Microsoft TechNet Audio-Only Webcast: Exchange Server 2003 In Depth

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Now's your chance to listen to valuable webcast content whenever and wherever you want. You can now take the Exchange 2003 In-Depth webcast series with you in audio format. Download audio of the webcasts one at a time below, or all of them at once using the RSS feeds and your podcast reader. This is the first time we've offered audio-only versions of our webcasts, and we want to know what you think. After you listen, please take a couple minutes and let us know your opinion by taking our survey at In the month of February, we're giving away two Creative ZEN Micro 6 gigabyte MP3/WMA players per week from a random drawing of people who complete the survey. What a great way to listen to your TechNet audio webcasts! Go here for official contest rules.
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Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Coexistence and Migration

Does migration have to be a headache? Not if you create a clear path and follow it. This webcast examines coexistence and migration scenarios when moving from Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 to Microsoft Exchange Server ...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tools can actually complicate your life if you don't know when to use which tools, and the sequences in which to use them. This webcast covers various Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 troubleshooting tools and the scenarios where the tool...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Exchange Best Practice Analyzer

The Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool (ExBPA) is an automated health check and troubleshooting tool. An essential tool for any Exchange administrator the ExBPA collects configuration settings and performs network and protocol tests...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Managing Recipient Objects

In this webcast we will cover recipient objects in Exchange Server 2003, starting with a look at the types of recipient objects available-User, Contact, Group, Public Folder, and InetOrgPerson. From there, learn how to create, configure, and manage the...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Public Folders

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 offer great storage flexibility, and with it, potential complexity, which could make storage management difficult to administer. Start off right with this webcast about the basics of public folders in Exchange Server 2003...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Virtual Server Components

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 offers quite a few virtual servers, and you have to decide which ones to use, and know how to configure them. This webcast covers what virtual servers are and how Exchange Server 2003 integrates with Microsoft Internet In...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Deployment Planning

How do you effectively plan and deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2003? Start with this first webcast of the Exchange Server 2003 Series, where we examine the planning phase of any Exchange deployment. Learn the basic consideration for deployment, inclu...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

The more you know about Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), the better you can configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. The SMTP protocol is core to Exchange 2003 and Exchange Administrators require a sound knowledge of the protocol. Join this webca...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Server Security

Server security is a discipline all its own, and any information technology professional needs a strong working knowledge of the issues and methods of securing servers. This webcast covers a variety of topics about server side-Security, starting with M...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Backup, Restore, and Recovery

This webcast covers the critical tasks of backup, restore, and recovery, broken down into their three separate processes. The backup section explains what needs to be backed up both on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and the operating system, types of b...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Monitoring, Performance, and Tuning

To get the most performance out of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, you must be able to monitor its performance and tune it. This webcast covers the various Exchange Server 2003 monitoring tools and techniques: basic monitoring practices such as event l...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Client Security

This webcast covers client security for use with Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access (OWA), and POP3 and Internet Message Access Protocol version 4rev1 (IMAP4) access (except mobile devices, which are covered in Part 13). The ...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Mobility

This webcast covers the mobility support in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, including the new mobility features in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows Mobile 5.0. The webcast provides a brief overview of Open Mobile Alliance...

Exchange Server 2003 In Depth: Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2

This final webcast looks at the new features within Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2. We will cover the improvements in the Intelligent Message Filter and the mailbox enhancements, increased storage limits for standard edition, as well as some of the...