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Are you paying attention? Our planet is changing at an exponential rate. If you don't know what dramatic changes are coming in the next few years, how will you be prepared? Or will your adaptations come too late? @mouselink is the internet handle of the New-York-based author, teacher, public speaker and artist, Matteo Wyllyamz. Matteo is a "Creative," interested in new media, visual communication, technorealism, and future studies. Matteo writes and speaks about the ways in which emerging technologies impact our society, communities, businesses, schools, and us as individuals. (This is sometimes referred to as "futurism.") Matteo specializes in bringing the details of emerging technologies to those who may not already be paying attention, and creates visual and spoken-word presentations on these same topics. Matteo likes to tell stories. Many of them are global. All are personal. Matteo Wyllyamz has recently lectured at Ithaca College, Cornell Cooperative Extension, TC3, NYCC, and the AFCU "Business Cents" program. He has also taught for CCU in Denver, Colorado Free University, Productivity Point, and the US Department of Defense. Most recently, he presented at the "social media rock show," Tweetstock, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, and at the 140 Characters Conference in New York City. Matteo is a magna cum laude graduate of the professional writing program at Metropolitan State College of Denver. Matteo describes himself as a "Beatnik super-human, disguised as geek, loitering at the intersection of Art and Science." Contact him to arrange an appearance on radio, TV, and new media, or to organize a public presentation, such as a workshop, seminar, class, panel, speech, or spoken word performance.
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#32 - Why we're quitting Facebook and our mortgage

Looking forward to the next chapter of our lives. How Facebook is throttling the reach of your fan page. And why we are giving up on the 'American Dream' of home ownership. What will the future bring for our family?
@mouselink author

#31 - Meet the veggie-powered 24/7 RV-driving full-timer family of the @EcoWomb

Traveling on the road full-time in an RV that runs on waste vegetable oil, this beautiful family has dedicated their lives to healthy and sustainable living, organic foods, alternative fuels, renewable energy, natural parenting, and living from the hea...
@mouselink author

#30 - Fibonacci and the Patterns of Our Lives - Interview with @smellslikepod (Part 2 of 2)

If the same patterns appear again and again in the Universe and here on Earth, shouldn't we also see them in our own lives?
@mouselink author
4.10.2012 http://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-000022307887-o9a1ez-original.jpg

#29 - Evolvedu goes to Maker Faire (audio journal)

#29 - Evolvedu goes to Maker Faire (audio journal) by @mouselink
@mouselink author

#25 - The process is the goal of creating order.

I sometimes feel that as soon as I put something in order, somebody else comes along and messes it up. This chaos and lack of control can lead to a feeling of despair when I don't make the process the goal.
@mouselink author

#24 - Lance Armstrong persecution exposes regulators' hypocrisy

Lance Armstrong vs. Oscar Pistorius: Why is our acceptance of augmented humans so inconsistent? It's ok for models and "The Blade Runner," but Armstrong supposedly is a bad, bad man.
@mouselink author

#23 - My life-long 'battle' with coffee. Also, older dads.

Does coffee work the same way that a homeopathic supposedly does? A little makes you feel good, but a lot can have the opposite effect. Also, what's the quality of genetic material passed on from older dads to their kids?
@mouselink author

#2 - Social Media Karma: Stop worrying about how many followers you've got.

This audio blog is not about social media ... ok wait, maybe it is.
@mouselink author