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Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens. Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day. From the complex to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the voices you want to hear. Listen to our podcast and on Fridays, we pull back the curtain on how we make the show with the podcast extra.

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Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens. Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day. From the complex to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the voices you want to hear. Listen to our podcast and on Fridays, we pull back the curtain on how we make the show with the podcast extra.
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Lothar Bodingbauer Telefongespräche aus Kanada zu aktuellen Themen und Vorfällen. 9.10.2018


Date Thumb Title & Description Contributors

October 19: Metal fatigue

Steel CEO, Khashoggi Smears, Moose Poo Crafts, Yemen Doctor, Walkerton SEO, Queen Street Voyeur and more

October 18: Into the void

Afghanistan Attack, Basic Income, Tokaroo, Mark Norman Case, Guillotine Mystery and more

October 17: Addressing a chronic problem

Marijuana Pardons, Yemen MP, Marijuana Dad, Insect Study, Mining Rescue Team and more

October 16: Inside pitch

Solitary Confinement Bill, Jamal Khashoggi Latest, Marijuana: Newfoundland Seller, Hurricane Michael: Volunteer, Stephen Hawking Predictions and more

October 15: Watched pot

Marijuana: Halifax Law, Hurricane Michael: Resident, PEI "Arsehole", Marijuana: Driving Study, Carbon Price: Dominic LeBlanc and more

October 12: Huawei patrol

Huawei Senator, Deciem Lawsuit, Tree Kangaroo, Norway Satanic Verses, Clams Microplastic and more

October 11: Blind ally

Jamal Khashoggi: US, Italian Migrant Rescue Ship, Sommelier Scandal, SCC Ruling: Cree, Violin Update, Encore: Anote's Ark and more

October 10: The coast is cleared

Hurricane Michael, Jamal Khashoggi Timeline, Citizenship Oath, Denmark Climate Plan, Will Vinton Obit, Rwanda Assassination and more

October 9: Mission impassable; and now, impossible

Indonesia Aid Workers, Fake Manspreading, Sisters Reunited, ICE Found Wallet, Memory Font Study, Other Skripal Suspect Identified and more

October 8: Number crunch time

IPCC Report, Jamal Khashoggi Latest, Vodkow Milk Vodka, Gecko Crank Calls, Forgiveness Reunion, Smoking vs. Sitting Study and more

October 5: That's all she wrote

Kavanaugh Vote, Laquan McDonald, Farmer Journey, Sword Discovery, Leon Lederman Obit, Shetland Box, and more.

October 4: Waiting on the swings

Kavanaugh: Maine Lobbyist, Journalist Mystery, Arm Wrestling Champ, Pot Convictions, Tulsa Mass Graves, As It Happens Theme Song Challenge, and more

October 3: Flesh and blood

Puerto Rico Verdict, Trump Taxes, Alberta Snow Storm, Ocean Protection Agreement, Hyundai Pony For Sale, Japanese Assembly Woman and more

October 2: Going for broker

USMCA: Kim Campbell, Nobel Winner, CERN Scientist Reax, Quebec Election: CAQ, Kavanaugh: Mitchell Memo, Cats V. Rat and more.

October 1: Hard bargain

USMCA: Andrew Leslie, USMCA: Dairy Farmer, Kavanaugh: Ex FBI, USMCA: Language and more

September 28: Judge of character

Kavanaugh Supporter, Tesla Lawsuit, Van Gogh Researcher, Russian Colonel, Healing Lodge Chief, Sneezing Deer and more

September 27: A traumatic laughing matter

Kavanaugh Hearing, Nunavut Homeless, Heart Treatment Case, Ektachrome Returns, Oregano Weed, Grizzly Hunt and more

September 26: His enemy is the state

Pyotr Verzilov Conscious, Kavanaugh Latest, Irish Writer, Rachel Mitchell Profile, Crow Town, Mexico Police and more

September 25: Twilight of a predator

Bill Cosby Sentenced, Concordia Engineering, David Alexander Robertson, Romeo Saganash, Israel Art Exhibit, New Brunswick Election and more

September 24: Small miracles in a huge catastrophe

Ottawa Tornado, Nova Scotia Abortion, West Elm Painting, Cameroon Video, Suffragette Letter, Uncle Bully Service and more

September 21: Her courage, his conviction

Unfounded Sentence, Assisted Death Folo, Laziness Study, Maxime Bernier, Brexit Latest and more

September 20: WADA crying shame

WADA: Russia, Carbon Tax Study, Book Purge, Golf Digest, Bear Statue, India Flight and more

September 19: An editor is edited out

Ghomeshi Editor Out, Bike Speed Record, Alan Abel Obit, Nova Scotia Cancer Patient, Texas Gator Hunter, Wasps Vs. Bees and more

