Primal Security Podcast

Primal Security Podcast is a show for people who want to hear about the latest security news and hear about the security industry.

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Primal Security Podcast is a show for people who want to hear about the latest security news and hear about the security industry.
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PrimalSec Podcast Episode 30

Winter is coming and HBO is already feeling the chill…well maybe. This month we are joined by Zack, Luke, Lane, and Andrew talking about news items, and their normal random banter. This is the first podcast in a while we don’t mention Marissa Mayer fro...

Primal Security Episode 29

With our first update of the summer we address multiple compromises, electoral hacks, and much much more! 1) WANNACRY/Ransomware Update https://labsb...

PrimalSec-Ep28 - Shoneys Guns and Unicorns

Tanium breaches trust with customer data to get new customers:   Unicode phishing:

PrimalSec Podcast Ep 27: St. Paddy's Day Malware

Besides NOVA 2017 “Im Cuckoo for Malware”: IoT cloudpets hacked ,

PrimalSec Podcast Episode 26: Happy Holidays

News Items:   APT-28 and APT-29, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear:   Massive Data breaches https://www...

PrimalSec Podcast Ep25 Hacktoberfest

Octoberfest -> Micah just released python parser for untapped   Mirai Botnet DNS Attacks (IoT) Joomla Vuln ...

PrimalSec Podcast Ep 24: Getting Started with Pentesting

This episode of Primal Security podcast is hosted by Andrew, Lane, Luke, and Zack with guest speaker Dan Amodio. Dan is an expert with all things penetration testing and red teaming and discusses his experiences with getting started in the industry. A ...

PrimalSec Podcast Ep 23: Getting Started with Python


PrimalSec Podcast Ep. 22: Phishers Paradise

News Items: Bug Bounty via Hacker One for Porn Hub Blind XSS on Go Daddy Support Submission ImageTragick HTML PoC + Exploit PoC Cybrary Session Wednesday: How to Break Into A Company From the Internet Pt.1 Pwndlist got Pwned Facebook CTF platform V...

PrimalSec Podcast Ep. 21 Ransomware

This month's podcast is hosted by Andrew, Lane, Luke, Matt, Zack, and guest speaker Eric Peterson from BreakPoint Labs. Eric has an extensive background in hunting for malware on enterprise networks and shares his knowledge on Ransomware.

PrimalSec Podcast Ep. 20: D.C. Cyber Security Pros

This month’s podcast is hosted by Andrew, Luke, Zack, Lane, and special guest Tyrone Wilson CEO of Cover6 Solutions.  We quickly discuss some news items over this past month and then talk about the D.C. Cyber Security Professionals Meetup group led by ...

PrimalSec Podcast Ep. 19: Trying Harder with OSCP

Quick news Items: FBI vs. Apple Iphone Kohls Cash Fraud Spotify Account Compromise   Then we discuss OSCP, and talk about our experience with OSCP.

PrimalSec Podcast Episode 18: Interview with Shawn Wells

This months podcast is hosted by Lane, Luke, Zack, Andrew, and Matt with guest speaker Shawn Wells.  We cover news items over the last month and Shawn digs into OpenSCAP, and Docker security.

PrimalSec Podcast Ep17: Running Away From Security

Guest Speak Micah Hoffman discusses his conference talk on the security issues surrounding fitness devices and web applications.  Great talk from someone who really cares about security, and loves to share knowledge. Talk:

PrimalSec Podcast Episode 16

We go over some news items from the last month, cover a new computer search engine, and to a tech segment on Mobile Security.

PrimalSec Podcast Episode 15: How to Start Your InfoSec Career

How to Start Your InfoSec Career

PrimalSec Podcast Episode 9

Show Notes: Google Firing Range to scan and test XSS Black Hat Python by @jms_dot_py Overview of Data Breaches: Stables USPS JP Morgan NOAA Nvisium Seccasts is now free EMET 5.1 Bypass OSWE needs to come online now! OMFG Windows Vulns: IE OLE Autom...

PrimalSec Podcast Episode #8

Show Notes: 1. DerbyCon Recap 2. DerbyCon CTF 3. Corelan Advanced Training 4. Shell_Shock 6 CVEs 5. Overview of data breaches for September: (iCloud, Home Depot, Jimmy Johns, ObamaCare, JPMorgan, Gmail, etc.) 6. Endless Celebrity nudes 7. Kali Nethunte...

PrimalSec Podcast Episode #7

In this podcast we talk about some recent conferences we attended (Black Hat, Def Con), and some upcoming conferences (DerbyCon/Corelan Training).  We briefly discuss some of the different training options in InfoSec, and go over some of PrimalSec's ne...

Primal Security Podcast May 2014


PrimalSec Podcast Ep.5


Primal Security Podcast February 2014

We've been gone for a while, but we're back with some new news. 

Primal Security Podcast November 2013

This is Primal Security Podcast #3 for November 2013.

Primal Security Podcast Episode 1 - July 2013

This is the first episode of the Primal Security Podcast. July 2013 Blog with show notes can be found at