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11.11.2019 Citizen Reporter

Identity in South Africa: A Roundtable Discussion

Identity. Land. Displacement. Trauma. History. Struggle. Fear. Anger. Future. Environment. Income. Danger. Knowledge. Loss. Curiousity. Safety. These are a few of the words that came to mind listening back to this very special round table discussion ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Jillo Katelo: Empowering Indigenous Communities in Northern Kenya

There is a force referred to as development that has arrived in Northern Kenya. It brings highways, wind farms, pipelines, cables, standardized education, and new towns where the government wants people to live and work. What it also brings is pollutio...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Voices 4 Change: Indigenous Activists and Friends in Africa

This month I had the great honor of being present at the Video 4 Change gathering in South Africa. This meeting brought together indigenous activists from different parts of the continent, as well as allies and friends from the rest of the world. The t...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Madge Weinstein: There Aren't Enough True Crime Podcasts

My esteemed colleague and media icon Madge Weinstein returns to the podcast today to dissect the podcast hype. As one of the first podcasts ever to exist in the history of the world, you will rarely hear from a visionary with the extensive experience a...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
31.07.2019 Citizen Reporter

Joana Ponder: Empowering, Reconnecting, and other Passion Projects

Joana Ponder has an approach to life that I greatly admire. She’s also a fun person to speak with. For these reasons and more I invited her to the kitchen table for a conversation about what she’s busy with when it comes to how we see ourselves and app...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
18.06.2019 Citizen Reporter

Wim Kruiswijk: Finding Messages in Bottles

For decades Wim Kruiswijk has lived on the Dutch coast walking the beach before people arrive and after they have left. His treasure: messages in bottles. Over the years he has collected thousands, and turned beach combing into meaninful friendships. H...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
29.03.2019 Citizen Reporter

Reflections in Rwanda

Hello from Rwanda… land of welcoming people, beatiful nature and some really clean streets. Today on the podcast, for the first time in the history of this program, I speak with you from a field somewhere in the east of Rwanda.
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro contributor
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

David Brightbill: Podcasting While You Cycle To Makerspaces Around the World

Somewhere in the year 2005, as podcast slowly sprang up around the world, I began listening to and communicating with the great David Brightbill. Over the years we have kept in touch, followed each others projects, and above all kept our love of audio,...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro contributor
David Brightbill contributor
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
19.12.2018 Citizen Reporter

Notes and Noise from Nairobi

On our first ever podcast from Kenya, I bring you along as we walk the calm roads of Karen while observing nature and society along the way. It's a brief Nairobi adventure... come along!
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro contributor
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
5.12.2018 Citizen Reporter

Outbursts, Setting Things on Fire and other Non-Japanese Behavior

Phone booth being used as a toilet? Bicycles being thrown into rivers? Vending machines being driven into by cars? Today on the podcast, the great Matthew Dons riffs on the many things that just could not happen in Japan. Yet, actually happen in this w...
Matthew Dons contributor
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro contributor
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Matthew Dons: A Walk Around His Tokyo

In the eyes of Matthew Dons, whomever you are in this world, if you could make it over to Japan, you absolutely should be here. Why? Because Japan. Today on the podcast, we take a long walk past the houses and trains, the fields and shrines, while loo...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

On Giving and Balance: The Story of the Hottarakashi Onsen

High above the Kofu and within view of the all mighty Mt. Fuji, my friend Mieko joins me to tell the story of her family and this magical place they created. What starts as a conversation about a natural spring, quickly becomes the story of a family th...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Sean Bonner: On Safecast and Japan

One of the most interesting and innovative global projects based in Tokyo is Safecast and who better to explain it than one of the most interesting and innovative people I know: Sean Bonner! I visited him at Safecast HQ in Tokyo and he explained not on...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

From Crickets to Baseball, Back in Japan

It's another wonderful Japan visit! This time we start with crickets in the Tokyo suburbs and then move on to the top of the 5th inning at an exciting Swallows (Tokyo)- Baystars (Yokohama) baseball game. People are getting really drunk all around me an...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
20.08.2018 Citizen Reporter

Monday’s with Marky

We begin today with my ode to Berlin and what remains a city with real heart despite all the speculators and grifters doing their best to co-opt that beautiful soul. Then its over to a modern classic that I finally read/listened to: Tuesdays with Morri...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

