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Various articles - May, 2018

What If Amazon Closed Up Shop Tomorrow?; Tesla's Tussle With Feds Over Model X Accident is a Fool's Errand; Alexa, Teach Me How to Talk to You

Three Articles - Apr, 2018

The Old Man and the Smartphone. US Carriers Prep ID Protection That Goes Beyond Passwords. No Women Speakers at Your Conference?

Various articles - Mar, 2018

Is Bitcoin the Biggest Bubble in Human History; YouTubes Covert Cryptocurrency-Mining Ads, ; Protecting Your Business From Cryptocurrency

Various articles - Feb, 2018

Microsoft Phone: Bend, Fold, and Wear; The Real Reason Voice Assistants Are Female (And Why It Matters); Technology is Killing Me (And Probably You)

Various articles - Jan, 2018

Could You Form an Emotional Bond With a Self Driving Car? Tech 'Improvements' That Actually Make Things Worse; Can Artificial Intelligence Be Creative?

Various articles - Jul, 2017

Forget Man Vs. Machine: It's Time for Computer vs. Computer; Who Do You Trust More With Your Safety: Google or Ford? Apple HomePod, shake things up

Various articles - Jun, 2017

Fake News is Just the Start of the Web's Attack on Reality; Uber Unveils Personal Airplane Design; In a Mobile-First World, Don't Forget the PC

Augmented Ability - May, 2017

How smart tech is making assistive techonology smarter. High tech usage to help the disabled continues to grow and improve. By Michelle Z. Donahue

Various articles - May, 2017

Elon Musk Wants to Implant an AI Interface in Your Brain. Silicon Valley Tops Detroit at Autonomous Cars? Think Again; Spring Clean Your Gadgets

Various articles - Apr 2017

Who Should Your Self-Driving Car Save in a Crash? Technology can get ahead of itself in mobile communications. Rights for AI and Robots

Various articles - Mar, 2017

High tech provides more automation and robots, but the skill of writing still belongs firmly in the hands of humans. DNA Data Storage: Nature Provides A Way

Various articles - Feb, 2017

Why LinkedIn Under Microsoft is Doomed; Autonomous Cars Will Have to be (Artificially) Intelligent; Uber, Lyft in Reducing Congestion

Various articles - Dec, 2016

Ford Previews Truly Autonomous Parking-Assist Tech; MIT and Lamborghini to Create Even Better Super Cars; Good Reasons to Let a ChatBot Ride Shotgun

Smart Farms: Big Data Meets Big Ag - Dec, 2016

The dream of big data in agriculture promises to improve efficiency and yields, but the components habe yet to become a cohesive whole.

Various article - Nov, 2016

Fighting Sexism in Silicon Valley; There are complex issues with the colonization of Mars; Your Next Bank Card May Change Number Every Hour

Various articles - Oct, 2016

Perspective on Changing Tech; Here's Why UBER has a broader approach; Googles DeepMind Gives Robots a Scary-Accurate New Voice

Autonomous Cars, Email Safety, What is 5G - Sep, 2016

The tech of self driving cars is so immense that it opens the door to things that cannot be predicted; Security at risk to those that prefer to do harm

Bot Revolution, Learn to Read the Story of Your Data - Aug, 2016

Robots being intricately involved in our daily lives is a long term but overblown prospect. Tracking devices can help you analyze data.

Various articles - Jul, 2016

The Internet of Things Is Not For You; Supercomputers Will Power Autonomous Cars; With Voice, Offline No Longer Exists

Various Articles - Jun, 2016

Will the Apple Car Succeed? by John Dvorak. Are Phones Becoming too Complicated? by Tim Bajarin. New A.I. Platform Thinks? By Rob Marvin.

Various articles - Jun, 2016

The Next Bit Thing for Connected Cars: Apps Drivers Actually Use; The Supercomputers That Are Exploring Quantum Cryptography

Various articles - May, 2016

The difficulty of voice recognition and hacking of commandable devices pose major problems; How Twitter and the NFL Just Broke TV

Various articles - Apr, 2016

The future of computer input mechanizing may change from voice to physical gesture. What If Everything Were Encrypted?