September 18: History repeats itself, with her story

Kavanaugh Hearing, Quebec Election: Immigrants, As It Happens Lonely Hearts, Texas BBQ Ban, SpaceX Tourist, McGill Medical Museum and more

September 17: Objection sustained

Kavanaugh Accusations, Philippines Typhoon, Squirrel Knot, Florence Flooding, Freddie Oversteegen Obit and more

September 14: Emergency exit

Florence: New Bern, Mummified Wolf, Uranus Examiner, Indian Serial Killer, Lincoln Towing, Safiya Wazir and more

September 13: Tourist distraction

Russian RT Interview, Florence: Family, Lost Mail Ships, San Juan Mayor, LeBlanc Mayor and more

September 12: Notwithstanding room only

Notwithstanding Clause: NDP, Notwithstanding Clause: Pro, Hungary Vote, Ethiopia Rebel Leader, Minnesota Mining Licences, New Fish Species and more

September 11: Haven becomes hell

Idlib Doctor, Ocean Clean-up, Red Deer Auction, 9/11 Cold Case, ICC Founder and more

September 10: Sharpening his clause

Doug Ford: Notwithstanding Clause, Guru Accusations, Astrophysicist Prize, Tiger Hitman, Gold Find and more

September 7: Blunt advice

Military Pot, Philippines Senator, International Space Station Hole, Kavanaugh: Abortion, Farmer Needs a Wife and more

September 6: They were against the law

India Gay Law, Brazil Museum Artifacts, Detroit School Water, Sara Mardini Arrest, Scooter Rescue and more

September 5: The call is coming from inside the House

New York Times Op-Ed, Novichok Suspects, Bird Extinctions, Spain Bomb Contract, Elon Musk Spat and more

September 4: Home, free

Gay Refugee Couple, New Yorker Bannon, Worst Bus Stop, Microwave Attacks, Dorothy's Slippers and more

September 3: 200 years to gather 20 million artifacts - one night to destroy everything

Brazil Museum Fire, Myanmar Journalist Verdict, Wagner Radio, McCain Legacy, Baseball Brawl and more

August 31: No big deal

NAFTA Update, Rachel Notley, Henry Moore Drawings, Swissair Fisherman, Affirmative Action Lawsuit and more

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The 50th Anniversaries Episode

As we look ahead to our 50th anniversary celebrations in November, As it Happens turns back to revisit some other 50th anniversaries we've covered over the course of the show's history -including the assassination of President Kennedy, the birth of Dr....

August 30: Three-part disharmony

NAFTA: Mexico, Trans Mountain Decision, NZ Cat Ban, Roy Oliver Conviction, Cyclist Crash and more

August 29: Milking his trip for all it's worth

NAFTA: Dairy Farmer, NAFTA: Government, New Apple Champ, B.C. Opioid Lawsuit, Date and Dash and more

August 28: Lactose intolerance

NAFTA: Jean Charest, UN Yemen Report, Louis C.K. Show, German Far-Right Protest, Sex Doll Brothel and more

August 27: El arte del deal

NAFTA Mexico, UN Rohingya Report, El Camino Bees, John McCain Obit, Jacksonville Shooting and more

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Next Generation Episode

The individuals featured in this episode may be young, but they're not kidding around. Meet a dogged nine year-old journalist, an eight-year-old mooing champion, a tweenage taxidermist, and more.

August 24: Wait'll you hear his outside voice

Bernier Supporter, New Australia PM, VW Weather, Alcohol Study Critic, Harlem Trash and more

August 23: Maxed out

Maxime Bernier: Latest, Bromley Armstrong Obit, Ford Snitch Line, Salma Zahid and more

August 22: A matter of convictions

Cohen-Manafort: Republican, Cohen Manafort: Prosecutor, Vancouver Fire Sale, Black Sabbath Auction, Erin O'Toole Quick Whiskey and more

August 21: Pardon me?

Cohen Plea, Nazi Deportation, Steve Research, Mississauga Bombing Lawsuit, Batman Pulled Over and more

August 20: Missing from the missive

Pope Letter, Saskatchewan Triplets, BC Fire, Manitoba Funeral Processions, Banditos Asylum and more

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Fake News Episode

In terms of common usage, "fake news" may be a relatively new term - propelled in large part by the current U.S. president. But it's hardly a new idea, as the stories featured in this episode illustrate.

August 17: Sworn enemy

Fredericton Family, India Floods, Cannabis Beer, Beer Bridge Rescue, Saudi Syrup, Bullet Proof Wall and more

August 16: Her majesty

Bernier Reaction, Aretha Franklin, Bee Friendly Pesticide, Pothole Tomatoes and more