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A conversation about IT at IU, from infinity and beyond.
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Ep. 25: The summer of Google

Nokia returns to smartphone market with Android Google takes on messaging apps & virtual assistance, Just the tip: Google@IU partnership, Microsoft works on new Windows Phone tech, Microsoft lays off hundreds of Windows Phone employees, Apple Walle...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 24: Smart contact lenses & the eagle-drone battle

Elon Musk: Monster April with SpaceX and Tesla Model 3; European drone play: Dutch eagles trained to attack DJI drones and Europe uses DJI drones for emergency missions; Smart contact lenses: Samsung contact lenses and the AR market; WhatsApp: end-to-e...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 23: #RIPTwitter & the rise of Alphabet

Twitter rolls out new algorithmic timeline; Google Alphabet unseats Apple as most valuable in world;’s Singles in America survey & the power of data; Just the Tip with Ross Wilkerson; Sad trombones: Facebook Free Basics banned in India an...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 22: CES, wearables, & the drone empire

CES 2016: Chevy Bolt and Faraday Future FFZero1; wearables finally get a purpose with devices such as WiseWear smart jewelry, L'Oreal My UV Patch, Owlet smart baby sock, OhMiBod Lovelife krush; CES' Unmanned Marketplace, Lily Robotics drone, and upcomi...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 21: Looking beyond the Surface (Book)

Microsoft: Surface Book, Surface 4, Band 2; Understanding Wi-Fi at IU; Hacking: Why China targeted Anthem BC/BS; Wearable tech: MasterCard partners with fashion designer; Business: Smartphone sales stalling worldwide; Tech triumph: Airpaper, the Comcas...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 20: So long, OneStart. Hello, Google Alphabet

Indiana University: OneStart retirement; Google Alphabet; Nexus 5X and 6P; Apple announcements: iPhone 6S/6S+ sales, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, iOS 9 problems and Watch 0S2; Keurig for soda/drinks; Sprint budget cuts; campus rumors on iPhone thefts
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 19: Wearables, Windows 10, & the whys of a hack

Experiences with the Apple Watch and Moto 360, Samsung Gear S2 and what's to come in wearables, Windows 10 tips for the IU community, the whys of the Ashley Madison hack, the Keurig for cocktails, Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 design blunder, and LG's profit...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 18: What is IU's Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative?

Episode 18 is all about one thing: IU's Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative. IU's libraries and archives hold more than 100 years of unique and rare time-based media. MDPI is working to make sure these historical and cultural recordings are ...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 17: GreekRide: Tech & the student startup

Indiana University student Liam Bolling, joins Talk Nerdy to talk about his startup company, GreekRide—a ride-management app for fraternities and sororities. Other topics include: cutting the cable cord, Meerkat & Periscope, Facebook's latest: News...
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 16: Is a digital dark age upon us?

Revisiting net neutrality; Vint Cerf’s warning of a digital dark age; Google Chromecast
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 15: Google: A Love-Fear Relationship

FCC redefines broadband; Google takes over all the things (wireless, SpaceX, fiber); Elon Musk donates to keep AI from killing us; Luna Sleep mattress cover; two-factor authentication at IU; Joe goes to CES; Windows drops Windows Phone name
IT Communications Office author

Ep. 14: What is net neutrality?

The Interview and online movie distribution; China blocks Gmail access; Bank of England uses social media trends to set interest rates; Apple regains mobile market share; Xiaomi rips off Apple designs and doesn't get sued; setting up mobile devices for...
IT Communications Office author

Episode 13: The Average Joe's Guide to Buying a Computer

Nokia N1 tablet and reversible USB cords, Snapchat Snapcash and Square, New York City to replace 10,000 payphones with free Wi-Fi pylons, Google and Facebook to come to the workplace, the average Joe's guide to buying a computer
IT Communications Office author

Episode 12: Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Nerding out on: Apple Pay, Super Smash Bros/Gaming, Elon Musk on artificial intelligence, IU to retire Webmail and Imail, Amazon Fire Phone, Electronics For Imaging fined for bad ethics.
IT Communications Office author

Episode 11: Support, Tech, & Smartwatches: A Student's Guide

Moto 360; smart watches; Google Chrome to start flagging misleading downloads; Google Voice Search/Google Now to handle multiple languages; UITS STudent OUtreach; UITS Support Center; IU Secure; One.IU; Canvas; OneStart; Oncourse; mobile printing; lynd...
IT Communications Office author

Episode 10: Cosplay for your life

Cosplay at IU Geek Week; Vic Gundotra and the future of Google+; ATT to buy DirecTV; Sony's falling profits; Snapchat update, Amazon smartphone; Heartbleed at IU; ATT bringing VOIP to LTE; Oculus Rift helps dying grandmother walk
IT Communications Office author

Episode 9: For the love of Bitcoin

The nerds talk about: Bitcoin; Facebook buys Oculus VR; Google Glass partners with Luxxotica, Oakley, Ray-Ban; Samsung Galaxy S5 4K camera; LG smart light alarm clock; Belkin Folio bluetooth keyboard for iPad Mini 2; Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto; Alicia Key...
IT Communications Office author

Episode 8: Robot Overlords? Not so fast.

Join the nerds for a chat about: Microsoft Office for iPad, Samsung Galaxy S5, Belkin Qod, iPad Air & Mini, Oculus Rift, Bitcoin, Cosmos TV with the IU Astronomy Club, IU roboticist Anna Eilering, DARPA challenge, Team DRC Hubo, Robopuppet, and Goo...
IT Communications Office author

Episode 7: Kind of Exciting & Kind of Expensive

Cool Leaf buttonless keyboard, Google Nexus 7, Dell Inspiron 15 No-Touch Windows 8, Facebook Princeton study,, candy crush saga, Samsung sales, Windows sales, sustainability, green IT
IT Communications Office author

Episode 6: Game On segment (extended)

future of gamification in higher ed, game mechanics, higher ed, Intellagirl, WoW, World of Warcraft, Second Life, virtual worlds
IT Communications Office author

Episode 6: Don't Come to Class Naked

Intro; Utility belt: Dell Venue 7 and Nexus 7 tablets; Discussion: CES 2014, 4K TVs, wearable tech, Xbox One; Game On!: future of gamification in higher ed with Sarah Smith-Robbins and Brian Hawkins; Just the Tip with the UITS Support Center: Spring se...
IT Communications Office author

Episode 5: Always Learning

Statewide IT Conference, Game On student event, Google Glass, UITS Support Center
IT Communications Office author

Episode 4: Lemme Google Glass That For Ya

Nerding out over: Google Glass, iOS 7, Bloominglabs, Maker space, hacker space, Kay Connolly, CLEARHealth, healthcare, technology, whole disc encryption
IT Communications Office author

Episode 3: The Chaptering

Android PC stick, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, iOS, Android, Windows, iPhone, SwiftKey, drama shot, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo, Women in IT, UITS Support Center tech tip, IU email, sad trombone, Facebook Home, HTC First, twitter, @talknerdyiu, chapters, talkn...
IT Communications Office author

Episode 2: Bigger, Redder, Faster, More

Big Red II one petaFLOPS supercomputer, Indiana University, Logitech touch mouse T620, HTC First, Facebook Home, Jawbone Up, Finkbeiner Test, Google Glass, Marissa Meyer, Xbox always-on, console and PC game sequels, thunderdome, utility belt, women in ...
IT Communications Office author

Episode 1: Maiden Voyage

Meet your hosts, CIB tech showcase and hot gadgets under $200, how gaming changes lives, Blackberry Z10, cell phone use in classrooms, brief history of women in IT, UITS Support Center tip
IT Communications Office author