We’re a community user group supporting Mac OS X, iPhones, iPods and other Apple technologies in addition to other devices that make your portable computing experience really cool!

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We’re a community user group supporting Mac OS X, iPhones, iPods and other Apple technologies in addition to other devices that make your portable computing experience really cool!
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Do you know about some of the hidden and less obvious features in macOS?

Do you know about some of the hidden and less obvious features in macOS?  Some features have been around for years and some are relatively newer but, in both cases, there are some powerful gems that aren't talked about that much that can really help yo...

Photography on iOS

Photography on iOS has completely changed the game in the photo world. The phrase "the best camera is the one you have with you" takes on a completely different meaning when your iPhone's camera is always within arm's reach. Not only will we go over al...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting

New iPhones and new Apple Watch! We'll have the run down on all the new stuff. And, to make things better for all of us, macOS Mojave, iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 are all out. We'll have devices that are running all of them and we'll demo it all and ...

New MacBook Pro laptops and more!

The new MacBook Pros have been released! If you’ve been following the saga involving Intel’s latest processors, Coffee Lake, you’ll know that Apple hasn’t had any mobile products using these CPUs — until now! The cool thing is not only are they faster ...

July 2018 LAPUG Monthly Meeting

This month, we'll review some iOS apps you know are there but you may not use to their fullest -- or at all. We'll review and go in-depth into Wallet, Files, Maps, Messages, News, Podcasts, Voice Memos, Compass, and more. Of course, there are some thir...

Apple Engineers and app developers are busy

The Engineers in Cupertino have been busy and Developers are now busy writing and rewriting apps to take advantage of the new features announced in macOS 14 Mojave, iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.   We will discuss what was announced, perhaps take a loo...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting May 2018

The days of packing toiletries and clothing and being on your way are gone. Today’s travel brings concerns for security and convenience that never existed before, including the ever-present need for power! How do you prepare, what do you have to bring ...

Education news from Apple

This month, we’ll review the latest updates from Apple’s recent Education event including the new iPad as well as the interesting software Apple is working on for classroom and student management. Along with that, new versions of iWork have been releas...
Phil Goodman & Ben Levy author

LAPUG Monthly Meeting February 2018

The HomePod is finally a reality. Apple's smart speaker is more than just a speaker. It recognizes the environment where it's placed (near a wall, in an open area, in a room with another HomePod, etc.) and it adjusts the sound it produces based on its ...
Phil Goodman & Ben Levy author

LAPUG Monthly Meeting Jan 2018

All about iCloud and Apple ID
Phil Goodman & Ben Levy author

Apple news, fun new iOS apps

Recent Apple news plus: iOS has so many millions of apps available in the App Store and you're probably using a few. But, there are so many that you may not know about. This month we'll go over some of the best apps you're not using or that you haven't...

November 2017 LAPUG Monthly Meeting

The new iPhone X is here...and it's so cool!  We'll have a few on hand to demo and we'll discuss how this new model has been redesigned. No home button -- no problem. No Touch ID -- no problem. Full-screen graphics! And more!  We'll also talk about adv...
LAPUG author

LAPUG Monthly Meeting October 2017

iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra have been released! This month, we will spend out time going in-depth with both operating systems and we'll review some hidden features that haven't been talked about very much. This is going to be one of the big meetings o...
Phil Goodman & Ben Levy author

Pre Apple Sept 2017 announcement

Once again, Apple has scheduled an announcement for the morning following our meeting. But, this time around, we have a pretty good idea of what's coming. We'll spend our meeting talking about new hardware and software and provide a little preview of i...

Latest news in the Apple World plus your answers to your questions

We’ll talk over the latest news in the Apple world for Mac and iOS, as well as the following topics:   1. Need a new router? Are Apple’s products End Of Life? How do I know what to buy?   2. Where can I ACTUALLY put folders? Can I put them in the Appli...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting July 2017

What's on your iPhone / iPad?  There are so many apps avaialble and we all love to discover new ones from each other. Let's spend some time at at our next meeting going over any must-have and newer applications you've discovered. We've got some new fav...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting June 2017

As expected, Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) brought not only announcements of new macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS, we also got new some new hardware announcements. Some are for immediate availability and some for for later this year. We'll ...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting April 2017

We've had a slew updates recently for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. We'll spend some time talking about not only some of the cool new features in macOS and iOS, but we'll also cover the significant new Apple File System (APFS) that snuck in right under...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting March 2017

