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58. Life is Like a Piano (That’s Amore!)

Have you ever wanted to play a musical instrument? A tradition now for hundreds of years, the piano has heavily influenced every major style of music since its first appearance, thanks to a great Italian inventor from Padua. Let’s learn more about the ...
Learn Italian Pod author

57. The First Latin Lover (That’s Amore!)

One of the most magnetic and charismatic stars of the silent era, Rudolph Valentino, once said, “People are not in love with me, but with the picture of me on the screen. I am merely the canvas on which they paint their dreams.” This time, let’s learn ...
Learn Italian Pod author

56. On Top of The Volcano (That’s Amore!)

The word volcano originally comes from the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan. It is said that Vulcan built a blacksmith workshop under Mount Etna and whenever Venus is unfaithful Vulcan grows angry and beats the red-hot metal with such a force that...
Learn Italian Pod author

55. More Popular Than Spaghetti (That’s Amore!)

The air is filled with World Cup Fever, so let’s talk about a legendary Italian World Cup hero who, at the peak of his career, was said to be “more popular than spaghetti”. We’ll learn his ups and downs during his soccer career, all while we practice l...
Learn Italian Pod author

54. It’s All About The Glass (That’s Amore!)

Italy is famous for so many delicious wines. And who knew that choosing the correct glass for your wine was such an important aspect in relishing the flavor and enjoying that moment you take that first sip. So, relax and pour yourself a glass while we ...
Learn Italian Pod author

53. The Most Popular Muscleman (That’s Amore!)

The importance of becoming fit and strong has long been an important factor to the general public. This time, let’s find out just how one famous Italian muscleman helped evolve the golden age of fitness and physical culture, all while we practice lots ...
Learn Italian Pod author

52. At The Pinocchio’s Park (That’s Amore!)

VIP Member Sara, who is studying in Siena, Italy, wrote us to tell us of a great field trip she went on to the “Parco di Pinocchio.” – She tells us, “Wow! Pinocchio is truly loved and famous in Italy and now I know why there are little Pinocchio figure...
Learn Italian Pod author

51. Let’s Play Cards! (That’s Amore!)

VIP Member Gianna just returned from Italy to visit family for the first time, and asks, “Why is it that Italians are so serious when playing cards? Every night, after dinner we played a card game called “Scopa” and it was very exciting and so competit...
Learn Italian Pod author

50. Lock Your Love Forever (That’s Amore!)

The tradition of locking your love with a padlock on a bridge as a symbol of love and commitment is practiced throughout the world. No one is quite sure where this tradition has originated but love locks spring up on new bridges daily. — So, let’s lear...
Learn Italian Pod author

49. The Italian Happy Hour (That’s Amore!)

Italians, known for eating dinner quite late in the evening, call their Happy Hour “Aperitivo”. Literally, “aperitivo” is a pre-meal drink whose scope is to stimulate appetite, but in Italy it is in fact much more than that. Italians consider the time ...
Learn Italian Pod author

48. When I Grow Up, I Want To Be… (That’s Amore!)

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – How many times have people asked you that question when you were younger? Our little friend Marco is twelve years old: when he grows up he would like to be a famous cook, and let’s certainly hope all of his ...
Learn Italian Pod author

47. Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino (That’s Amore!)

There’s a well loved and widely popular Italian dish that’s easy and inexpensive to make, but it’s packed with flavor and healthy ingredients. The name of the dish is “spaghetti all’aglio olio e peperoncino” (spaghetti with garlic, oil, and hot pepper)...
Learn Italian Pod author

46. Snow Skiing In The Desert (That’s Amore!)

If you like winter sports, and skiing in particular, you know the feeling you get by skiing in a perfectly groomed ski slope. Now, imagine being able to do it in the middle of the desert. Impossible, you say? – Think again. – This time, let’s learn all...
Learn Italian Pod author

45. It’s A Moon, It’s A Balloon, It’s A Mongolfiera! (That’s Amore!)

Did you know that the first living astronauts in history were a sheep, a goose and a rooster? They flew in 1783 in France on board of a big hot-air balloon. So, let’s celebrate the first flight in history with living creatures on board all while we pra...
Learn Italian Pod author

8. The Great Idea Finder (Fame& Fortune)

You are sure to “get a charge” out of this time’s lesson about the great Italian scientist Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electric battery. Let’s learn all about one of the greatest scientist and idea finders, Alessandro Volta, and how he obtain...
Learn Italian Pod author

44. Summer Fun in Italy (That’s Amore!)

Let’s spend a day at one of the most famous Italian water parks: Aqualandia. Located near Venice, in the Veneto region, Aqualandia is much more than a traditional water park. With its shows, activities, and extreme attractions, the park is one of Itali...
Learn Italian Pod author

43. The Pearl of The Lake (That’s Amore!)

Lake Como is a magnificent lake located in the region of Lombardia, Italy about 25 miles north of Milan. Among the many noted lakeside villages, Bellagio has been a true favorite of most nobles throughout the centuries. Let’s discover why Bellagio, als...
Learn Italian Pod author

