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Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens. Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day. From the complex to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the voices you want to hear. Listen to our podcast and on Fridays, we pull back the curtain on how we make the show with the podcast extra.

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Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens. Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day. From the complex to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the voices you want to hear. Listen to our podcast and on Fridays, we pull back the curtain on how we make the show with the podcast extra.
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Lothar Bodingbauer Telefongespräche aus Kanada zu aktuellen Themen und Vorfällen. 9.10.2018


Date Thumb Title & Description Contributors

December 14: Post-apprehension apprehension

China: John Manley, Basement Remains, Tunnel Tree, 3-D Skull, Northern Ireland Doc, Encore: Mr. T on Curling and more

December 13: Doubling down

China: Second Detained Canadian, Maria Butina Guilty, Cigarette Fine, China Arrest: Politics, Space Definition, Facebook Partnership and more

December 12: Holding pattern

China: Kevin Garratt, Taverner Letter, Insect Pee, Norman Hardie Accuser, Puma Shoe Designer, Derek Muir Awarded, and more

December 11: Exit visas

China: Canadian Detained, Alberta Oil Letters, Human Dreidel, Brexit: EU, Border TV Show and more

December 10: The wrong arm of the law

Racial Profiling Report, Brexit Delay, Burton Mittens, Australian Bishop Cleared, Yo-Yo Ma Performance, Encore: Seagull Hotel and more

December 7: A prison he can't leave

BC Rape Settlement, Aquarius Ending Operation, Eel Seals, NS Call Centre, Wisdom the Albatross and more

December 6: Show and telecom

Huawei Arrest, Vaccine Conference, Denmark Migrants, Yemen Conference, Shirley Chisholm and more.

November 5: Extremely open Mike

Flynn Sentencing, Quebec Ethics Complaint, Clark Griswold Dummy, Literary Prize Amazon, Missing Fingers Study, Newfoundland Beard Bounty and more

December 4: Bring them together, or they'll come apart

Yazidi PTSD, Hearst Councillor, Colarado Town Snowballs, NB Church Money Delayed, Mussel Artist and more

December 3: Glut for punishment

Alberta Oil: Jason Kenney, Paris Protests, BC Cave, Bush Obit: Acid rain, Zuckerberg Hospital and more

November 30: Not just worried - tariff-ied.

CUSMA Mayor, Anchorage Earthquake, Northern Haze, Honduran Activist Verdict, Marriott Breach, Wasp Spider Drone and more

November 29: Attorney for the worse

Cohen Plea, Ontario Climate Plan, Dozer the Steer, Saudi Sanctions, Babylonian Film, BC Laundering Folo and more

November 28: Heated baby talk

Gene Editing Controversy, Harry Leslie Smith Obit, Church Services Refugees, Huge Steer, Drowning Lawsuit and more

November 27: After being grounded for so long, he finally feels grounded

Hassan Al Kontar Latest. Manafort Lies, Belsnickel Memory, Oil Exec, Chess Tournament, Facebook: Bob Zimmer and more

November 26: Disassembly lines

GM: Worker, Facebook Documents, Silent Discos, Ukraine-Russia Tensions, Bernardo Bertolucci Obit, Best Building and more

November 23: The bottom of the barrel

Alberta Oil, Read Fares Obit, Lego Study, Scotland 'Not Proven', Al Capone Turkey, BC Legislature and more

November 22: A life sentence for his life's work

Imprisoned Academic UAE, Gavin Mcinnes Leaves, Blue Bomber Fan, Brazil Druglord, "Midget" term sports and more

November 21: Exclamation points

Khashoggi Latest, Romaine Lettuce, Wolf Pack, Uncontacted Death, In Defence of Puns and more

November 20: Trial, and error

Oland Mistrial, Patrick Lagacé, Iceland Eligible Rams, Chicago Shooting, Cub Doctor and more

November 19: School of thoughtlessness

St. Michael's College School, Holocaust Lawsuit, Wombat Poop, Sexomnia Trial, Fart Lesson and more

Full Episode for Nov. 16, 2018 - As It Happens

AIH50: David Frum remembers his mom, host Barbara Frum; Mike the Headless Chicken, Listener Pun submissions, AIH50th Quiz, Oka Crisis: Ellen Gabriel, AIH Complaints Choir, AIH50th Theme Song Challenge, Producer Panel, This is That AIH tribute, Penis Mu...

Feature | As It Happens 50th Anniversary Quiz

A donkey and a beaver are just some of the surprise guests that join quiz master Jeff Douglas, Carol Off, Michael Enright and Tom Power in studio for the As It Happens 50th anniversary quiz.

