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A weekly podcast on news and technology with Jay Rosen and Dave Winer.
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Rebooting the News #94

Our guest this week: Lisa Williams: blogger, news hacker and CEO of Update on Dave’s Blork system… The importance of learning programming and doing it yourself, which Lisa is attempting to do. Appearing at TechCrunch Disrupt, Jay tried...

Rebooting the News #93

Dave’s report on traveling to Amsterdam for the Next Web conference. Mike Arrington: “These people, the tech press, just disgust me.” Kara Swisher of The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital site (and conference) on Twitter… The biggest difference ...

Rebooting the News #92

Dave calls this “the best RBTN we’ve ever done.” Why? “All the others were punditry. This one was a user and a developer going back and forth.” What we were going back and forth about was Blork, the new RSS-based blogging tool and news aggregator that ...

Rebooting the News #91

No time for show notes this week, but a good show! Please listen:

Rebooting the News #90

The coming media frenzy over the royal wedding shows, in a way, that we do not have a free press. Because they have to go overboard with it; they have no choice. YouTube is incorporating livestreaming. Chris Dixon: Google’s Social Strategy…. ” Should G...

Rebooting the News #89

Dave: My linkblog merges with my realblog. Plus: an update on the new blogging tools. Part of the Engadget team moves to sbnation to start a new tech blog there. Why? There had been no progress in the content management system at AOL since 2003, was on...

Rebooting the News #88

Some of the items we found worth talking about this week: Bill Kelller: WTF: Has anyone actually seen James O’Keefe and Julian Assange together? Are we quite sure that the right-wing prankster who brought down the leadership of National Public Radio an...

Rebooting the News #87

Jay’s presentation at SXSW on the Twisted Psychology of Bloggers vs. Journalists: it worked! (The text, the audio.) The big event in the Rebooting the News world this week was the debut of the paywall, or “pay fence,” or metered system at the New York ...

Rebooting the News #86

Jay was on a plane flying back from the SXSW conference, so I did something new I’ve been wanting to do for a while, a call-in show. The first caller was my old podcast partner Adam Curry, so we spent quite some time talking about blogging, podcasting ...