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2018 Digital Outlook Report with Ryann Miller and Michael Johnston

The 2018 Digital Outlook Report is a trends and strategy research report, which includes a “walk you through three areas that may be uncharted terrain for your organization: mobile optimization, tracking web conversion, and email deliverability.“  Ry...
Steve Boland author

The War for Fundraising Talent with Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis is the Managing Partner at BetterSchools, and author of the book The War for Fundraising Talent. The book “is an honest yet hopeful critique of professional fundraising, intended especially for small shops that find it difficult to consiste...
Steve Boland author

Cause Way with Angela Titus

Cause Way “is a boutique consultancy providing advisory services to business, non-profit and institutional clients with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility, nonprofit capacity building, community revitalization, and social innovation.” Ang...
Steve Boland author

Appolition with Tiffany Mikell and Kortney Ziegler

Appolition is a service that “Automatically give(s) your spare change from everyday purchases to help prevent the detrimental impact (of millions of people incarcerated because they cannot afford bail).” Learn more about the issue of mass incarceration...
Steve Boland author

Facebook Pages and Nonprofits with Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is the founder of, specializing in Facebook ads, marketing and digital reach. Jon provides information, training and consulting services to help organizations improve their Facebook marketing. Jon wrote a post in January 2018...
Steve Boland author

Eisner Foundation with Trent Stamp

Trent Stamp is the CEO of the Eisner Foundation, a family foundation whose mission “…identifies, advocates for, and invests in high-quality and innovative programs that unite multiple generations for the betterment of our communities.” The decision to ...
Steve Boland author

APM Research Lab with Craig Helmstetter

Craig Helmstetter is the Managing Partner of APM Research Lab, a new effort from American Public Media with a mission to “foster an engaged democracy by inspiring curiosity, inquiry and discussion through fact-driven, credible research and analysis.” ...
Steve Boland author

Social Startup Success with Kathleen Kelly Janus

Kathleen Kelly Janus is the author of the new book, Social Startup Success. The book focuses on “…best practices for testing ideas, measuring impact, funding experimentation, leading collectively and storytelling with purpose.” Host Steve Boland talk...
Steve Boland author

Autodesk Foundation with Joe Speicher

Joe Speicher is the Executive Director of the Autodesk Foundation, which “supports the people and organizations using design for positive social and environmental impact.” Autodesk creates design software, and the Autodesk Foundation focuses on “lighth...
Steve Boland author

Kiva and Springboard with Caroline Taiwo

Caroline Taiwo is the Economic Opportunity Program Director for Springboard for the Arts, whose mission is to “cultivate vibrant communities by connecting artists with the skills, information, and services they need to make a living and a life.” Spring...
Steve Boland author

Community Indicators Consortium with Ruth Hamberg

Ruth Hamberg is the research associate with the Community Indicators Consortium, which was “organized in the belief that information sharing, collaboration and open dialogue — across geography and disciplines — are key to the advancement of people, the...
Steve Boland author
12.12.2017 with Josue Estrada

Josue Estrada is the Senior Vice President for Marketing and Industry Solutions at, which “puts the world’s best technology into the hands of nonprofits and schools so they can create more impact.” Josue talked to host Steve Boland liv...
Steve Boland author

Classy with Scot Chisholm

Scot Chisholm is the CEO and Co-Founder of Classy, “the world’s fastest growing fundraising platform for social impact organizations.” Classy offers many tools to support individual donor campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, event-based fundraising and...
Steve Boland author

Sierra Club with Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas is the Chief Innovation Officer of the Sierra Club, whose mission is to “To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth.” Chris joins host Steve Boland live from Dreamforce 2017 to talk about the uses of technology in suppo...
Steve Boland author

NerdKind with Ginger Sorvari Bucklin

Ginger Sorvari Bucklin is the executive director of the Nerdery Foundation, which “works to bridge this gap [between potential and technical barriers] , bringing together highly-skilled technologists with the community-based organizations who most need...
Steve Boland author

