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Earshot presents documentaries about people, places, stories and ideas, in all their diversity.

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Earshot presents documentaries about people, places, stories and ideas, in all their diversity.
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The Mystery of the Marree Man

The Australian outback is home to many mysteries, but the Marree Man has to be one of the biggest. In every sense of the word.
ABC Radio National author

The Iceman of Nederland

The town of Nederland in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains has an unusual mascot: an old, dead Norwegian man, whose body is preserved in a backyard cryogenics chamber. Behind it all - his grandson keeps the dream of his return alive.
ABC Radio National author

Naponi's story: Loving a man with schizophrenia

The man Naponi married turned out to be violent and for decades her life was simply about survival. But her husband's been in a psychiatric facility for over 14 years now and some in her Sudanese community blame her for keeping him there.
ABC Radio National author

The artist and the algorithm: how youtube is changing our relationship with music

A little known Japanese composer has found millions of fans thanks to youtube.  Hiroshi Yoshimura's ambient synth music is perfect for long background listening and keeps you on the youtube platform for hours, caught in the attention economy.
ABC Radio National author

Ball by bloody ball

Two blokes buy the radio rights to an international test cricket series on a credit card.
ABC Radio National author

You should feel uncomfortable: One family's time in Outreach International

Robert, Laura and Lee Sullivan were all once members of Outreach International, an organisation that they now believe is a cult because they felt controlled and were only allowed to have relationships with other members of the organisation. And find o...
ABC Radio National author

A Mother's Mind

For most women becoming a new mother is an exhilarating, if physically exhausting experience; infused with love and joy. But what if it's the opposite of this? The stories of three women who have suffered from postpartum psychosis.
ABC Radio National author

Singing the Stones: can industry and ancient rock art coexist on the Burrup Peninsula?

After fifty years of industrial development that’s destroyed thousands of sacred petroglyphs, the West Australian government is finally backing a push for World Heritage Listing. But it’s also considering two major new chemical plants.
ABC Radio National author

Wentworth Street Port Kembla

The main street of Port Kembla's deceptively quiet but when the Steelworks was booming it was one of the Illawarra's busiest thoroughfares. Today, despite a few boarded-up buildings, there's still a vibrant migrant and Aboriginal population, a communit...
ABC Radio National author

A revolution in the paddocks - regenerative farming

A young farming couple find out they can rehabilitate the environment by the way they farm, but the stakes are high, they could go broke by doing it.
ABC Radio National author

Coal country

A coal mine, an anonymous billboard, and a community split in two.
ABC Radio National author

Mosul Eye—documenting life in the Caliphate

In 2014 when IS seized control of the Iraqi city of Mosul, a young history scholar made the decision—'trust no one, document everything'. He then spent two years secretly reporting the atrocities committed by IS in his anonymous blog, Mosul Eye.
ABC Radio National author

Banaba: The island Australia ate

100 years ago the Banaban people had no idea they were living on the richest natural resource in the Pacific- one the world was desperate to get its hands on. The first they heard of it was when a mysterious visitor arrived, wanting signatures. That wa...
ABC Radio National author

A Sense of Quietness

This story reveals a line of connection through four Irish women across two referendums, to explore the unexpected consequences of talking about abortion.
ABC Radio National author

A tourist in Modi's Varanasi

The ancient city of Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi’s chosen electorate, offers Hindus a direct path to the heavens but it’s one of the worst polluted places in the world and a demolition site.
ABC Radio National author

Shutup bonus — Andrew Bolt talks to Sami Shah

Sami Shah talks candidly with this controversial columnist and commentator about the challenges of being so open with his opinions.
ABC Radio National author

Shutup Bonus — Nyadol Nyuon talks to Sami Shah

Lawyer and anti-racism advocate is searing and reflective with Sami Shah about the divisions in Australian media and society and her role in public debate.
ABC Radio National author

Shutup 01 — Talking about speaking

What is freedom of speech and how much of it do we have? Sami Shah goes in search of the origins and limits of our free and frank speech.
ABC Radio National author

Shutup 02 — Going mad

Sami Shah finds out what political correctness is and why it’s so darn mad.
ABC Radio National author

Shutup 03 — Getting Yassmined

A young woman posted on Facebook on Anzac Day and Australia went mad. Sami Shah investigates why every comedian of colour is afraid of being 'Yassmined'.
ABC Radio National author

Shutup 04 — Frontlines and punchlines

Sami Shah looks at where the free speech lines are being drawn on campus and in our comedy clubs.
ABC Radio National author

Shutup 05 — Not shutting up

Online, on campus, everywhere we’re losing free and frank speech. Sami Shah discovers the consequences of this loss but also finds some solutions.
ABC Radio National author

Life on the border: Tijuana migrant stories

As the 'migrant caravans' continue to roll into Tijuana, on the US-Mexico border, journalist Janak Rogers spent a week on the ground in the city, speaking with recent arrivals and local residents.
ABC Radio National author

Becoming Lottie – a trans girl’s story

When she was just four years old, Lottie told her mum she wasn’t a boy, but a transgender girl. Lottie had to fight to be accepted as a girl, and she, and her family faced significant challenges along the way.
ABC Radio National author