The Portugal Uganda Connection

From somewhere in Portugal to somewhere in Uganda. Today's podcast takes a few turns and comes with a bold declaration to take it back to the old school. Weekly podcasts are back? Can it be? Listen to all if it and subscribe in your podcast app. CTRP i...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Catarina Gomes: The Wildfires of Portugal

Dynamic journalist and inspiring global citizen Catarina Gomes joins me at the kitchen table on the 1 year anniversary of the deadly wildfires in Portugal. What is going on today? What lessons have we learned? What is the road forward? Much to figure o...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
1.03.2018 Citizen Reporter

Mike Spine: A Socio-Musical Journey

A few months ago Mike Spine and Barbara Luna played a show in Amsterdam that I was fortunate enough to attend. As a bonus, Mike came over for a kitchen table conversation. In this conversation we look at his own path as both an educator and a musician ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
13.02.2018 Citizen Reporter

The Crossroads of Sound: Gnawa Music in Morocco

There are only a hand full of places in the world that come close to Essouira when it comes music and art. For hundreds of years this place has been a crossroads for trade, culture, and a self-expression. In 2018, from traditional music to spontanous i...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
15.01.2018 Citizen Reporter

Chris Lydon: Movements and Ideas for 2018

Chris Lydon is a journalist, radio host, and observer of human behavior. He also has a deep love for jazz, books, and a good bowl of oatmeal. Chris and I became friends some ten years ago because of his legendary radio show and podcast, Radio Open Sour...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author
2.12.2017 Citizen Reporter

Matthew Dons: What Sets Japan Apart

Matthew Dons and I sit high above one of the busiest sections of Tokyo to discuss what it is that sets Japan apart from the rest of the world and why it is noteworthy and inspiring. Support Matthew's campaign to fund his cancer treatment Matthewdons....
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Manikandan: The Vast World of Mobility and Manufacturing in India

The South of Mumbai podcast series rambled into the busy and bustling city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, where we were immediately emersed in the topic of mobility. On one particular afternoon we went to visit Manikandan at his office where he told us a...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

A Passion For Building Bikes in India

What do you get when you combine a group a friends who studied engineering, a passion for bicycles, and a city known for manufacturing? My answer: a sweet bike and a really good time. Today on the podcast, as part of the South of Mumbai series on the r...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

The Battle To Protect Kudremukh

The conflict is a familiar one no matter where you live in the world: Beautiful natural ecosystem where a vast amount plants and animals thrive is also the same land that a mining company wants to extract resources from. Kudremukh National Park got i...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Video Volunteers: Stories From The India You’re Not Supposed to Hear About

While there is much pride about India as a democracy where people have rights and representation, there is also another side of India domestic and international media rarely hear about - the marginalized groups of this vast country (think geography, ca...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Upcycling and Saving Wildlife in Goa

(Episode 491) When you think recycling and reusing, India might not be the first place that comes to find. But you'd be wrong to underestimate the longstanding traditions of making use of waste materials that exist throughout the subcontinent. One of t...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Riding the Trains in South India

It may draw some stares and annoy my traveling companions, but occasionally I take out the recorder while we are on long train journeys to try and capture the sounds and memories. The following is audio from some of those train rides. Some of South Ind...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Colin D’Cruz: The Music of Goa

Legendary musician, producer, and music label Colin D'Cruz takes us into the studio to learn about the many layers and rich tradition of music made in Goa.
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Amin Sheikh: Growing Up Mumbai

Amin Sheikh grew up living on the streets of Mumbai, with all the horror and joy that such a place can bring to a child with no one to turn to. Those streets might have eaten him alive, and they almost did. Until someone came along. A few someones in f...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Break Down: The Struggle For Responsible Ship Recycling

While global shipping is a massive and lucrative business that benefits people in so many ways, there is another side to it. Once the massive vessels need to be retired, they have to be broken down and their valueable materials recycled. Doing this usi...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP486 The Most Pain Ever: Matthew Dons on Chemo and more

2 weeks of chemo therapy and its horrid side effects, Matthew checks in to talk about how his daily struggle is progressing. We also talk about family, friends, the internet, gaming and how it all ties into this ongoing battle to live.
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP485 Support Our Friend Karamoon

Matthew Karamoon is a longtime friend of this podcast who over the years has contributed his observations on and off the air. This summer he learned that he is dying of cancer that is uncurable. In an effort to survive longer and have more time with hi...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP484 Beyond the Sharing Economy