FormAssembly with Cedric Savarese

Cedric Savarese is the Founder and CEO of FormAssembly, which provides “Streamlined visual editing and publishing makes it easy for anyone in your organization to create and manage complex forms.” The service integrates with many other tools, and has n...
Steve Boland author

SPCA International with Meredith Ayan

Meredith Ayan is the Executive Director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International, which “works to stop the abuse and suffering of animals with innovative programs that serve both animals and their human caretakers.” SPCA ...
Steve Boland author

Oracle Netsuite with Peggy Duvette

Peggy Duvette is the Director of Social Impact for Oracle+NetSuite, whose mission is “to accelerate the social impact of nonprofit and social enterprises globally, regardless of ability to pay, with our software donations and pro bono services.” Nonpro...
Steve Boland author

GrantAdvisor with Carolyn Egeberg and Jon Pratt

GrantAdvisor is a “ web service that facilitates open dialogue between nonprofits and grantmakers by collecting authentic, real-time reviews and comments on grantseekers’ experiences working with funders to encourage more productive philanthropy.” Caro...
Steve Boland author

MCN Annual Conference 2017

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits had it’s annual conference on October 12 and 13, 2017. The conference theme was Evolve, and host Steve Boland spoke with many attendees about what they learned, what they had to share, and challenges still to be reso...
Steve Boland author

Global Giving 2017 with Heather Mansfield

“The 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report is a research project that seeks to gain a better understanding of how donors prefer to give and engage with their favorite causes and charitable organizations. Sponsored by the Public Interest Registry and rese...
Steve Boland author

Cookie Cart with Matt Halley

Cookie Cart “provides teens 15 to 18 years old with lasting and meaningful work, life and leadership skills through experience and training in an urban nonprofit bakery.” It is also one of the earlier examples of a charitable, social enterprise in the ...
Steve Boland author

GivingLoop with Abdallah Absi

GivingLoop is “a sustainable fundraising platform that helps non-profits focus less on fundraising and more on changing the world.” Abdallah Absi is co-founder and CEO and GivingLoop, and joins host Steve Boland to talk about the movement toward sustai...
Steve Boland author

CommunityGiving with Steve Joul

CommunityGiving is the new entity launched to help grow and support community foundations and community giving in their service areas. The website describes their work: “Together we unite foundations in Alexandria, Brainerd, Willmar and the Greater St....
Steve Boland author

Ecotone with Tim Roman

Tim Roman is a co-founder and partner at Ecotone Analytics, “a data analytics company working with clients who want to manage, monitor, and measure their social or environmental impact.” Ecotone helps charities and social good organizations understand ...
Steve Boland author

Analyze This with Kevin Church

Analyze This! is “a Twin Cities meetup group for data science practitioners and enthusiasts to collaborate on practical, real world problems. Each quarter, a business or organization presents a specific issue that requires data science expertise.” Ke...
Steve Boland author

Diversity and inclusion with Jonathan Palmer

Jonathan Palmer is the executive director of the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, and a seasoned nonprofit leader in a diverse community. Jonathan recently served on a panel at the Charities Review Council meeting on diversity and inclusion in nonprof...
Steve Boland author

HOURCAR with Paul Schroeder

Paul Schroeder is the CEO of HOURCAR, an effort which is currently a program of the Neighborhood Energy Connection but which is spinning off to become an independent nonprofit. HOURCAR provides car sharing services in the Twin Cities area, and what was...
Steve Boland author

The Givers with David Callahan

David Callahan is founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy, a site with a mission “To pull back the curtain on one of the most powerful and dynamic forces shaping society. Every day, our team of editors and reporters is digging into how foundations an...
Steve Boland author

Mission Control with Liana Downey

Mission Control is a book by Liana Downey. Her site describes the book as an “easy-to-follow guide, Downey lays out a simple, clear process for how you too can find your focus and developing a powerful leadership strategy. You’ll learn how to identify ...
Steve Boland author

Interest for Others with Mark Greene and Bill Dolan

Interest for Others is a nonprofit building a new system of giving using banks and other financial institutions. The core idea is to allow customers to donate their earned interest to charities directly from their bank accounts. This simple tactic coul...
Steve Boland author