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Next-Gen Gaming Blog (NGB) is the latest addition to the Kitana Media Network, which currently consists of the two premiere footballing gaming websites – FIFA Soccer Blog (FSB) and Winning Eleven Blog (WENB). NGB aims to provide you with the latest gaming news, previews and reviews as well as unique features, all written by honest and passionate gamers.

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Podcast 131 – I’ll Take All of the Graphics, Please!

It’s time for another podcast! Ben, Jonny and Kieran talk through the biggest news of the week, including: – Fire Pro Wrestling World! – New Graphics Cards! – New Xbox Bundles! – Formula 1! – PES 2019! – Gamescom! AND MORE! Don’t forget to like and sub...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 130 – No, Seriously, Don’t Copy, Kids.

It’s that time of the week again… Ben, Andy and Kieran talk about a bunch of games! Including: – F1 2018! – Okami on Switch! – We talk around Guacamelee 2! – Destiny 2! – Spyro! – MORE Plagiarism! – TIMESPLITTERS! If you’ve enjoyed this one, leave us a...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 129 – Don’t Copy, Kids…

Ben and Jonny have a cosy chat about the latest news and stuff from the world of video games! INCLUDING: – DOOM Eternal! – Red Dead Redemption 2! – Overcooked 2! – We Happy Few! – That GORGEOUS new PS4 Pro! – The Sonic Movie?! – And more!! Any question...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 128 – We’re all a bit overcooked, too…

PODCAST KLAXON!! Ben, Jonny, Matt and Kieran talk about the dwindling number of games that they’re playing right now, including: Fortnite! No Man’s Sky! Overcooked 2! Payday 2?! And all the latest news, as well as your questions! The post Podcast 128 –...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 127 – Baseball For W*****s

Ben, Kieran, Andy and Jonny get together to chat about such things as: No Man’s Sky Hollow Knight Surgeon Simulator Fortnite Hellblade #lootboxwatch Taiko No Tatsujin Kieran’s wedding Sea of Thieves Quantic Dream OnRush sales The Persistence …and is Ro...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 126 – Why is it still so hot?!

Ben, Jonny and Kieran sit down this week and talk about the HOTTEST new video games, including… Er… – Fortnite! – No Man’s Sky! – Rocket League! – Hitman 2’s Sniper Mode! – Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake! Look, there’s not a huge amount coming out righ...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 125 – Salted Caramel Commandos

Following a spot of necromancy, Ben is back from the dead! Jonny sat with his reanimated corpse and had a chat about a bunch of videogames, including: Oxenfree The Crew 2 Rocket League Jurassic World Evolution NES Mini Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Dar...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 124 – Somebody Release Something So We Can Stop Talking About Fortnite

Andy and Kieran get together to wag chins and talk about: Fortnite The NES mini Fortnite Rocket League Fortnite No Man’s Sky …and a little indie game called Fortnite For the love of God, please, someone release something so we don’t have to talk about ...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 123 – Definitely the most Matt

Andy hosts his first podcast and is joined by Kieran, Jonny and, returning to the NGB throng, Matt! Join us for japes, shenanigans and videogame chat including: Theme Hospital The Crew 2 Mario Kart Mario Tennis Aces PS Plus and XBox Live Absolver Heavy...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 122 – Parental Guidance

Emerging alone from the ruins of the last, long, furious podcast, Jonny and Kieran have a grown up and mature discussion about videogame addiction and good parenting. Including: Lego Incredibles Nintendo and Microsoft, sitting in a tree… …Sony is falli...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 121 – The E3 2018 Wrap-Up!

Ben, Jonny, Andy and Kieran sit and talk through everything announced at the E3 2018 press conferences – Including: – ALL OF THE SMASH BROS – Bethesda’s solid showing – Microsoft’s stellar conference – Sony’s bizarre logistics – EA’s murdering of C&amp...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 120 – The Big Pr-E3 one!

IT’S E3 WEEK!!!! Ben, Jonny and Gari sit and go through their predictions for the show of shows, and talk about some of the biggest news of the week, including: LEAKS! HITMAN 2! VALVE! HITMAN 2! VAMPYR! HITMAN 2! As you can probably tell, Ben’s excited...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 119 – Internet, Y U Like This?

In which Ben, Kieran and Jonny get very angry about SOME PEOPLE on the Internet and discuss more games than you can shake a Babybel at. Includes: H1Z1! Detroit: Become Human! Street Fighte 30th Anniversary Collection! More E3 Leaks! Battlefield V! Valv...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 118 – The Hat-Trick!

3 weeks, 3 podcasts! We do spoil you. This week, we talk about: Black Ops 4! Hyrule Warriors Deluxe! Onrush! Into The Breach! RAGE 2! E3 Leaks! And… Er… A rather odd tale about Babybel?! As ever, if you’ve enjoyed the podcast, leave us a like, comment ...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 117 – Duos for days, son.

Ben and Jonny take the lead with this episode of the NGB Podcast! In which they discuss: PES2019! E3 Leaks! Nintendo stuff! But not Thanos in Fortnite for some reason! Don’t forget, like share and subscribe etc – Drop us a review on iTunes! The post Po...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 116 – *tap tap*… Is this thing still on?

What’s this? Why… It’s an NGB podcast!! Join Ben, Andy and Kieran as they talk about a whole bunch of video game topics, including: God of War Red Dead Redemption 2 Fortnite (obviously) The Duke And more!! The post Podcast 116 – *tap tap*… Is this thin...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 115 – Rated Fine out of Ten

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a podcast? Yes! It’s a podcast! After taking January off for a multitude of reasons (Mainly being we’re all hella busy and stuff), we’re back! Ben, Andy and Jonny talk about a bunch of things in the gaming world,...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Game of the Year 2017 – Our Top 5!

