Ross as they dissect, breakdown and gush over the latest NXT offering, including; Johnny Gargano vs Tommas...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: We Don’t Have a Tagline

After all the twists and turns, after a little jaunt along the Fastlane, and with nary a Roadblock in sight this year, we are finally at our final destination point; WrestleMania! We have assembled a motley crew of wrestling knowledge for this show, so...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Yes Yes Yes

One of the biggest news stories in professional wrestling in 2018 so far, Daniel Bryan being cleared to return to the ring has amazed and delighted fans the world over. And here to discuss that and everything else Bryan is Andrew and, visiting from the...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ready Player 2: Birthday Podcast

Five Years… FIVE FLIPPING YEARS! Well isn’t that a turn up for the books? Five years ago Ross, Lewis, Rich and Cero set out to conquer the world of video game podcasts, whilst that hasn’t quite worked out as planned and we do seem to have lost Cero but...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ready Player 2 72: Cyclical Gumption

Rich, Ross, El & Lee are your hosts to this week take you on a tour of all things video game related with the obvious usual tangents. Many games were spoken of, Top 3 returned, Ross asked a question he immediately wished he hadn’t and El is suitabl...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Gazing Upon the Hall

It’s almost that time of year again, when wrestling honours those who paved the way for the stars of today. For the 18th year, WWE will induct a handful of talents who have enjoyed years of success and fame. Join Andrew and Alisdair, who come together ...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: WWE Fastlane

With no Roadblocks in the way this year, we are on the Fastlane to WrestleMania and the Show of Shows! Join Andrew and Ryan as they look back on the week that was in WWE, including; WWE Fastlane Raw and Smackdown Live And more!   http://thepalaceofwisd...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Unlikely to see Steph in her Pants

We are firmly on the Road to WrestleMania™ now, so let Ross and Andrew take you through the next bumpy pothole on that twisting road. On this episode, we look at; WWE Elimination Chamber Raw and Smackdown Live WWE Fastlane A surprising entrant in the H...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ready Player 2 71: Everything is bad forever

Rich, Lee, Lewis and El are back in your ears as they ramble on for 90 mins about some games you’ll have heard of and some other games you’ll be terrified of! The Red Strings Club Celeste Elder Scrolls Online Thems Fightin Herds Pyre Project Cars 2 For...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ready Player 2 70: 75% Marshmallow

NEW PODCAST ALERT, SOUND THE ALARM! Hey, we are back with episode 70 of our fantastic podcast. Join us won’t you and listen to us talk about games such as: Fortnite Battle Royale SuperHot NBA Live 18 Darkwood Resident Evil 7 Dear Esther The Turing Test...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ready Player 2 69: Accidentally Punched a Cat

OH MY GAWD, WE ARE BACK!!! Back for good as the great Take That once proudly sang, Rich, El, Lee and Ross were all present and somewhat correct for the episode. We spoke about numerous games including but not limited to: Monster Hunter World My time at...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: #RumbleWeekend

The Road to WrestleMania has officially started, as the Royal Rumble is here! Andrew and Ross are here to mull over four days of wrestling and share their opinions on; NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia Royal Rumble Raw and Smackdown Live And more!   http://th...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: The Adventures of Billy Gunn

It’s Royal Rumble weekend and the Ring the Bell crew have decided to do something a little bit different…at least, that was the plan. Starting out with a musical quiz that tests the knowledge of Ross, Martin, Coleman and – making his debut on the podca...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Raw 25…Meh

We are mere hours away from the official start of the Road to WrestleMania, as the Royal Rumble approaches! Along with the latest NXT TakeOver, WWE is set to provide us with a jam-packed weekend of wrestling action. And to look at that, plus the last w...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: End of Year Awards

It’s that time of year again when the voting hots up and we find out the best of the best; it’s the Ring the Bell End of Year Awards! Andrew and Ross calculate the votes and reveal the winners in the following categories; Wrestler of the Year Match of ...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Welcome to 2018