Various articles - Mar, 2016

Privacy is Never About Just One Phone, By Dan Costa; Why Your Car Needs "Nanny Tech", By Doug Newcomb, When PCs Become Appliances, By John C. Dvorak

Various articles - Feb, 2016

Never Lose Your Luggage Again, By Sascha Segan, The Year of Big Obfuscation, By John C. Dvorak, Meet Josh, Jeeves for the 21st Century

Various articles - Jan, 2016

Buckling Under the Weight of Search, How PC Makers Can Salvage PC Sales, All Signs Point to Telecommuting

Various articles - Dec, 2016

A modern day hotel is using a robot for some room service duties. Silicon may be facing replacement. Disney prosthetics makes young patients heroes.

Various articles - Nov, 2015

Augmented Reality, New Credit Card Chips Mean Innovation, Annoyance Telecommuting-The Antidote to Rush Hour, By J. Dvorak, E. Dashevsky, E. Grevstad

Drivers And Car Tech, Surveillance State in Disguise- Oct, 2015

A lot of new tech devices and capabilities are not being used in late model cars. By Doug Newcomb Internet tracking issues. By John C. Dvorak

Cars and Built-in Tablets, Comic Portrait of Whistle Blower - Sep, 2015

The type of device and capabilities and the cost all come into play for the automakers. New biography of NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden

Various articles - Aug, 2015

Free Travel Apps for Your Next Road Trip, By Jill Duffy; Is Negative PC Growth the New Normal?, By Tim Bajarin

The Encryption Chronicles and Darkode Seizure- Aug, 2015

Large data breaches of both government data and commercial data by hackers firmly establishes the weakness; Darkode, a website brought down by FBI

Windows 10; Cell Phone Jamming - Jul, 2015

New OS follows corporate idea thinking, but not public users opinions; The use of signal jamming for cell phones can be useful

Various Articles - Jun, 2015

Short falls in online education. By William Denton Personal computing not so personal, By John C. Dvorak

Microsoft's HoloLens, Laptop Design - Jun, 2015

Physical actions of the wearer cause the HoloLens to take the user into a new experience of the world. Laptop PC design

Various articles - Apr, 2015

Microsoft's Windows Phone does not seem to be able to compete. Hacking threat for driverless cars has been overblown.

Various articles - Mar, 2015

Where Drones Can and Can't Go, Chloe Albanesius and Stephanie Mlot ; Anthem's Data Breach, Sascha Segan; Radio Shack Eulogy, Jamie Lendino

Various articles - Feb, 2015

Trend for making extremely small sizes of PC's; Google continues to provide the technology for vehicles that are fully self driving

Various articles - Jan, 2015

Using Video Games to Prepare for the Culture Shock of War, By Sophia Stuart; Don't Buy a Smartwatch (Yet, Anyway), Scott Olthoff

Various articles - Jan, 2015

Making Robot Cars More Human; Useless Cool-A look at one aspect of the Internet of Everything; A review of the movie about Stephen Hawking

Various articles - Dec, 2014

DARPA Creates First 1 TeraHertz Computer Chip; An Ambulance Drone for Health Care on the Fly; How Tiny Tech Firms Are Disrupting the Giants

Various articles - Nov, 2014

Inside the Mind of Ada Lovelace; The Perils of Making the Virtual More Real; How Tech Can Stop 'Car-mageddon'

Apple articles - Oct, 2014

Hysteria or Religion? A perspective that likens the company's public aspects, image/interface, buyers to religion.; The phablet recreation.

Various articles - Oct, 2014

Who Should Be the Self Driving Car's Moral Compass?; We Audiophiles Will Miss the IPod Classic; Wrists On With the Apple Watch

Various articles - Oct, 2014

Don't Dismiss Voice Recognition in Cars; The Real Difference Between Microsoft and Apple; Why Tablet Sales Are Dropping?

Various articles - Aug, 2014

Google Founders Using AI and applying to driving vehicles, By Chloe Albanesius; Using Angry Birds to Develop Skills, By Stephanie Mlot

Various articles - Aug, 2014

App, Secret, is negatively critiqued, By Sascha Segan; Google and the Apple-IBM Deal, By Fahmida Y. Rashid

Various articles - Jun, 2014

Does Apple Need a Large Screen iPhone? By Tim Bajarin; You Love Easy Networking Setup But So Do Scammers, By Samara Lynn

Various articles - May, 2014

Teaching Kids to Code; Can We Handle Crime When We're Immortal?; Why I Don't Want My Daughter to Work in Silicon Valley

Cisco, CarPlay & Glass - May, 2014

Cisco's Security Problems, by Samara Lynn; Apple's CarPlay: Short of Innovation, by Doug Newcomb; One Year of Google Glass, by Russell Holly