And now it’s time… The top five games of the year, according to the staff and writers here at NGB. This year has been astonishing for games, with so many games not hitting our top ten that could have been genuine contenders any other year. With that sa...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Game of the Year 2017 – Our Top Ten Begins!

It’s time for the Top Ten to begin! This is a list of the ten best games according to the writers and staff of NGB – Do you agree with our picks? Let us know! 10 – CUPHEAD Nick: Sometimes the revisiting of classic genres can end up being a half-hearted...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Game of the Year 2017 – The Best of the Rest!

Today sees our titles that captured our imaginations, but just fell short of making our top ten list – Here are our Game Of The Year 2017 “Best of the Rest” games! Assassin’s Creed Origins Ben: Assassin’s Creed taking a year off, as clichéd as it sound...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Game of the Year 2017 – Day 2!

Game of the Year 2017 continues right here, right now, with some more talk around a bunch of categories! Today, we discuss the best “Free” games (available via PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold or other services), the best Surprise, and finally, our most anticip...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Game of the Year 2017 – Day 1!

2017’s been a bit of a weird year, hasn’t it? Outside of our little bubble of polygons and frame rates, the world’s gone a bit… Er… Mad. Fortunately, video games have had one of their strongest years in decades, and we’ve had a smashing year filled wit...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 109 – Pre Recorded For Your Pleasure

Ben and Jonny get cosy on the sofa this week for the latest NGB Podcast! Apologies for there being no live show this week, we’re currently in the midst of some crazy things going on at NGB towers. But anyway, we talk about video games! Including: Star ...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 107 – A Whole Lotta Loot…

First off, apologies for the audio fans who missed last week – There were some… Issues. However, we’re back! The recording of our second ever live podcast is right here, so listen to Ben, Matt, Jonny and Andy talk about: Rocket League! On Switch! Mario...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 105 – You Want Half-Formed Opinions?!

Podcast time! Ben and Jonny sit down on the sofa again and talk through the latest going ons in the world of video games, including: Paris Games Week! Super Mario Odyssey! Wolfenstein 2! Assassins Creed Origins! The Last Of Us: Part 2! AND MORE! Don’t ...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 104 – We’re both really poorly #Sadface

It’s time for an NGB Podcast! Ben makes his triumphant(?) return and sits with Jonny as they talk through the big news in gaming, including: South Park! Wrestling! Neogaf! Loot Boxes! Shadow of War! Stardew Valley! Gran Turismo! Loads more! The post Po...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 103 – Of Drakes and Dragons…

As Summer turns to Autumn and we all start wearing jumpers and sipping Horlicks, it’s time to reflect on some vidjagames… Jonny sits down by a roaring fire with Andy and Kieran to wax lyrical about: The miserable weather The Lego Ninjago Movie Videogam...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 102 – Rabbids and Mario and Peach, Oh My!

Podcast time! Ben and Jonny sit and discuss the week in gaming, including: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle! Sonic Mania! Everybody’s Golf! Life Is Strange: Before The Storm! The news of the week! And more! The post Podcast 102 – Rabbids and Mario and Pe...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 101 – The one with the massive hangover

The NGB Podcast returns! Gari’s played Uncharted, Jonny’s played Matterfall, and Ben’s got a hangover. Discussed this week! Sonic Mania! PES 2018! Matterfall! Uncharted: The Lost Legacy! Hellblade! And more! The post Podcast 101 – The one with the mass...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 100 – “What’s a Neymar, is that a Pokemon?”

Fancy a free copy of Destiny 2?! This week’s NGB Podcast is a biggie! Yep, we’ve finally hit episode 100! Join Ben, Jonny, and special guest Asim Tanvir of Konami (and formerly of this parish), as they talk about all things gaming, including: PES 2018!...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 99 – The One Before The Big One

Ben, Jonny, Matt and Kieran risk putting themselves all into a small space to talk about video games in the 99th NGB Podcast! They try not to kill each other over hot topics such as… SUPERHOT VR! Crash Bandicoot Trilogy! Overcooked! Alienation! GAME St...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 98 – Just the Two of Us

Join Ben and Jonny as they take a look at the gaming news (And scrape the barrel, somewhat, as it’s been a quiet week!!) Discussed this week: PUBG! That’s You! Micro Machines! News! Crash Bandicoot! Nintendo’s weird stock problems! Make sure to subscri...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 97 – The Post-PES Hangover Episode

Ben, Nico and Gari are here to talk through a bunch of things that have gone on in the past week! Including: The SNES Mini! Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds! PES2018! Micro Machines! Call of Duty! And a whole lot more! Make sure to drop us a review on iT...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 96 – The BIG E3 one!

E3 2017 has come and gone, and whilst we didn’t have boots on the ground this year, we have everything covered for you in this week’s bumper edition of the NGB Podcast – Check it out! We cover: All the conferences! All the games! All the drama! All the...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 95 – The Pre-E3 one…

It’s episode 95 of the NGB podcast, and we’re on the eve of E3 2017! We talk about all the rumours, the best and worst of things in the gaming landscape, and everything we’ve been playing, including: Overwatch! Danger Zone! Wipeout Omega Collection! Ma...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author

Podcast 94 – NINTENDOUGH!

It’s that time of the week when NGB sits down to talk games! This week, Jonny is joined by Andy and Deb where they ponder over some of the week’s hot topics such as… The Surge Dragon Age Inquisition The Uncharted Movie Farcry 5 Red Dead Redemption 2 De...
Next-Gen Gaming Blog author