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Tech-Stew Podcast E35: Outerra [04-28-13] (Video)

  Summary In this episode we interview Brano Kemen of Outerra and discuss his world rendering engine. Download this episode here.   [youtube:5gS6u7B1ilM]   Show Notes Brano Kemen's YouTube Channel Outerra will be releasing a new update t...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E34: Snagging Asteroids, new release for ORBX and NAS Software [04-15-13] (Video)

   Summary Bing search results contain more malware than Google's, hacker uses android to remotely hijack home built jet, the next Xbox will control your TV, NASA plans to snag an asteroid, NAS Software options for RAID, Orbx releases Southern Alaska ...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E33: New Video Game Releases, UFOs and More [03-03-13] (Video)

   Summary We talk about World Mobile Congress highlights, the Six Strikes Copyright Alert System takes effect, free particle accelerators around Saturn, shocking craters on the Moon, did a UFO take out the meteor in Russia, new games and more. Downl...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E32: PS4 Recap [02-25-13] (Video)

    Summary Google announces their Chromebook, we dig into the heart of the PS4 announcement, Cold Fusion at NASA, a possible manned Mars mission by 2018 and more. Download this episode here.   [youtube:EfyhWPyTPJM]   Show Notes Google launches a $1...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E31: Asteroids and Comets [02-18-13] (Video)

  Summary Bill Gates calls for more innovation at Microsoft, the Apple Smartwatch, Intel working on an online tv service, asteroids and the ISON the comet of the century is coming and more. Download this episode here.   [youtube:aKUY_Dz2rY4]   Show N...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E30: Windows 8 Portable Computers; How to get to Mars [02-03-13] (Video)

Summary Twitter announces Vine, PlayStation 4 announcement coming soon, Rim renamed Blackberry, we take a look at some Windows 8 Tablets and Hybrids, a new asteroid mining venture is announced, talk about ways of getting to Mars, some fresh new add-on...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E29: CES 2013 Highlights [01-14-13] (Video)

Summary We talk about CES 2013 highlights, including the 4K TV from Samsung, the Razer Edge and Nvidia Shield Gaming tablets, is Apple making a low cost iPhone, Amazon AutoRip, billions of Earth size planets in the galaxy and more. Download this epis...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E28: REX Game Studios [12-20-12] (Video)

Summary We talk with the guys from the REX Game Studios team, a cutting edge add-on creator for FSX and Prepar3D Flight Simulators, discuss the launch of Tvii, Google Maps, Mars organic compounds and more. Download this episode here.   [youtube:bj3OC...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E27: 2012 Holiday Buying Guide [12-10-12] (Video)

Summary We discuss Microsoft Office 2013 and its horrible UI interface, talk Holiday gift ideas ranging from Games to TVs and a look at the Dell T3600 Precision Workstation. Download this episode here.   [youtube:BwqRQG8ZQiQ]   Show Notes Office 201...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E26: Server Essentials 2012 [11-19-12] (Video)

Summary: Steven Sinofsky says bye to Microsoft, Google Fios hits 700mbps, Ads in Windows 8, Server 2012 Essentials detailed, possible habitable Super-Earth discovered, UFOs over Denver and Rex Essential Plus Overdrive is released. Video:  Direct link...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast E25: Surface RT details; VoxATC for FSX [10-28-12] (Video)

  Summary: Windows 8 released to the public, Surface RT gets a price, cable companies to encrypt basic cable, iPad mini details, a planet is found in the Alpha Centauri system, VOXATC for FSX and more. Video:  Direct link(right click to save locally) ...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 24: WP8 / Tileproxy for FSX [10-12-12] (Video)

Summary: Firefox 16 gets released then pulled, Office 2013 RTM milestone hit, A new 6 strike ISP copyright plan is being considered for illegal downloads, could re-selling some of your tech become limited or illegal, a closer look at the Nokia 920, M...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 23: iPhone 5 and Nokia WP8; Accu-Feel for FSX [09-13-12] (Video)

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 23: iPhone 5 and Nokia WP8; Accu-Feel for FSX Summary:  Apples shiny new iPhone 5 and other apple announcements, Nokia has a great looking new Windows Phone 8, Microsoft 3D projected game patent, an object hits Jupiter, Accu-...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast 22: Under the Hood [08-31-12] (video)

Tech-Stew Podcast #22: Under the Hood, Recorded on August 31st, 2012 Summary:  Windows Phone 8 release date details, Windows 8 RT tablets, Facebook gets an iOS revision, Windows 8 Tips and Tricks, new extra solar planetary discoveries, Flight Simulator...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast 21: RTM Happiness [08-17-12] (Video)

Tech-Stew Podcast #21: RTM Happiness, Recorded on August 17th, 2012 Summary:  OnLive breaking news, no optical drive for the next Xbox, Google demoting pirated sites from search results, RTMs for Windows 8 and Visual Studio, Mars Curiosity and more.**N...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast 20: The Hate for 8 [08-02-12] (Video)

Tech-Stew Podcast #20: The Hate for 8, Recorded on August 2nd, 2012 Summary:  Windows 8 hits RTM, we will tell you when it will be on MSDN, more backlash from developers on Windows 8, Microsoft announces, the FCC tells Verizon to allow Andr...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 19: Bursting with Fruit Flavor [07-23-12] (video)

Tech-Stew Podcast 19: Bursting with Fruit Flavor Recorded on July 23rd, 2012 Summary:  Windows 8 gets a general release date, Office 2013 Preview is ready for download, Yahoo gets hacked, AT&T announces Mobile Share, the Ouya Android console, Bioni...
Tech-Stew author

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 18: Windows the Conqueror [06.21.12] (video)

Tech-Stew Podcast E18: Windows the Conqueror was recorded on Thursday June 21st, 2012. Summary:  Twitter goes offline, Windows Phone 8 details, Xbox 720 rumors, Microsoft Surface, iOS 6, black holes, RC airplanes and more.Audio MP3 Player (Uses Flash t...
Tech-Stew author