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Music, Sports, Politics, Entertainment... This place is overflowing with obnoxious opinions on all of it.
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18.01.2019 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash 143: My Wish To Be Nude

It's witch-tit cold out there and the guys are about to talk about being naked.... that oughta warm you right up! Lots to cover on this edition of the show including Rob being once again unhappy with all you people in his world, Kanye West backed out ...
14.01.2019 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TallCanSports 294: Bob's Job

Welcome back to an all new episode of Tall Can Sports on the Tall Can Audio Podcast Network. Today Rob and Matt discuss a major upgrade to the Tall Can Audio Studio, Steve Dangle's Marner Jar at themarnerjar.com, one of the biggest superstars in the l...
10.01.2019 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TallCanSports 293: Skip The Apology

The boys are back with another all new episode of the Tall Can Sports podcast. As is often the case, the show kicks off with some craft beer talk. As they get down to business Rob tries to stump Matt on some good old hockey trivia but he's far too b...
7.01.2019 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TallCanSports Ep292: Snubbed

We keep churning out the greatness for you as we drop an all new episode of Tall Can Sports. On the agenda for your Monday morning, which NHL stars didn't receive invites to the NHL All Star Game and does it really even matter? The guys throw down the...
6.01.2019 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash 142: That Masturbation Thing

On the first episode of Audio Whiplash of 2019, the guys have a lot to get to. The guys spend some time discussing how they spent their holidays including Matt avoiding the plague and Rob finding himself surrounded by Chinese on Christmas Day. Later...
5.01.2019 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TallCanSportss Ep291: Fin'ished

The boys return to the studio for an all new episode of Tall Can Sports. Up first, a listener asks Rob to give his thoughts on the passing of legendary wrestling announcer Mean Gene Okerlund. Why did he stick with so many fans who may not have been ...
31.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash 141: 2018 Retrospective

Hey TCA-Holes & Happy Freakin' New Year! Join the guys as they take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the biggest stories of the year. But before that, we start where we always start. PornHub released their most searched terms of the ...
27.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Tall Can Sports 290: 2018 Sports Year In Review

I know, I know. All your favourite podcasts have abandoned you for the holidays. We don't play that way. We're here for you all the way through. Join Matt and Rob as they take a look at the year that was in the world of sports as they take a spin ...
24.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep289: 2019 World Juniors Preview Show

You've been asking about it. You've been waiting for it. You wanted it and now you've got it. It's the most wonderful time of the year as Matt and Rob join you once again for our Tall Can Audio Christmas Eve tradition - the World Juniors Preview Sho...
21.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep288: Hart Attack

Welcome back to an all new episode of Tall Can Sports with Matt and Rob. The Flyers make a mess of firing their head coach and call up their hotshot prospect goalie at the worst possible time, the Senators arena is pretty much dead, Ovie wants to fi...
19.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep140: Guys Just Wanna Have Fun

Welcome back to the Audio Whiplash podcast, only on Tall Can Audio. Lots to get to on this edition including Matt getting slammed over his choice of Christmas tree, Rob wants to fight people at a charity event after a brewer puts him in his place, the...
17.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep287: Get Bent, Loser!

Rob and Matt return to your earholes to discuss all the latest goings on in the world of sport. Up first, Alex Ovechkin has been absolutely torching the league at a time where most predicted he might fall back in to neutral for a while. It might soun...
13.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Unforced Errors Ep072: Tulow Fever

On this edition of the Unforced Errors podcast, Matt brings everyone up to speed on the latest from his ... Craft Beer Advent Calendar! Finally getting down to business, Matt explains why the Blue Jays may have actually been right to pay a member of t...
10.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep139: Cheeky Bastards

A real fun new episode of the flagship, Audio Whiplash, is now available for your Monday morning commute. On this episode the guys kick things off by discussing a great new craft beer they're trying. Conversation quickly turns to a unique style of a...
5.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep286: Bringer Of Pain

On episode 286 of Tall Can Sports, the guys discuss a soccer legend who appears to have turned in to a drooling moron, a super sexy translator, Josh Donaldson finding himself a new home with an old friend, 2 MMA stars reach the bottom of the barrel and...
3.12.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep285: My Willy's Extended

On an all new episode of Tall Can Sports the guys are back with tons of hockey across Ontario to cover. Up first. The Nylander saga finally came to an end at 4:55pm on Saturday as the talented winger signed a 6 year deal with the Leafs. How did we g...
30.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep138: Rob on Rob violence