It’s a new year, and it’s time to ring in the new year with the first episode of Ring the Bell in 2018! Join Andrew and Ross as they recap the last few weeks of 2017, taking in; WWE Clash of Champions WWE TV Some news A look ahead to the Royal Rumble A...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Stop Hindering Jinder

After several weeks in the wilderness of no internet, Ross makes his big return to Ring the Bell. And upon his return, he and Andrew decide to sidestep the usual shenanigans on Raw and Smackdown Live and instead look at other happenings, including; WWE...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Not a Good Week for Stable Names

After last week’s mammoth episode, things are brought back to normal this week with Andrew this time being joined by Ryan Goodman. A much quieter wrestling week this time out, with the focus of this show on; This week’s Raw and Smackdown Live The lates...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: How Many Nicknames Does Triple H Need?

With Ross forced to step away, Andrew decided to turn his attention away from the South of England and instead looked North of the border, bringing in debutant Ally for this HUGE episode which looks at; NXT TakeOver: WarGames WWE Survivor Series This w...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Why Can’t Kurt Angle Stand Up Straight?

Heading into this Sunday’s Survivor Series, we found ourselves in a quandary when word was received that Ross had lost his smile energy, however determined not to let down the Ring the Bell Universe, Andrew has decided to pull a Joey Styles and go it a...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Jinder Hindered

Another week, another show for Andrew and Ross to come together and discuss the week that was in WWE. This week, UK shores are visited for episodes of Raw and Smackdown Live, and with Survivor Series almost upon us, there is lots to talk about. Include...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: TLC: Total Lack of Chairs (and Tables & Ladders)

Hoping that this show won’t also be rendered obsolete by WWE viral outbreaks, Andrew and Ross are here to discuss all the going-ons from WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, as well as; Raw and Smackdown Live recaps WWE releases A look ahead to Survi...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: I Can’t Even (AKA Before Everything Changed)

  Continuing their triumphant return, Andrew and Ross are here to delve into the world of WWE and catch up on the latest happenings. Among the topics of conversation this time out are; Recaps of Raw and Smackdown Live A look ahead to this Sunday’s TLC:...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Hell in a Cell

After some time away, Andrew and Ross are back to dive right into the latest happenings in WWE, including; WWE Hell in a Cell Bobby Heenan WCW trademarks coming back  And more   Ring The Bell, ...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Battleground

After a couple of weeks away, Andrew and Ross return to look back over the recent happenings in WWE. Among their usual entertaining and tangent-filled talking is; WWE Battleground Catching up on Raw and Smackdown Live Looking ahead to SummerSlam And mu...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell Commentary: Canadian Stampede

On this, our eighth Commentary episode, Andrew and Ross have decided to do something new. Not content with picking one match to commentate on, they have instead chosen to commentate on a WHOLE SHOW! But not just any show, oh no…but one of the best WWF/...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: #WWEBalls

Goodness gracious, WWE can’t do hashtags right! Oh yes, the newest PPV to the WWE calendar is here, it’s Great Balls of Fire! Andrew and Ross are here, smiles found and ready to go, to break down the latest Network special and talk about, among other t...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Bait & Switch

Andrew and Ross are playing catch-up on this, the 100th total episode of Ring the Bell, with Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank to cover, as well as the latest happenings heading into – goodness gracious – Great Balls of Fire. Up for discussion, among...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Enter The Maharaja

As we close in on episode 100 (of all Ring the Bell episodes), we stop off at 99 with a look at WWE’s latest offerings; NXT TakeOver: Chicago and WWE Backlash. Can Jinder avoid being hindered? Will the UK wrestlers show their worth at TakeOver? Andrew ...
The Palace of Wisdom author

The Geek Show 90: Spoilers on a COLOSSAL Scale

After two years, two long years in which they have had to wait anxiously for news, glimpses and finally a trailer, Andrew and Ross finally get to the see the movie they first spoke about in May 2015. Colossal is here. Suffice it to say, they did not ta...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Previewing Backlash

