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Scott Gosnell is a consultant, writer, educator and entrepreneur. In this podcast, he interviews creators, innovators and explorers, finding out what lets them excel in their professional and personal lives, and how you can apply these lessons to your own life.

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EP 043 Vinay Gupta on Survival and Enlightenment

I am, by temperament and experience, more sanguine about all of this than he is. I tend to think things will eventually work themselves out over time. My enlightenment experiences have been mild and pleasant; if mine had been as harrowing as his, I wou...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 42 Camelia Elias on Clear Sight and Clean Cuts

Camelia Elias holds a PhD and DPhil and spent the last twenty years as a professor of literature, most recently at Roskilde University in Denmark. Recently, she escaped academia to start an online school, Aradia Academy, where she teaches cartomancy (c...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 041 Gary Lachman on the Lost Knowledge of the Imagination

Today, I talk with Gary Lachman about his latest book, The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination. We discuss the need to balance the analytic "survival mode" consciousness of the external world with an older way of thinking that prioritizes the inner lands...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 040 Jason Fagone on Elizabeth Smith Friedman, Codebreaker

I used to see some amazing obituaries, often in British newspapers, detailing a remarkable life lived by someone who had worked undercover during WWII, escaped from Nazis, and gone on to live to a great old age. Frequently, these people were forgotten ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 039 Daniel Ingram on Meditative States, Paths, and Ethical Living

Daniel Ingram has a successful career as an ER doctor, but he's best known on the Internet for being a meditator and meditation teacher. He's the author of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: an Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book, which I first rea...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 038 Lynne Kelly on The Memory Code

Lynne Kelly is a teacher, science writer and anthropologist of oral and pre-literate cultures. Her most recent book is The Memory Code, which deals with the use of memory techniques including rituals, songs, dances, portable devices, and large-scale ge...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 037 Phil Stutz and Barry Michels Return to Talk about Coming Alive

This is an unpodcast episode, consisting of a transcript only. Read the full interview over at Today on Startup Geometry, we're talking with Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, authors of the new book Coming Alive. Since we last tal...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 036 Eric Obenauf of Two Dollar Radio on Indy Publishing

Eric Obenauf founded Two Dollar Radio to publish daring, experimental fiction that wouldn't otherwise find its audience. On this episode, we talk about how indy and small press publishing works, the importance of having your own taste, and the art of ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 035 Stephen Buranyi on Science Culture, Bad Data and Scientific Publishing

Stephen Buranyi writes about science and the socioeconomic structure of the scientific research system in place today. We talk about the joys and sorrows of being a scientist who has escaped the academy, how to pitch ideas for articles for general audi...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 034 Jon Taplin on Tech Monopolies and the Creative Economy

Jonathan Taplin is Director Emeritus of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California. he was a Professor at the USC Annenberg School from 2003-2016. Taplin's areas of specialization are in international communication management...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 033 Shava Nerad returns to talk politics

Public Service Announcement: This week, the Senate released their version of the AHCA, which would cause 25 million people to lose their health insurance. Access to individual health insurance markets enables entrepreneurs, among others, to take the ri...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 032 Frederick Schilling on Chocolate and Growing Sustainable Businesses

Frederick Schilling loves chocolate. He is the founder of Dagoba Chocolate, AMMA Chocolate and Big Tree Farms. He's made a career out of launching products that are not only delicious and luxurious, but also environmentally and socially responsible. Wh...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 031 Sid Kemp on Preparing for Success & Failure

Sid Kemp is a coach, consultant and the author of ten books on business success published by McGraw-Hill and Entrepreneur Press. Until a decade ago, Sid worked with top Fortune 500 companies, government agencies like the US Nuclear Regulatory Commissio...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 030 Ben Joffe on Tibetan Ngakpa, Tantra and Medicine

Ben Joffe is a scholar of Vajrayana Buddhism, currently finishing his PhD at the University of Colorado, Boulder. On this episode, we talk about his first career as a teenaged tarot reader, the question of how Vajrayana and tantra have been impacted by...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 029 B Alan Wallace on the Great Perfection of Dudjom Lingpa

