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Office 365 Exposed delivers high-quality technical insight into what's happening in the world of Office 365 and Exchange Server. Your hosts are Microsoft Exchange MVPs Tony Redmond and Paul Robichaux, both well-known personalities and the authors of many books, magazine articles, blog posts, and rants covering Exchange Server, Office 365, Skype for Business, and even, occasionally, SharePoint.

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Office 365 Exposed, Episode 14

It’s MVP Summit week, and you know what that means: another episode! This time, Tony and I were joined by Greg Taylor and Brent Alinger from Microsoft. We discussed a rash of topics, including the impending death end of support … Continue reading →
robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 13

Join me and co-hosts Tony Redmond and Vasil Michev as we talk about all manner of things, including the new Outlook web app, Microsoft’s checkered history with transport rules for security, various SharePoint topics, and the pungent cloud of FUD … Cont...
robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 12:

As per tradition, Tony Redmond and I got together at Microsoft Ignite 2018 in Orlando to record a new episode of “Office 365 Exposed” podcast. The Ignite organizers make studios available for this purpose, which is most appreciated. We were … Continue ...
robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 11: Spectre, Meltdown, and the O365 Admin

This episode was recorded at the Continental Hotel in Budapest, where Tony and I were joined by Office 365 MVPs Alan Byrne and Vasil Michev. We explore the wonders of the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability and learn how it affects– or doesn’t affect– Excha...
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, Episode 10

Tony and I decided to do a special holiday edition of the podcast to celebrate a banner 2017. In 2018, we have some big things planned– but until then, enjoy this episode where you can learn what our favorite new … Continue reading →
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 9

I just got back from Microsoft Ignite, where I stayed locked in a restaurant with customers for almost the entire time. Thankfully, I was able to escape long enough to sit down with Tony Redmond and Microsoft’s Christophe Fiessinger to … Continue readi...
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 08

Back by popular demand: Office 365 Exposed! In this episode, Tony and I recap the (excellent) Office 365 Engage conference, discuss some various change management “issues” (I use the term politely; “problems” would be more accurate) with Office 365, to...
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 7

In this episode, Tony and I welcome special guest and Office 365 MVP Alan Byrne, who comes off the top rope on Microsoft and their Office 365 reporting APIs. We discuss something Citibank has that you don’t, wonder where some … Continue reading →
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed episode 6, from Las Vegas

Fresh on the episode we did at Microsoft Ignite this year, Tony and I thought it would be fun to do another short episode while we’re both in Vegas for IT/DevConnections… so we did. Topics include a spiffy new profanity … Continue reading →
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 5

I hear you now: “Wait! You and Tony record new episodes quarterly! In California! Why are you posting a new episode already?” Because Microsoft Ignite, that’s why! We were able to steal away to the very nicely equipped Podcast Center … Continue reading...
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, Episode 4

Another trip to California for Tony and me means another episode of Office 365 Exposed! This time, we talked about Microsoft Ignite, Office 365 Groups, why the Saints are my favorite football team, and a host of other topics. (OK, I … Continue reading ...
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed, episode 3

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tony at ENow World Headquarters (OK, it’s just a regular office, but that sounds better) to talk about the state of the Office 365 world. In this episode, we talked about the latest … Continue reading →
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed ep 02

It’s the offseason for Office 365, at least sort of– with no conferences until the fall, Tony and I had to take the opportunity of meetings at ENow to record this episode of Office 365 Exposed. Topics we covered included … Continue reading →
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author

Office 365 Exposed ep 01 / Exchange Exposed ep 05

We’re baaaaack… Last year, Tony and I started producing a podcast for Windows IT Pro called “Exchange Exposed.” It was moderately successful, but the demands of producing and delivering the podcast on a regular schedule didn’t mesh well with Penton’s …...
Tony Redmond & Paul Robichaux author