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Derrick Fountain is a visionary mobile industry veteran with a passionate curiosity for life-enabling technologies that transform how we access and share information.
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organic and tangent personas

If we know the radius of a circle, we can calculate its circumference. Personas can give us the radius by which we square to get the diameter or breadth of your audience. The circumference forms the basis for designing touch points and scenarios that...

personas can save you from yourself

You may end up paying for lots of design considerations and affordances that you may never need, solely based on the internal goals of the design firm you choose. For example, it takes a significant amount of time to debug certain CSS and JavaScript ...

the silence of the how

As a mobile product manager, I noticed that the patterns of consumption across the network of sites that I managed were wide and shallow. I attribute this to the "how" and not the "what" of the content that was being delivered. In a mobile context, t...

bigger ideas for the small screen

The biggest complaint and "perceived" barrier to adoption of news and information consumption on mobile devices in America is a constant nagging over the size of the screen and keyboard on mobile devices. The logic is based on the assumption that the ...

fear of polarizing people

Businesses are not confident enough to polarize people on the web. They don't have enough esteem that the design will be sufficient enough to convert the target audience, so they want to design for everyone with hopes that the bigger net will catch mo...

failure of universal design

Try designing a single printer-fax-scanner-copier (PFSC) for use in China, Russia and Nigeria. How about designing this PFSC for every imaginable context of use. Even the paper, the most basic requirement of such a machine, is not a product that lend...

information design lesson from people's court

Scent communicated through trigger words works much the same on the web and can engage users in your story without ever seeing a picture of the model or cute puppy dog in your ad. Trigger words are the words that trigger actions, and these words, when...

surround sound marketing

In a home theater system, you have various types of speakers ranging from tweeters, bass, mids, receiver, horns, and bookshelf speakers. Collectively, they form a surround sound "system." Although you have all of these pieces, you achieve the best sou...

perfection is a matter of perception

A few years ago a close friend of mine emailed the following quote to me. "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." I disagree with Mr. Churchill. In my opinion, frequent change can lead to nothing other than perpetual imperfection....

the birth of the spoken web

Over the years, I have developed platforms that single-handedly sought to usher in the age of the Spoken Web. This work predates the work that IBM is currently doing with its newly-formed research lab in India and their Spoken Web Project. The Spoken...

situational disability trumps accessibility

Most human beings make decisions based on visual cues. There is enormous value in using an image to capture and convey the complexity of a single idea. After all, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. If I can construct a picture that will allo...

accessibility and the scent of information

Multiple platforms should be considered in the initial planning process to address the needs of regular users and those that will be navigating your site with the help of assistive technologies. Instead of trying to make one design satisfy everyone, y...

living in a drag and drop world

There is a growing need for a seamless bridge between those who constantly publish new text information on the web and the growing number of users with mobile audio devices such as iPods and mp3-players. This insight combined with extensive research le...