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A weekly show about technology, Sci-Fi, Cellular phones and Fantasy
šŸ‡®šŸ‡± Hebrew
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2017-11-28 12:01
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2011-07-29 05:31
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Didi Chanoch and Ziv Kitaro author  
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Episode 28: the revolution will be podcasted

there is a revolution here in israel and it's growing in streangth. there is a smell of hope and it feels great. Didi and Ziv went out of the studio and into the crowdes to talk to the people.

Episode 27: No one die at the Emmys

00:01:40 Didi is a superstar00:03:50 New look for the android Market00:06:06 iRiver Story HD - a Google eBook Reader, this takes us to talk about the ebook stores. 00:12:42 Sony Ericsson Arc review00:18:23 Israeli MPs are out of sync with reality00:21:...

Episode 26: Here Be Spoilers

00:00:00-00:15:29 RIM is kinda screwed 00:15:29-00:21:17 Speaking of screwed (kidding): Nokia N9 00:21:17-00:26:44 Not screwed: Amazon. Tablets coming this summer? 00:26:44-00:31:27 Apple 1: Lodsys messes up. Will be screwed. Maybe. 00:31:27-00:32:2...

Episode 25 - you should really watch GoT first

HT expo 3D television are not that hot Audiophiles, Didi is not a memeber More talk about DC reboot, vertigo etc. Game of Thrones - episode 9, spoilers galore

Episode 24 - Apple copies, Doctor goes to war

00:00 opening01:24 WWDC 2011 - quick look05:54 No, Microsoft can't sell their OS cheap - a talk about companies DNA12:17 iOS 5 - Notification, PC Free, iCloud, Camera.49:40 one more thing - Music match56:05 E3 and the tale of the Wii U 01:06 Bat girls0...

episode 23 - mobile future brighter than Ned

0000 opening 01:54 Nokia why they dropped meego and a Ā conversation on the future on the future landscape. 14:38 windows 823:46 e3 and wwdc 38:10 schools adopting tablets47:30 DCU rebooting, on the tech side the digital edition coming dame day, same pr...

Episode 22 - Upcoming Tech, Upcoming Shows

00:00:00-00:04:35 Nokia N9 Lives? Really?Ā  00:04:35-00:11:37 Microsoft To Buy Nokia? Really? 00:11:37-00:16:00 Motorola Droid X 2. Also: Motorola Oil 00:16:00-00:21:26 Amazon Tablets?Ā  00:21:26-00:22:07 Apple Stores 2.0? 00:22:07-00:23:42 Upcoming Sh...

episode 21: capping your Internet

00:20 Google announcements: one version for Android, cool stuff coming up.04:40 Reasons for Android updatesĀ  issues in Israel12:12 capped Internet15:39 apple doesn't understand Internet services17:19 MicroSkype: microsoft purchased Skype and where does...

Episode 20: hacked yet again

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} 00:00 Opening 01:25 Samsung S 2 Review on Endgadget 04:20 Zaparade tech event: LG black, and 3D, Arc Ā  10:20 Intel new 3D chip 13:08 Apple fix for the iOS tracking issue 13:36 Sony hackedā€¦ ...

Episode 19 - Tech Unicorns and Fantasy Puppies

00:00:00 - 00:06:58 Mocking white iPhone buyers 00:06:58 - 00:11:25 iOS 5.0 beings to show up 00:11:25 - 00:16:52 PSN hack is not good 00:16:52 - 00:20:07 Chinese space station.Ā  00:20:07 - 00:27:17 Apple goes to the iCloud? 00:27:17 - 00:29:58 Samsun...

Episode 18 - Mostly Game of Thrones

00:00-08:47 - The iPhone keeps track of where you are 08:47-13:59 - Enought With the IP Lawsuits! 13:59-20:42 - Amazon tablet? 20:42-33:42 - Thor 33:42-End - Game of Thrones

Episode 17 - two kids, one screen

AT&T-Mobile - Do we care?Pelephone MusixPhilips new Easy 3D offers gamers a cool feature - one screen, two imagesSamsung Galaxy Tab 8.9ipad 2 long linesIsraeli ebook stores still a no showCamelotMortensen won't play Zod... fine, didn't know he was ...

Episode 16: Barcelona!

This week Didi takes us into the heart of darkness... or into the cool Mobile world conference he just came back from. Didi talks about the cool phones and tablets he played with, and also about the general trends he saw.This week Didi takes us into th...