Boy on the Bike

In 2003, journalist Andrew Gray was embedded in a US tank battalion during the Iraq invasion. In this documentary he returns to an event from that time which has haunted him for over 15 years.
ABC Radio National author

The peaceful rebels of Poso

How does a community learn to live together after years of fighting each other in the most violent way possible? The remote Indonesian province of Poso is recovering from a decade-long religious conflcit and in the face of hatred a brave group of women...
ABC Radio National author

Stainforth Court: closing the door

In 2011, a murder prompted a transformation of Stainforth Court, a troubled public housing estate in Hobart. Who’s living there now? And what we can learn from this story when it comes improving Australia’s public housing?
ABC Radio National author

Stainforth Court: the trauma centre

Stainforth Court was a troubled public housing estate in Hobart. But what was it really like to live there?
ABC Radio National author

Ben Buckley: voting is a crime

Ben Buckley is a pilot, politician and a maverick - a councillor who won't vote for himself.
ABC Radio National author

The life and death of Turbo Brown

From homelessness on the riverbank, to having a million people come view his paintings, this is the story of an immensely creative man who lived hard, painted every day as though he was on a mission, and died too soon.
ABC Radio National author

The ghosts of Wittenoom: the lethal asbestos still putting Aboriginal lives at risk

Giant, slate-blue glaciers of asbestos tailings still contaminate Western Australia’s Wittenoom Gorge more than fifty years after the blue asbestos mine closed, putting new generations at risk of mesothelioma.
ABC Radio National author

The ghosts of Wittenoom - how asbestos changed the lives of the Pilbara's Aboriginal people

The Aboriginal people of Western Australia’s Pilbara region have one of the highest mortality rates from mesothelioma of any group, anywhere in the world. Thrust into working at the blue asbestos mine, it’s had a devastating and disproportionate impact...
ABC Radio National author

Argentina's stolen generation

Maximiliano's world was turned upside down when he got a phone call from a stranger that said "You're not who you think you are." At 40 he found out he was one of Argentina's lost grandchildren.
ABC Radio National author

My favourite Martian

Dianne McGrath is a Mars One astronaut candidate. She is on the short list for a one-way ticket to live and die on the red planet.
ABC Radio National author

Swings and roustabouts: the life and times of a shearer and his daughter

Shearers and roustabouts are our modern-day swag-people. They straddle two worlds; travelling from shed to shed, doing one of the toughest physical jobs around.
ABC Radio National author

Adopting a war

The story of a young Australian man killed fighting with the Kurds in Syria.
ABC Radio National author

A portrait of a foster family

Meet the Greenocks. They fostered their first child seven years ago oblivious to the joy, the grief, the chaos, the worry and the love it would bring to their home.
ABC Radio National author

Former foreign correspondent Jill Jolliffe's latest battle

Crusading journalist Jill Jolliffe has spent her time giving a voice to others. But since being diagnosis with Alzheimer's, telling her own story has become more urgent than ever.
ABC Radio National author

How to win friends and become an Instagram influencer

Writer Stephanie Coombes, not satisfied with her F-list media lifestyle, goes in search of lucrative Instagram fame.
ABC Radio National author

A bad bend in the road-an accident at Bonny Hills

After a 21st birthday party a car accident left a teenager dead, another in jail and a third with a permanent brain injury.  This is a story about grief, forgiveness and the healing power of music.
ABC Radio National author

Me, my half-sister and her biological mum

The unlikely story of two half-sisters who connected late in life, a birth mother turned adoptive mother, and what can happen when biological relatives turn up out of the blue.
ABC Radio National author

A stroke of love

A split second was all it took to shatter Judi Green’s life. It took decades, a lot of forgiveness and a little luck to piece it back together.
ABC Radio National author

The last flamingo

What can the last flamingo who lived in Australia tell us about zookeeping, taxidermy and loneliness?
ABC Radio National author

To end all wars

Contemporary Australian poets respond to the centenary of the Armistice.
ABC Radio National author

Becoming a motherless mother

Olivia Humphreys found herself pregnant and full of questions about what it's like to be a mother when you don't have a mother of your own.
ABC Radio National author

Sex, gender and sport - are you woman enough?

How should transgender athletes prove that they are woman enough to play with other women on the sporting field?
ABC Radio National author

Robert Manne's voice

Public thinker Robert Manne's voice changed after he had surgery for throat cancer. In this candid documentary he reflects on questions of voice and identity, enduring love and friendship.
ABC Radio National author

Mad for manga

Once considered nerdy, Japanese pop culture like manga and anime is now big in Australia. What’s the appeal?
ABC Radio National author

I heart women's wrestling

Three bad-ass women wrestlers talk about the power, performance and passion in Australia's world-class pro-wrestling scene.
ABC Radio National author

Rebel Roma

Come to a Gypsy wedding but don't be shocked that the bride is 14. Perty had no choice, but months later she is learning to walk a fine line between being a feminist and honouring her Roma tribal traditions.
ABC Radio National author