On the latest edition of the show we discuss the move in to the brand new Tall Can Audio studio, Matt's unfortunate run in with an idiot salesman, Rob's battle with Rogers roars on to the point he may have to fight his own namesake, devastating news hi...
28.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep284: Axe the Hex

On episode 284 of Tall Can Sports Matt and Rob give their thoughts on the half time show of the Grey Cup, the terrible field conditions during the game, whether or not the REDBLACKS will see their QB return next season, the Flyers firing their GM, whet...
25.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Friends of TCA Give Their 2018 Grey Cup Predictions

In case you missed it on TCS283, friends of the show give a quick prediction on tonight's Championship game between the Ottawa REDBLACKS and Calgary Stampeders. Voices inside include Steve McLean of the OHL Fanboys podcast, author Mike Commito of Hock...
23.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep183: 2018 Grey Cup Tee-Up

We've arrived on the weekend of Canada's Championship Game as the Ottawa REDBLACKS will take on the Calgary Stampeders in the 106th Grey Cup. The guys give their thoughts on the East and West Finals that lead us here, the unfair reputation that Trevo...
22.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep282: Darts & Sharts

Rob makes his return to the co-host's chair on Tall Can Sports 282 with tons of ground to cover. Rob, not surprisingly, kicks off the show by raging on his recent travel woes. Following that the guys discuss the idea that Calgary deciding not to bid...
20.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep137: Swipe Left / Vote Dead

On Audio Whiplash 137, the guys discuss the fact that they're moving out of their studio heading for something bigger and better. Later on, talk turns to a European man who is petitioning a court to allow him to legally change his age from 69 to 49, ...
19.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep281: Hockey 365 with Mike Commito

On episode 281 of Tall Can Sports, Matt is joined by hockey historian Mike Commito to talk about his new book Hockey 365: Daily Stories From The Ice Matt asks Mike how you go about becoming a hockey historian, where the idea for the book came from, ho...
12.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Unforced Errors Ep071: Everybody Sucks

On episode 71 of Unforced Errors, Matt takes a look at the situation that arose around the Senators last week involving their private conversation had in an Uber being released to the public and explains why, quite frankly, literally everyone involved ...
9.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep280: Schooner Sooner?

On this episode of Tall Can Sports, we welcome our western correspondent, Dean Kozak, back to the show. On the agenda, how did the Edmonton Eskimos somehow manage to miss the playoffs? Is it time to scrap the CFL playoff format and start all over? Th...
6.11.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep279: Unrivalled

Matty Laing joins the show once more to discuss the Houston Texans joining some pretty elite company, if you can believe it, the Argos firing their celebrity coach, the Blue Jays hire their manager despite him being their third choice, Tom Brady no lon...
31.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep278: with Sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown)

On episode 278 of the Tall Can Sports podcast, Matt is joined by Sean McIndoe, better known as Down Goes Brown. Sean has a new book - in stores now - called The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL. Matt asks him about the concept for the book, the hor...
28.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Unforced Errors Ep070: Flaming Out

On the most recent episode of the Unforced Errors podcast, Matt rages on Apple for making him crazy in the studio, discusses what the loss of Matthews means for the Leafs in the short term, ponders who could be the first to be moved out of Calgary if t...
25.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep277: One Night In Toronto

We're joined once again by Matty Laing for a late night edition of the podcast talking about Toronto's two hottest teams. Up first, Matty was at tonight's game against the Timberwolves and gives his feedback on the 5 and 0 start that the Raptors have...
22.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep136: Electric Eel To The Chode

On this episode of the Audio Whiplash podcast, Rob has a "men's health" issue to talk to while finding it uncomfortable to sit on his stool for the length of the podcast. Later on, Kelly in Waterloo sends the boys an article relating to a topic they ...
17.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep276: 2018/19 Raptors / NBA Preview Show

Tall Can Sports is joined by the only NBA expert that matters, Matty Laing to tee up the season kicking off on Wednesday night. Matty gives his thoughts on whether or not this is the best Raptors team ever assembled, why there was room for concern com...
17.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep275: Yeah I Have

On Tall Can Sports 275, the guys kick off the show discussing a recent quote by Auston Matthews that has the media all in a tizzy. You'd think while tearing the league apart on the ice that would the the story, but apparently it's off the ice quotes t...
15.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep135: Where Sexting Meets Murder

Welcome back to the flagship program on the Tall Can Audio Network with Matt and Rob. On today's show, the guys discuss the almost orgasmic sounds being made in the new opening to the show before getting to a huge announcement regarding the future of...
13.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep274: Last Shot Wins

