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Platform Nation is a collaboration of several gaming podcasts who decided it would be best for our gamers, the podcasters and the rest of the gaming community if they came together to share efforts. Together we have a larger voice in the community for the gamers that we strive to speak for. We share the same forums and for the most part, share the same listeners. After all, we are a community, not a network Platform Nation, United We Game.

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United We Game!
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Video Game Jocks Podcast 9/15/2016

In this episode, we talk about the Rocket League Rumble Update, the Next Xbox to Buy, X-Men Apocalypse, Mr. Robot, Atlanta, the NFL, UFC 203, WWE Backlash, We Answer Your Tweets and More!
Steve@platformnation.com author

Critical Strike 133: Super Yeti

Look, it hasen’t been a year in between episodes! We did it, everyone! Now we won’t make anymore promises on our schedule. Here is what we discussed on this episode: Kyle became the neighborhood watch, Josh’s gut is a strainer, spiders!, Deus Ex: Memor...
Steve@platformnation.com author

TRP 9/9/16: Layers of Courage

Courage everywhere. So many layers!
Steve@platformnation.com author

Video Game Jocks Podcast 9/8/2016

In this episode, we talk about Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Madden NFL 17, the PlayStation 4 Pro, Blood Father, Independence Day Resurgence, The Night Of, Big Brother, UFC 203, WWE Backlash, We Answer Your Tweets and More!
Steve@platformnation.com author

Critical Strike 132: No Kyle’s Neighbor

Well here we are everyone, it’s been over a year since our last actual sit down and get together type podcast. Somehow we decided we should do this again, who knows how long it will last? Either way, as usual it was a blast to dick around. Here’s what ...
Steve@platformnation.com author

TRP 8/18/16: No Man’s Brainzone

You are about to enter THE BRAINZONE!!!
Steve@platformnation.com author

Video Game Jocks Podcast 8/18/2016

In this episode, we talk about Rocket League, What the Nintendo NX Probably Is, Titanfall 2, The Night Of, Mr. Robot, The Olympics, UFC 202, SummerSlam, We Answer Your Tweets and More!
Steve@platformnation.com author

TRP 8/14/16: Pokémon NO GO

Listen as one man fights to keep his tenuous grip on augmented reality.
Steve@platformnation.com author

TRP 8/4/16: INSIDE Spoilercast

Neil and Kaz gather to spoil the living daylights out of Inside. We’ll have a full episode next week, if you haven’t played Inside yet (It’s only 3-4 hours long, go play it!) you should probably skip this one.
Steve@platformnation.com author

Video Game Jocks Podcast 8/4/2016

In this episode, we talk about Rocket League, Overwatch's Summer Olympics Update, Just Cause 3, the Xbox One S, Jason Bourne, The Night Of, Mr. Robot, WWE, the New York Yankees, We Answer Your Tweets and More!
Steve@platformnation.com author