42. Anything To Declare? (That’s Amore!)

Believe it or not, once they came back from the moon, Apollo 11 astronauts had to go through customs and immigration, like regular people do. Apparently, this was done more as a fun ritual than as a requirement from the government. So, let’s discover w...
Learn Italian Pod author

41. The Most Unusual Palio Contest (That’s Amore!)

This story is really unusual. We’re quite sure that if we say the word “Palio”, your mind will immediately go to the world-famous horse race “Palio di Siena”. – Not so for the people who live in the small Italian village of Fermignano, located in the M...
Learn Italian Pod author

40. I Can Move, I Can Talk, I Can Walk! (That’s Amore!)

This time’s story is a celebration of what is considered to be the most translated book in the history of Italian literature. With over 240 translations, “Le Avventure di Pinocchio” (The Adventures of Pinocchio) remains a world-wide classic of children...
Learn Italian Pod author

39. The Toughest Soccer Game (That’s Amore!)

This time’s news is about the so-called “Calcio Storico Fiorentino” (Historical Soccer from Florence). – Invented in the 16th century as a way to keep military troops in shape while waiting to go into battle, this sport is a brutal mix of soccer, wrest...
Learn Italian Pod author

7. A Voice That Loves You (Fame& Fortune)

This time, the spotlight is on a man who is considered to be the tenor singer par excellence: the great Italian tenor Enrico Caruso. The warmth and sincerity of his voice and larger than life personality made Enrico Caruso a superstar all over the worl...
Learn Italian Pod author

38. How To Heal A Broken Heart (That’s Amore!)

This time’s news is about a very creative way that an Italian travel agency has found to heal the so-called “mal d’amore” (broken heart): a bike tour for singles which they say it is the perfect cure for the relationship blues. – Let’s learn all about ...
Learn Italian Pod author

6. The Hero of The Two Worlds (Fame& Fortune)

This time, the spotlight is on one of the most important and influential personalities in the history of Italy. His name is Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general and politician who is considered one of the true founding fathers of Italy as we know it ...
Learn Italian Pod author

5. A Timeless Movie Star (Fame& Fortune)

This time, the spotlight is on one of the greatest actresses in the history of cinema. Her name is Sophia Loren, a smart and talented actress – and a beautiful woman – who won numerous awards and honors, including two Oscars. Let’s learn all about this...
Learn Italian Pod author

4. An Indomitable Willpower (Fame& Fortune)

This time, the spotlight is on one of the most extraordinary women in the scientific world, a woman who dedicated her life to scientific research with extraordinary results. Her name is Rita Levi Montalcini, a great scientist who won the Nobel Prize fo...
Learn Italian Pod author

3. The Ultimate Renaissance Man (Fame& Fortune)

This time, the spotlight is on the ultimate Renaissance Man, one of the greatest if not the greatest genius of all times, Leonardo da Vinci. Let’s learn all about the genius and creativity of a truly wonderful mind, and let’s practice lots of useful It...
Learn Italian Pod author

2. The“Maestro” of Modern Cinema (Fame& Fortune)

Federico Fellini, the Oscar-winning “Maestro” who masterfully explored the fantasies and dreams of the human mind, is one of the movie directors who have most influenced the history of modern cinema. Let’s learn all about one of the most creative movie...
Learn Italian Pod author

1. The Great Explorer (Fame& Fortune)

Italy has an comprehensive list of famous people who have excelled in all fields imaginable by man. Actors, architects, composers, artists, scientists, engineers, chefs, athletes – you name it! – for each imaginable field there is or there has been a f...
Learn Italian Pod author

37. No Tipping Necessary (That’s Amore!)

This news comes all the way from China where a recently opened restaurant is using – unbelievable but true – a robot-waiter to serve customers at the table. The robot-waiter is the invention of the restaurant’s owner, who is a technology enthusiast. So...
Learn Italian Pod author

36. Touring Italy On A Vespa (That’s Amore!)

VIP Member Christine from Australia recently told us a story of a couple who bought an old Vespa, the famous Italian motorbike, and travelled all across Italy with it. They said they had the best time of their life! – Little did we know that this “Vesp...
Learn Italian Pod author

35. The Chocolate Stamp (That’s Amore!)

Longtime VIP Member Angela, who is from Belgium, sent an interesting news about her country. Belgium is famous for its delicious chocolate so the Belgian post office took this love for chocolate to the extreme by releasing – incredible but true – a sta...
Learn Italian Pod author

34. The Fountain’s Facelift (That’s Amore!)

Did you know that 60% of the world’s art treasures can be found in Italy and good part of that art is in the beautiful city of Rome? – Rome is famous for its museums, churches, art galleries, and magnificent works of art. Recently, one of the true symb...
Learn Italian Pod author