B. Alan Wallace Today, I talk with B. Alan Wallace about his multiple careers as Buddhist contemplative and teacher, physicist and cognitive scientist, writer and translator. We discuss his road to becoming a monk and returning to laity, the meditativ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 028 Max Gladstone on Writing Wizards Like Lawyers

Max Gladstone Today, I talk with Max Gladstone, author of The Craft Sequence, in which a magical post-Apocalyptic society turns out to be not a terribly bad place to live, thank you very much. He describes his novels differently depending on who he's ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 027 Mitch Horowitz and the Secret History of America

Mitch Horowitz Today on Startup Geometry, I talk with Mitch Horowitz, editor, voiceover artist, historian of alternative religion and the occult, and author of Occult America and One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life. We discuss ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 026 Gordon White on Podcasting and Prehistory

Gordon White This week I talk to Gordon White, former "weird kid", proprietor of the popular Rune Soup podcast and blog. Gordon is also a documentarian, world traveler, digital strategist and practicing magician. He's the author of three books that ca...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 025 Robert Pool on Peak Performance

Robert Pool is a mathematician, science writer, and, together with Anders Ericsson, the author of Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. Today, we talk about the use of deliberate practice to improve physical and mental performance, why the 1...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 024 Cory Doctorow on the Copyfight

Cory Doctorow is a bestselling author of both science fiction and techno-sociological nonfiction, one of four editors of longtime popular weblog boingboing, and an activist and advocate for intellectual property rights, working extensively with the Ele...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 023 Kevin Kelly on Shaping the Future

Kevin Kelly spends a lot of time thinking about the future. He once spent six months imagining that he only had six months to live (and keeps a timer on his own life expectancy), and co-founded the Long Now foundation, built around the idea of a 10,000...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 022 Michelle Warnky on Overcoming Obstacles

Michelle Warnky is the owner of Movement Lab Ohio, a competitor in obstacle races and a traceusse de parkour (a parkour freerunner). You can see her on American Ninja Warrior, where she's one of a small group of successful repeat competitors, and you c...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 021 Shava Nerad on Tech Careers, Surveillance and Privacy

Shava Nerad is the former Executive Director of the Tor Project, open source software that helps users protect their online privacy. She is currently CEO of Oddfellow Studios, and a frequent writer through Quora (where I met her) and on her Patreon sit...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 020 Helen DeWitt

Helen DeWitt is the author of The Last Samurai, Lightning Rods, and, with Ilya Gridnef, Your Name Here. The Last Samurai, originally released by Miramax Books in 2000, is being released in a new edition by New Directions in May 2016. For many years, th...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 019 Luca Turin on the Secrets of Scent and the Scientific Method

Luca Turin is a biophysicist and expert in the sense of smell. He is best known to the scientific community as the proponent of the vibrational theory of olfaction: that smell receptors detect the vibrational frequencies of the molecular bonds of parts...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 018 David Heinemeier Hansson

David Heinemeier Hansson is the co-founder (with Jason Fried) of Basecamp (formerly 37signals) , author of Remote and Rework (also with Jason Fried), and creator of the Ruby on Rails framework. He's also a race car driver, having won the 2014 24 Hours ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 017 Andrei Codrescu

Long before there were blogs or podcasts, Andrei Codrescu was writing online (much of it through his "hidden literary magazine" Exquisite Corpse) and publishing audio commentary (often as a commentator on NPR). He is the author of many books of poetry,...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 016 Emanuel Derman

Emanuel Derman first had a successful career as a particle physicist, and then an even more  successful career on Wall Street, doing advanced mathematical modeling of financial instrument prices and volatility. Currently, he is a professor at Columbia ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 015 Barry Michels and Phil Stutz, Authors of The Tools

Barry Michels and Phil Stutz are two of the most sought-after psychotherapists in Los Angeles, particularly by creative professionals. They are also the authors of The Tools, a book that teaches you the techniques they use in their practice to help unl...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 014 Renaissance Mathematicus Thony Christie

Thony Christie, historian of science and proprietor of the Renaissance Mathematicus and Whewell's Ghost stops by to talk about Galileo, Newton, the Copernican controversy, and why it was smart to believe that the Earth didn't move. The story of how we...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 013 Andrew Johnson on Hypnosis