November 15: A Brexercise in futility

Brexit No Confidence, Child Advocate Cut, Saskatoon Tattoo Artist, Homeless GoFundMe, Testicle Booth, Sausage Sizzler and more

November 14: Irreconcilable differences

Brexit Latest, Worker Award, AIH50: Iceland President Pineapple Pizza, California: Search, Flower Pot Couple, Redmen: McGill Alum and more

November 13: Access to grind

CNN Lawsuit, Nunavut Polar Bears, Farley Mowat Art, Food Taste Copyright, Amazon HQ, Illinois Shooting and more

November 12: Comic belief

Stan Lee Obit, California Fires: Paradise Mayor, Warbler Birdwatcher, Senator: Forced Sterilization, NHL Concussion Deal, Archive: Wrong Kid Grandpa and more

November 9: Escape from Paradise

California Fire, Tony Clement Folo, Dumpster Art, Goat Regiment, Keystone Injunction and more

November 8: Inclement mood

Tony Clement: Riding, Bombardier Layoffs, Bitcoin Utopia, Jim Acosta Press, Iqaluit Fire and more

An Instragram user describes how Tony Clement's online behaviour crossed a line

Tony Clement follows tens of thousands of users on Twitter and Instagram. He's also known to "like" posts from acquaintances and strangers alike. Kim Fox shares her own uncomfortable experience.

November 7: The power and the patriarchy

Jeff Sessions fired, Tony Clement, Swedan Baby Name, Year of the Woman, Drone Bear and more

November 6: Biting the ballot

Midterms: Democrat, Midterms: GOP, Cheese Types, Military Junkets, Bernard Landry, Delhi Smog, and more

November 5: Culling the heard

Munk Debate: David Frum, Georgia Voting Investigation, Pianist Identified, Iran Sanctions, Stolen Totem, Kilogram Change and more

November 2: Plight. Unseen.

Yemen Child Death, SCC: Churchill Falls, Bob Ross Paintings, Dog Music, Dictionary Book, WW1 Banners and more

November 1: Back on the rails

Churchill Train, Migrant Caravan, Sword Swallower, Hipster Cafe, Ukraine Gravesite, Cervical Cancer Study and more

October 31: Taken on faith

Pakistan Acquittal, Sunny Dhillon, Tiny Books, Kepler Retires, Skeleton Display and more

Feature | Jean Chrétien joins Carol Off in the As It Happens studio

Carol Off's feature in-studio interview with Jean Chrétien about his new book 'My Stories, My Times.' In their wide-ranging conversation, the former prime minister talks about his wife Aline, Pierre Trudeau, the Indian Act, Donald Trump and the Shawini...

October 30: Home court advantage

UN Ex-Jihadi Fighters, Synagogue: Burials, Dateline: Tokyo Ticket Seller, Hockey Team Imbalance, German Nurse Trial, Ntozake Shange Obit and more

October 29: Not the place for his thoughts and his prayers

Synagogue: Letter, Indonesia Crash, Sausage Statue, Synagogue: Victim, Fat Cats, Feature: Jean Chrétien and more

October 26: Sender of attention

Bombs Arrest, Uber Death, Gritty Mascot Designer, Catholic Women's Rights, Hawaiian Island, Diamond Find and more

October 25: Making a mockery

Khashoggi: Saudi Satirist, Saudi LAVs, Bio-Dome Guy, Georgia Voter Suppression, Jimmy John's, Free Willy Bill and more

October 24: Incendiary rhetoric

Letter Bombs, Alberta Bison, Dorcas Reilly Obit, Tuam Burials, Brazil Museum, AIH50 Memories and more

October 23: The bucks don't stop there

Carbon Pricing: Provinces, Oshawa Mayor, Headless Chicken Monster, Palestinian HRW Report, Psychic Witchcraft Charge, Oldest Shipwreck and more

October 22: The shadows and the doubt

Khashoggi: Exports, Vancouver Mayor, Cow Photos, #MeToo Apology, Uighur Activist, Feature: Barbara Winters and more

October 19: Metal fatigue

Steel CEO, Khashoggi Smears, Moose Poo Crafts, Yemen Doctor, Walkerton SEO, Queen Street Voyeur and more

October 18: Into the void

Afghanistan Attack, Basic Income, Tokaroo, Mark Norman Case, Guillotine Mystery and more

October 17: Addressing a chronic problem

Marijuana Pardons, Yemen MP, Marijuana Dad, Insect Study, Mining Rescue Team and more

October 16: Inside pitch

Solitary Confinement Bill, Jamal Khashoggi Latest, Marijuana: Newfoundland Seller, Hurricane Michael: Volunteer, Stephen Hawking Predictions and more

October 15: Watched pot

Marijuana: Halifax Law, Hurricane Michael: Resident, PEI "Arsehole", Marijuana: Driving Study, Carbon Price: Dominic LeBlanc and more

October 12: Huawei patrol

Huawei Senator, Deciem Lawsuit, Tree Kangaroo, Norway Satanic Verses, Clams Microplastic and more

October 11: Blind ally

Jamal Khashoggi: US, Italian Migrant Rescue Ship, Sommelier Scandal, SCC Ruling: Cree, Violin Update, Encore: Anote's Ark and more