33. The Ultimate Slow Food Experience (That’s Amore!)

VIP Member Carla from New York just came back from a wonderful trip to Italy. She believes that the best way to understand and appreciate a culture is to learn how to cook its typical dishes, so she spent two weeks in a beautiful Tuscan villa learning ...
Learn Italian Pod author

32. The Power of Silence (That’s Amore!)

This time, let’s talk about… silence. It seems like that one of the most difficult things to do these days is to find a quiet corner where to unwind, relax, and reflect. After all, we all live in the so-called information overload era. – A famous depar...
Learn Italian Pod author

31. There’s an App for Everything (That’s Amore!)

These days it’s all about smart phones or, as they call them in Italy, “telefonini intelligenti”. Italians love their smart phones and most of all they love their applications (in short, apps), which are fully functioning programs that run on smart pho...
Learn Italian Pod author

30. Italian Tradition? Maybe Not! (That’s Amore!)

Let’s talk about those traditions and customs that all over the world are believed to be Italian, but that in reality are virtually unknown in Italy. – For example, while in Italy, try ordering a cappuccino at the end of a meal, or ask the waiter for c...
Learn Italian Pod author

29. The Holiday Cake War (That’s Amore!)

Since Christmas is just a couple of days away, let’s talk about the two traditional cakes that all Italians will have on their table on Christmas Day: the world famous “Panettone” and “Pandoro”. – Like every year, the competition between these two deli...
Learn Italian Pod author

28. The Trendy Knitting (That’s Amore!)

Let’s talk about a new trend, or better, an old activity that has recently become quite popular: knitting. – Jane’s grandma Rina is an expert in this craft, and she taught her how to knit, and so now Jane loves to spend time knitting with her girlfrien...
Learn Italian Pod author

27. Don’t Forget Your Lucky Charm (That’s Amore!)

Let’s talk about superstitions and lucky charms. It is a well known fact that Italians are in general extremely superstitious: a newspaper reported that Italians spend about 8 billion dollars a year on fortune tellers and astrology. One of the most fam...
Learn Italian Pod author

26. Man’s Best Friend (That’s Amore!)

Let’s find out what Italians’ favorite pets are. About a year ago, a major Italian association who protects animals run a survey asking Italians to indicate their favorite pet. You will not be surprised to hear that the dog is still “man’s best friends...
Learn Italian Pod author

25. The Hunt for The Perfect Location (That’s Amore!)

We are just a few weeks away from the beginning of the Holiday Season, and one of Italians’ favorite activities these days is to look for the “perfect” location where to spend a few days of well-earned rest with family and friends. So, let’s find out w...
Learn Italian Pod author

24. An All Italian Jewel (That’s Amore!)

Long time VIP member Jason from Scotland visited the small Italian city of Modena on a recent trip to Italy, and he just fell in love with it. He says: “Not only Modena is one of Europe’s major economic realities, but it’s a wonderful place where to ha...
Learn Italian Pod author

23. The Return of The Chestnut Man (That’s Amore!)

This time’s episode is all about one of Italy’s favorite traditions: the arrival, during the month of October especially in smaller cities, of the so-called “Chestnut Man” (in Italian, “Castagnaro”). For many Italians, October is a month full of great ...
Learn Italian Pod author

22. Different Cities, Different Rules (That’s Amore!)

VIP Member Carla from San Diego, California, just recently went on a Mediterranean cruise. When she stopped in different cities all around Italy she found out some interesting rules that some cities enforce to protect their historical centers. – So, le...
Learn Italian Pod author

21. Want to Buy an Italian Village? (That’s Amore!)

If your dream is to buy a piece of Italy, today could be your lucky day… but of course, you would need to win the lottery first! – VIP Member Simon from New York found out that an entire Tuscan village is up for sale. Simon loves Italy; his grandparent...
Learn Italian Pod author

20. The Secret of a Long Life (That’s Amore!)

Get ready for a treat as this episode could reveal the secret of a long life! – That is, according to VIP Member Roberta from Vancouver, Canada, who went to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia just a month ago, and was impressed by the discovery o...
Learn Italian Pod author

19. The Golden Goodness (That’s Amore!)

This week’s news is about a museum entirely dedicated to one of the most popular condiments in the world, mustard. – Mustard is loved everywhere, in America, Europe, Australia, and all over the world. Listen to this interesting piece of news and practi...
Learn Italian Pod author

18. The Underwater Spaceship (That’s Amore!)

This time, we’ll take you to one of the most exotic vacation destinations you’ll ever hear about! – Our friend and VIP Member Mark, who is an architect from New Zealand, sent us this very interesting article about a luxurious underwater hotel that is c...
Learn Italian Pod author

17. The New Mirror of the Soul (That’s Amore!)

This time’s news is all about a very special kind of spa treatment. Longtime VIP Member Rossella, who for work reasons just relocated to Phoenix Arizona, found this incredible spa that offers, among the usual services, a complete reading of the feet. S...
Learn Italian Pod author