Andrew Johnson wants help you relax. He's an online hypnotherapist and designer of a wildly popular series of hypnotherapy apps and mp3s.   Today, we talk about how to use relaxation techniques, including hypnosis and guided meditation, to change h...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 012 Anthony Metivier on Magnetic Memory Methods

Anthony Metivier, proprietor of, has taught fifty thousand people how to improve their memory using the memory palace technique. He is a one man content factory, producing books, podcasts, online videos and courses to teach for...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 011 Warren Ellis on Writing and Weirdness

Warren Ellis is a master storyteller with over twenty years experience producing amazing stories as serials, singles, graphic novels, books and films. He is also a very funny man, in all the best senses of the word. From his website: Warren Ellis is t...
Scott Gosnell author

Startup Geometry Podcast Excerpt: Warren Ellis on Politics

Warren Ellis and I talk about the ways British and American politics are looking more and more like something he's writing. Why Jeremy Corbyn is a return to classic Labor, and not a baby eating monster, and what Joe Biden should do about a possible Pre...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 010 Nicolas Cole on Transformation as Personal Brand

Today, I talk with Nicolas Cole, a Creative Director with Idea Booth, a branding consultancy and think tank. When he was a teenager, he was a  highly ranked World of Warcraft player and blogger, spending hours online as an Undead Mage while skating thr...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 009 Alice Dreger on Galileo’s Middle Finger

In this episode, I talk with Alice Dreger, author of Galileo's Middle Finger and former Professor of Clinical Medical Humanities and Bioethics at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University in Chicago. She resigned from the position foll...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 008 Justine Simonson & Marcus Lehmann of How To Make It In

Today, I talk with Justine Simonson and Marcus Lehmann, filmmakers and creators of the YouTube series How To Make It In _________. From Justine &  Marcus: How To Make It In: Berlin is the premier season of a web series about small businesses and ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 007 Alex Bandar of Columbus Idea Foundry

Live from the Columbus Idea Foundry makerspace and incubator, I talk with Alex Bandar about protoyping products, neighborhoods, cities and the Idea Foundry itself.   Alex Bandar is an engineer with a specialization in materials science and computer ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 006 Ed Cooke of Memrise

Ed Cooke is a Memory Grandmaster and CEO of Memrise, a company dedicated to making you better at learning and memory. Today, we talk about ways to maximize your memory, how get more out of life by paying better attention to it, and the Epicurian value ...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 005 Claudia Azula Altucher

Claudia Azula Altucher is an idea machine; an accomplished yoga practitioner and teacher; and a popular podcaster, author and YouTuber. Today, she brings all of this to the podcast to help you get your life on the move. She'll teach you what you need t...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 004 Brad DeLong on Macro and the Meltdown

Brad DeLong visits Startup Geometry today to talk about economic currents and current economics. He may or may not have confessed to being a hyperintelligent swarm of bees in human form, a historian in disguise as an economist, and/or a Keynesian. He r...
Scott Gosnell author

Startup Geometry Podcast: Excerpt on Trade with Brad Delong

In this short preview of my interview with economist Brad Delong, we discuss the economic and social impact of the trade deals currently being negotiated by the US Trade Representative, including the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trade Promotion Aut...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 003 Adam Swartzbaugh may secretly be Captain America

Adam Swartzbaugh, founder of the Genesis Network, works to defeat human trafficking and help rebuild local networks to help with disaster recovery. He's not only an active social entrepreneur, he's also a rapid language learner, world traveler and mult...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 002 Christoph Rehage

"Tourism is sin, and travel on foot virtue." -Werner Herzog. In this episode, I talk with Christoph Rehage, who filmed himself walking more than 5000km across China over the course of a year. Most of you will be familiar with him from the YouTube video...
Scott Gosnell author

EP 001 Steven Brust, PJF

Welcome to the Startup Geometry podcast, where we talk to the creators, innovators and explorers who make the world what it is. In this episode, I talk with Steven Brust, author of the Vlad Taltos/Dragaera novels. We talk about his writing process, im...
Scott Gosnell author