Andrew and Ross still aren’t checking their WWE PPV calendars, so once again they find themselves breaking from the plan and bringing you a look at this weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Chicago and WWE Backlash events. Topics include; Jinder Mahal’s championshi...
The Palace of Wisdom author

The Geek Show 89: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For the first time this year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe are back on the big screen and they come with one of the most anticipated movies of the year; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! Andrew and Ross are here to break down the movie, with spoilers a-...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: WWE Payback ’17

It’s another WWE PPV, which means it’s another new episode of Ring the Bell. Andrew and Ross are here to take a look at WWE’s latest Raw-branded show, Payback, including; Why we love Braun Strowman The House of Horrors match Bayley vs Alexa Bliss And m...
The Palace of Wisdom author

The Geek Show 88: Trailer-Tastic

With Andrew and Ross now finally off the Road to WrestleMania over at Ring the Bell, their attention can now turn to more pressing matter, such as; New trailers for Star Wars and Marvel’s latest. The impending COLOSSAL release of a much-anticipated mon...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: Jinder Not Hindered

WWE are in their post-WrestleMania season, so Andrew and Ross have decided to get back on the mics and break down what we have seen on Raw and Smackdown Live since the Grandaddy of ’em All, including; A surprising new number one contender Smackdown Liv...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: After Mania

After a polarizing WrestleMania 33, WWE wrapped up their mammoth weekend with Raw and Smackdown Live, and to finish off their fourth show in two days, Andrew and Coleman are here one more time to spread their views on; The trolling of the Raw After Man...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: WrestleMania 33

After all the hyperbole, all the promotion and all the talk, WrestleMania 33 is finally here! On their third show this week, Andrew and Coleman take a look at The Ultimate Thrill Ride and give you their opinions on, among other things; The Undertaker’s...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: NXT TakeOver: Orlando

The WrestleMania weekend festivities continue, and Andrew and Coleman return to take a look at night two; NXT TakeOver: Orlando. Topics of conversation include; Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura The incredible triple threat match for the NXT Tag-Team ch...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: WWE Hall of Fame 2017

The WrestleMania weekend is finally upon us, and WWE have FIVE nights of wrestling for us to digest. To start on this journey of recap, opinions and anything else in between, Andrew and Coleman have come together to take a look at the 2017 Class of the...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: The Ultimate Thrill Ride

The road has been long, with twists and turns aplenty, but we are here, it is time for WrestleMania! Well, almost. Mere days away from The Ultimate Thrill Ride™, Andrew & Coleman are here to review the go-home episode of Raw, go through their predi...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: ApathyMania

We are rapidly closing in on WrestleMania 33, and our heroes are…trying to get excited. Andrew and Ross are here to try and build excitement to the Grandaddy of ’em All, as well as talk about, among other things; WWE Raw WWE Smackdown Live The current ...
The Palace of Wisdom author

Ring the Bell: The Ring Road to Wrestlemania

As we speed down that now oh so familiar Road to Wrestlemania like sliding down a greasy flume, Andrew & Coleman need to get up to scratch with the current climate of the WWE. So take a listen in as this pair of Mega Powers follow up with Fastlane ...
The Palace of Wisdom author

The Podcast of Wisdom 54: Can’t Stop The Rock

Hey there listeners, guess who’s back? That’s right, it’s Andrew & Coleman joining forces once again to take a look at the recent happenings in the world and bringing you their thoughts and opinions. Topics in this jam-packed show include; The Osca...
The Palace of Wisdom author

The Geek Show 87: Power Rangers! Logan Looks Awesome! MONSTERS!!

Continuing our attempt to bring The Geek Show into something resembling a semi-regular schedule, our rotating cast of hosts come together as Andrew, Ross and Coleman converge to discuss and touch upon a myriad – a smorgasbord, if you will – of topics, ...
The Palace of Wisdom author