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From a cabin in the woods of rural Virginia, we talk about tech, life, moonshine and sometimes very odd things.

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From a cabin in the woods of rural Virginia, we talk about tech, life, moonshine and sometimes very odd things.
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26: Neato Frames: Mexican Coke, HawaiiBalls and Steve

Today we invited Neato Frames out to the NEW cabin in the Virginia woods to talk about all things drones, what it's like to bootstrap a business in such a competitive industry and where the world is going in terms of quad racing.Nichy Zuhoski is the de...
Tech Moonshine author

23: Pwning Tin Foiled Hat People

Tech Moonshine author

22: Bieber Blocking as a National Policy

Tech Moonshine author

21: Mobile Photography Masters Class

Tech Moonshine author

20: Wrist to Pocket Arbitrage

Tech Moonshine author

18: CRAZY Data Science

Data Science on WikipediaData Science Name Controversy by RevolutionsAardvark Search Engine on WikipediaMagic 8 Ball (sort of)Feature Selection on WikipediaData Science vs. Statistics by Hadley WickhamData Lake (top Google hit!)Data Exhaust ('ware the ...
Tech Moonshine author

17: 3D Printing and Fusion Cheese Fabrication

Hubble Repair Mission on WikipediaRapid Prototyping on Wikipedia3D Printing on WikipediaSpace Conditions3D Printed HousesGE Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing3D Printing with Easy CheeseSLA Stereolithography 3D Printing on WikipediaCarbon3D Printing (SLA...
Tech Moonshine author

16: Virtual Reality Cheeze-Its

Tech Moonshine author

15: Real Estate Paddling

Residential Real Estate on WikipediaCommercial Real Estate on WikipediaMLS on WikipediaCostar:  a Commercial Real Estate CompanyLoopnet:  a free Commercial Real Estate CompanyCostart buying 
Tech Moonshine author

14: MWC Extravaganza

Tech Moonshine author

13: 9000 Metric Thalers

Tech Moonshine author

12: App Making and Level Cream

Tech Moonshine author

11: Phablets and Skinny Jeans

Apple Bendgate on Apple InsiderNexus 6 on Google Play StoreTV Size through time from Flowing DataCell Phone Size from InceptionMonster Apple Quarter on The VergeGoober Fighting it Out on EngadgetLyft Rebrand...  huh?
Tech Moonshine author

Remote Working and Orthodox Religious Operating Systems

Why Remote Engineering Is So Difficult!?#@% by Steven SinofskyVPN WikiSkypeFreeConferenceCall.comCoworking WikiWeWorkTelepresence Robots by Nate RalphGit WikiGithubSlackGoPro Stock Crash on Yahoo! FinanceJon Gruber on Sire ImprovementsObama Signing Cyb...
Tech Moonshine author

Hardware Hacking and Insensitive Stereotypes

In this week's episode, we talk about hacking hardware.  We are also given a view into Sean's insensitive cultural stereotypes, but it's cool, he's rigging a hardware hack as a cure!We would like to thank @tinyKittensHQ, via @antwatkins, for sponsoring...
Tech Moonshine author

Matthew McConaughey: A Year in Review

Tech Moonshine author

Internet to the World on Balloons

We are so happy to have Orloff's Beard Maintenance Garage as our sponsor this week!  Just remember, your beard is your visual reminder that you are a code-master.  Don't let anyone cut your mastery!  Let Orloff maintain it for you.
Tech Moonshine author

Encryption and Smooth Jazz

Tech Moonshine author

Drones: Every Step You Take, They'll Be Watching You

We would like to thank Edith's Harbaugh Haus for sponsoring this episode.  Serving the best of typical German fare, you will leave the Harbaugh Haus happy and sated.  Adorning the lake of Ohratalsperre near Gotha, Germany, it is simple to find and so d...
Tech Moonshine author

Streaming and Why Mike Likes to Wear White Tights

In this week's episode, we discuss streaming, and how it is a truly ground breaking technology.  Not only has it made content on the internet available without having to download it first, but it is disrupting industries.Sean goes on to discuss how he ...
Tech Moonshine author

Take the Gun Show on the Road in a Self-driving Car

In today's episode, we discuss the imminent rise of self-driving cars.  We also discuss Mike's habit of running around in the dark in a black, whole-body, radar absorbing body suit.  Lastly, Sean reveals his plans of taking his amazing gun show on the ...
Tech Moonshine author

Tech Moonshine episode 2: Net Neutrality and a Doritos Locos Tacos Netherworld

Tech Moonshine author

Tech Moonshine, episode 1: Wearables

Tech Moonshine author