The topic is unfortuantely overly discussed in an almost routine way in our world today: the sharing economy, the good that it does, who is in it, and who is against it. Yet even the definition of what is a sharing economy is pretty fuzzy. On today's p...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP483 How Podcasts Evolved; A Conversation with Martin of Stocktown Chronicles

Made my way up to Stockholm to spend quality time with my pal Martin of the Stocktown Chronicles Podcast. Together we sat back, drank tea, and discussed what we've seen emerge and change in podcasting since the very first days. Sit back, turn up the v...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP482 Scavenging with Jay and Ryanne

Jay and Ryanne used to live in big cities and work big jobs in an effort to pay expensive rents and live what they thought would be the good life. Then they decided to make a radical change. Quit the 9 to 5, left the over priced city, and stepped back ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP481 End of Summer Update

An update as the summer comes to a close, including thoughts on my latest journeys to Hacker Camp, Russia, and back in Amsterdam. Also an important announcement: a live podcast event this September 27th in Amsterdam!
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP480 From the Mountains in São Miguel, Azores

São Miguel, the main island of the breathtaking Azores has been my adventure this summer, traveling in circles around the island from the highest peaks to the sea and back again. It is a place of incomparable beauty and beyond that, a people who have s...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP479 It’s Nothing: A Conversation About Humanity

Over the past year (maybe more) my friend Yves has been on a journey of self discovery and observing human behavior. Each time he returns to Amsterdam we talk about his observations and attempts to change what is considered "normal everyday" communicat...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP478 Talking Podcasting and Current Projects

Some ask where I've been, but actually I never stopped producing podcasts with Source Code Berlin and Newz of the World having lots of new content coming at you quite regularly. Meanwhile on today's program I'm talking about the world of pocasts and ho...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Remembering Raja Oueis

On February 11th, 2015 my friend Raja Oueis passed away at the age of 27. I was lucky enough to meet Raja at hacker camp (OHM) in 2013. We spent several happy days exploring that crazy carnival of creativity, an event that we always looked back on with...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP476 Avoiding High Fives at Starbucks with Richard Bluestein

Richard Bluestein is a longtime internet content creator who pioneered much of what we know today as popular comedy and entertainment genres. His program, as well as his legendary character Madge Weinstein, have quietly pushed the limits and challenged...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP475 Tarek Atrissi; On Arabic Script, Graphic Design and Society

Award winning graphic designer and global citizen Tarek Atrissi joins me on the podcast to talk about Arabic script, logos, design, and the impact these things have on society.
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP474 A New Dawn Rises in Hamburg

If you've been alive for a few decades you've surely noticed how fast time passes and how things seem to change, sometimes even without us fully comprehending what has happened. Once a year, somewhere in Germany, several thousand enthusiastic individua...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Live from Shanghai: In the Land of China

It feels like everything that needs to be written about China, has been written. You've heard the proverbs and the observations; teach your children Chinese because that is the future. Doing business in China is the fast track to success. The largest p...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP472 Shelby Earl Live at Studiobar

She's been called "The most heart breaking voice in Seattle". I prefer to call her - fantastic. I had the privilege of getting to ask a few questions as part of an up close and personal performance by Shelby Earl at Studio Bar in Amsterdam. Listen and ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

CTRP471 Learning Russia from the Inside

Not since the cold war has the world needed to take a time-out from political posturing and the information game to get beyond the gate keepers and speak directly with these millions of people referred to as "Russia". Not unlike back 25 years ago, we ...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Closing Out the Dubai Taxi Project

In order to properly say goodbye to the Dubai Taxi Project, you have to have a podcast. On today's program there are final notes, unpublished reflections, hypocracies, musings, future plans and an easter egg.
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Storytelling in Dubai

Meedo Taha is, among other things, a storyteller in Dubai. Before making his life in this city, his own story went from Lebanon, to London, to Tokyo, to LA and beyond. Are we living in an era where the art of storytelling has risen to some newfound pr...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Shaped By War: An Iraqi Journalist in Dubai

Although it was not his original intention to become a journalist, war and life in general somehow pushed Ali Al Shouk in that direction. After a decade of being a reporter first in Baghdad and now in Dubai, it is journalism that has become his natural...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

Love in a Dubai Taxi

For some it is a matter of doing what their family wants. Others struggle with the demands of family and the demands of the heart. Sometimes something beautiful turns tragic. In one of the most thankless jobs in a booming city like Dubai, there are ki...
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author