It's a rare Friday night episode of the Tall Can Sports podcast. Tons to cover here including the craziness at the end of UFC 229, Auston Matthews is tearing up the NHL, McDavid no longer being the best in the world, fun returns to the league while p...
11.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep273: My Beard Tastes Like Your Ass

Welcome back to the Tall Can Sports podcast with Matt and Rob. Up first on the show, Rob takes this opportunity to crap all over a Canadian sporting legend and tell you why he doesn't belong in his sports' hall of fame. Later on, the guys debate whe...
9.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep134: Greasy Meat Blumpkin

Welcome back to a quick episode of the Audio Whiplash podcast as we come out of a Thanksgiving Long Weekend and kick off another work week. The guys kick off the show by talking about their Thanksgiving traditions and how one might end with Matt havi...
5.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep272: Sharks, Sharts and Wild Cards

With our divisional previews in the rear view, it's time to get back to the normal pace of Tall Can Sports. The guys start things off discussing the craziness around the last few days in MLB. We've had one game tie breakers, one game wild cards, extr...
2.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep271: 2018/19 NHL Atlantic Division Preview

On Tall Can Sports 271, the guys complete their journey across the league and land back home in the Atlantic. It's truly a division of haves and have-nots as Rob mourns the destruction of his lowly Senators and Matt is giddy with anticipation over his...
1.10.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep270: 2018/19 NHL Metro Division Preview

Welcome back to the Tall Can Sports podcast with Matt and Rob. Our series of NHL divisional previews continues as we land in the Metro - home of the last 3 Stanley Cup Champions. Lots of ground to cover here including whether or not the defending ch...
28.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep269: 2018/19 NHL Central Division Preview

Our trip across the league continues as Matt and Rob stop in to the Central Division to break it all down before the puck drops next week. What was the prediction that Rob called "just stupid"? Will the Blackhawks rebound or are their days as contende...
26.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep268: 2018/19 NHL Pacific Division Preview

We are just over a week away from the NHL season kicking off which means it's time for your annual TCA predictions. As always, we will start out west and make our way back home towards the Atlantic Division. Does the Sharks; acquisition of Erik Kar...
24.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Unforced Errors Ep069: Pod With The Wind

The return of the Unforced Errors podcast sees much talk on the tornadoes that ripped through Ottawa and the aftermath that saw much of the Nation's Capital go without power for a few days. Later on, what does it all mean for TCA and when can we expec...
20.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

Audio Whiplash Ep133: Crafty & Wily & Highly Perverted

This episode of the Audio Whiplash podcast covers the creepier side of the world. A student of the University of Calgary used the school's e-mail system to send a message to every person on campus named Nicole in order to try to find a date. Creepy ...
17.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep267: Serena's Meltdown

Welcome back to the latest episode of Tall Can Sports with Matt and Rob. Up first the guys kick around the shocking resignation of Steve Yzerman from the Tampa Bay Lightning. He says it was for family reasons, but is there more to the story? Henrik ...
15.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep266: Karlssgone

Man oh man did we ever get calls for this one... On this edition of Tall Can Sports, we let Rob unleash his feelings on the Karlsson trade out of Ottawa. What's he feeling and is he joining fans ready to burn the Canadian Tire Centre to the ground? ...
13.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep265: Melnyk's Video

Welcome back to Tall Can Sports with Matt and Rob for another week. Tons to get to on this one so let's not waste any time. This week the idiot owner of the Ottawa Senators was at it again, this time putting out a video meant to spark the fan base. ...

Audio Whiplash 132: Debacle Pod

Well... Let's see here. How to describe this episode. Matt and Rob return to the studio to bring you the single worst episode of Audio Whiplash to date. Between distractions, terrible memories and just general bafooonery, nothing goes right here. ...
7.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep264: Pushed Down

Rob returns to the co hosts chair on Tall Can Sports 264. On the show today. The guys give their level of interest as the NFL season kicks off. Max Pacioretty is still in Montreal despite the Habs attempts to trade him. Should the C be taken off his...
5.09.2018 http://audello-h-15451a214b02ed.s3.amazonaws.com/podcast-thumb-TNE1PAOQSITallCaniTunes.jpg

TCS Ep263: Bringer of Trade

Back from a great long weekend Matt is joined by Matty Laing with some big stories to cover. Up first, after a disastrous season the Blue Jays and Josh Donaldson have finally parted ways. But did the move come months too late? Is it fair to blame ma...

TCS Ep262: Cluster F

The final long weekend of the summer is upon us... so... ummm.... let's talk hockey! If only it were that simple. Due to some miscommunication Rob has researched the most lopsided trades in NHL history. Matt has researched the most even trades in N...