Episode 15: Shoot Ourselves in the Head

00:00:00-00:02:12 Open00:02:12-00:16:00 CES Tablets. Xoom and non-Xoom00:16:00-00:29:08 CES Phones. Atrix and others00:29:08-00:38:20 Carriers slowing Android updates and adding crapware00:38:20-00:41:26 iOS 4.300:41:26-00:42:05 Casio Tryx. Ziv wants t...

Episode 14 - Year's END

In which we say goodbye to 2010. 00:00:00-00:15:00 Mobile year in review 00:15:00-00:23:23 Kindle lending and internet of things 00:23:23-00:33:20 Net neutrality and FCC 00:33:20-00:37:00 Wikileaks oddly leads us to Fringe 00:37:00-00:44:27 Product ...

Episode 13 - Christmas, Fables and darkness

Marry christmas everyone.We start with What's this - from Nightmare before christmas.9.3 Million Galaxy S devices sold. Beats iPhone in Korea.Google Chrome Web Apps. Our (or Didi's) experienceSkype went down. The world stopped talking. Opportunity for ...

Phones in Space 12 - Tron, Potter, e-readers

Phones in spacelife did its best to hold us from making another show, but we are too clever fir it.Didi and Ziv are back again with a round of news and reviews. From CES to the new Tron, from Walking Dead to the Nexus S, everything you need to know abo...

Episode 11: I can't remember what i forgot

01:00 Viruses and Cybercrime on the mac11:00 Beatles, they are now on iTunesā€¦ who cares?18:50 the Samsung Galaxy Tab32:40 NFC coming to Android and Nokia37:30 Fox wants a legal show with wizards39:45 Dark Knight rising to become a TV show?42:00 New mov...

Episode 10: Dead rises, kids color

00:00 Ziv's new vlog on youtube04:05 Ebooks - news from amazon, Nook in Color and Nook for kids, and a few words about the tab15:44 the new playstation phone19:28 Apple building a phone with a SIM in it? what will this do to the industry?21:25 a quick ...

Episode 9: Man bites Apple. Goes Mad

00:00-41:28 Apple. Lion. Air. Facetime. All that. 41:28-47:12 Nokia cancelling the Symbian^3/Symbian^4 distinction 47:12-51:45 Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, The Hobbit 51:45 54:55 Awesome Harry potter TV ads somehow lead us to Guillermo del Toro and...

Episode 8: Insert objectionable text here

This week on Phones in space: No MeeGo phones in 2010. MeeGo chief gone. Is this a good thing?Nokia: Not deadSamsung Galaxy Tab launches in Israel first. Prices: 89 a month for 36 months plus 89 for 2gb data plan for 18 months. Blackberry PlaybookAvaya...

Episode 7: Fringe, Nokia, and Two iCon festivals

After missing last week due to illness, we're back! 00:56: Jon Hamm as Superman? 05:00: Old Doctow Who DVDs 08:33: WildStorm is dead 14:00 Black Widow Movie 18:15 Terry O'quinn and Michael Emerson get their own show 19:12 The big Fringe debate 38:23 iC...

Episode 6: The Apple thing, and the Hugo

This week on Phones in Space:00:00 Intro01:57 Ping - the social failure of Apple.08:46 AppleTV and the future of cable TV12:30 iPod Touch, not the end all of compact cameras so sad15:14 The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the future of tablets23:57 Sony Ericsso...

Episode 5: the fall show

Two batmen are coming to DC.Doctor who 2 shows in one and what it means to us all.Upcoming fall Shows - from Fringe to the Event, everything you wanted to know.Runways Filming begins, and what might have happenApple fall announcments - the good and the...

Episode 4: Some Horror, Some Nokia

This week, we talk about the Nokia N8 and rumored N9, the upcoming Apple announcements, Samsung Tab, Google Phone Booth, Locke and Key going to TV, Narnia, Angel going to Dark Horse, X-Men First Class, and Mad Men.Ā 

Episode 3: Apple Vs. Star Wars Vs. Mad Men

This week, wetalk about about AppleĀ Vs. the world in the PC and mobile spaces, a bitĀ about e-ink, some Star Wars, Scott Pilgrim, X-Men First Class, Dragon Age 2, Silent Hill and Mad Men. Yes. Mad Men.

Episode 1 - the voyage begins

This week on Phones in Space we talk about the Kindle, the iPad and ebooks. As the new kindle is shipping, Didi is thinking that it might be the time to move there. on the pros and cons of the digital age - listen in. Also, the special secret episode o...


On this pilot show we choose a name for the podcast, talk about the end of google wave, learn about the new Blackbaerry, figuring out if the Avengers movie will be good or not and point out some cool Web site s you should all know. Ā  Who are we? Didi C...