Grammar Matters and Stuff That Isn't Funny

Two pals try, and generally fail, to make grammar – and life – interesting.

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Two pals try, and generally fail, to make grammar – and life – interesting.
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S4E4: Fun in the Sun

In this flirty fun ep, Mat and Tim take their show TO THE SWIMMING POOL. Break out the suntan lotion for this one! Your hosts discuss the etymology of some pool words (12:00), then practice some sick dives (18:30). Later, their friendship is tested... ...
Mat and Tim author

S4E3: Acronyms (with Caleb Steele)

A long-awaited, very special episode – featuring a guest! Seriously? Mat and Tim are joined by acronym specialist and female-led film aficionado Caleb Steele to discuss whether grammar does, in fact, matter (5:10). They move to acronyms (8:30), the ins...
Mat and Tim author

S4E2: The Kenny G Problem

Can Mat and Tim follow up an incredible season premiere with an even better ep?You'd better believe it! The buddies discuss semicolons (05:20)and the moral decline of Bill Nye the Science Guy (21:50) – then they spend a night at the cinema (39:10)! Fea...
Mat and Tim author

S4E1: Millennial Mistakes

Season four has begun! Yahoo! Mat and Tim first give the longest introduction you could possibly imagine, then hop right into the big grammar news of the day, including: Ivanka Trump's podcast (17:30) and common grammatical mistakes made by millennials...
Mat and Tim author

S3E1: Gronk vs. Legend

TheSeason Three premiere! Alleluia, amen! Your hosts discuss the grammar feud between Gronk and John Legend (5:15), then have a rousing discussion about copy editing (13:35). Afterward they tackle the longevity of Harambe memes (27:10) and Barb from St...
Mat and Tim author

10. Emojis

It's the Season Two premiere! In thiswacky ep, Tim and Mat have a heartfelt reunion, then dive right into the hot language news of the day. They also talk about whether Kanye West is insane. Plus: a musical number!
Mat and Tim author

9. Tim's Gone

Um… well, Tim didn’t show up. Not sure where he is. So inthis ep, Mat runs the show completely! He soliloquizes on etymology, republicans, and sapiosexuals. (It's as bad as it sounds.)
Mat and Tim author

8. The Singular They (Really)

It's ajazz-free ep! What a relief. Your humble hosts spend the better part of a half hour talkin' hot grammar. Plus, quotes from a celebrity, a cool new hashtag, and a walk down memory lane!
Mat and Tim author

7. The Singular They

Hoo boy. Yikes. Well, okay.The seventh ep. Mat and Tim attempt to tackle one of the most contentious issues in English grammar. Do they succeed? Find out within!
Mat and Tim author

6. Spooky Grammar

The SPOOKY HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR! Ahhhhh! Wow! In thisterrifying ep, Mat and Tim discuss only the spookiest topics in grammar. Plus, they discuss scary movies, how cemeteries work, and their friendship is put to the test…
Mat and Tim author

5. Split Infinitives

At long last,the fifth ep! What a relief. In this too-big-to-fail episode, Tim and Mat are back to discuss split infinitives! They also read some listener mail and discuss Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour.
Mat and Tim author

Important Pod Message

Shortest ep ever? Kind of! Please listen tothis important message from your sad hosts.
Mat and Tim author

4. Double Negatives

Thefourth ep! Amazing. Mat and Tim discuss DOUBLE NEGS. They also talk about vowel breaking (what is that?) and litotes (is that a real word?) Plus: listener mail!
Mat and Tim author

3. Ending Sentences With Prepositions

In thiswild ep, Mat and Tim agonize over whether ending a sentence with a preposition is essential to good grammar. Then they discuss an enlightening study: does grammar matter when it comes to online dating? Plus: which presidential candidate’s suppor...
Mat and Tim author

2. The Oxford Comma

Inthis episode, Mat and Tim take a hard look at one of the most controversial topics in grammar. They also tell a few jokes (not funny), think about frozen rats, and get an update on the pope.
Mat and Tim author

1. What Is Grammar?

In the inaugural episode, Mat and Tim ask the big question: what is grammar? They also make offensive generalizations about engineers, give bad advice, and discuss popes.Audio
Mat and Tim author