A little early spring cleaning and some amuse-bouche! What are we talking about here? This month, we'll cover some really important techniques for cleaning out your Mac of old crud, how to restore some of the zip it used to have and how to maintain it ...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting February 2017

Allison Sheridan, from the NosillaCast podcast, will be at our meeting to present a few great tidbits when it comes to managing and editing photos on your Mac. Adobe Photoshop is the big 800 pound gorilla but it's probably overkill (and way too expensi...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting January 2017

Happy New Year! CES will have just wrapped up the before our meeting and we'll cover some interesting product announcements that might interest Apple users and portable computing enthusiasts.  The Apple Airpods are starting to trickle in and we'll hav...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting December 2016

The new MacBooks are here, the new MacBooks are here!  Well, some of us have received the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar and we'll spend some time talking about it. For those of you that want to know what having a TouchBar is like, we'lll also talk abou...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting November 2016

Utilitiy City! This month, we'll spend some time talking about some of our favorite utilties that make life eaiser on macOS. Of course, there are a few popular ones like 1Password and TextExpander but there are so many more very powerful utilities that...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting October 2016

macOS Sierra is here. Apple has been working hard at releasing a new operating system and there's lots to learn and lots to like. First off, it's now called macOS Sierra (Apple has dropped the "OS X" moniker). Since there are some Macs that can run El ...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting August 2016

Become that power user you've always wanted to be! You know how to flex your Apple muscle when using certain apps...but what about the app you use the most...the Finder?  Getting around the Finder and taking advantage of the many power user features wi...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting July 2016

-- Some more info about what we know about macOS Sierra and iOS 10. -- With iOS 10 allowing users to remove built-in apps from their iPhones & iPads, it might be a good time to start looking at alternative apps that can replace or enhance what A...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting June 2016

The Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) kicks off on the morning of our June meeting. That means that the Keynote announcements made that morning will be fresh in our minds and we'll be excited to talk about them. New OS for Mac and iOS? Abso...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting May 2016

We've got a variety of Mac and iOS Apps to talk about this month. These are apps in categories such as Scanning, Screen Sharing, Alarms, Online (Mac & Other) Communities, and Food among others.  We'll also have some in-depth discussion on really ta...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting April 2016

40 years!  On April 1, Apple celebrated their 40th anniversary at a great bash on their campus with Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe broadcasting live from the party. In its 40 years, Apple has created lots of products that have really changed the world and inspir...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting March 2016

These are a few of my favorite favorite iOS apps! At almost each meeting, we get asked about an app that does this or an app that does that or whether we know about an app that does something specific. Although Ben, Pat, and Phil do indeed ...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting Feb 2016

For photos and music, we've got Apple's Photos and iTunes but what about a library for your videos? Over the years, you've probably collected a bunch of videos (maybe even some of Ben's fun videos shown at meetings) and you might not have an organized ...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting January 2016

A brand new year with a new set of resolutions. Maybe it's time to really learn about some of the cool stuff that's buried in OS X El Capitan or iOS 9. Maybe it's time clean off your desktop and make your Mac a little zipper. Maybe it's time to setup a...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting December 2015

We've talked so much about security and passwords and the importance of using a password manager rather than that little black book or the Post-It notes you stick near the computer (you're not really doing any of that, right?). Well, the time has come....

LAPUG Monthly Meeting November 2015

Lots of new stuff from Apple this month...we'll be showing and talking about the new Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, new iMacs, and, of course, the new Apple TV. We'll demo the new Apple TV and we'll go over the setup process including the using App St...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting October 2015

OS X El Captian is here! For those of you keeping score, this is officially version 10.11 of the venerable Mac OS. It promises to be an exciting (free) successor to Yosemite and most reviewers have noted it's faster, cleaner and more refined.  Rather t...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting September 2015

The new iPhones are here...the new iPhones are here.  Well, if you were to look at them, you wouldn't see anything new -- except for the new Rose Gold color. But, as Apple has said, "the only thing that has changed is everything".  With the new, really...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting August 2015

Practical security changes you can make TONIGHT that will make you safer. Recommendations have changed for how to protect your data and we’ll go over the latest recommendations as well as the latest concerns for Mac and iOS with an emphasis on giving y...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting July 2015

Apple Music is here! Apple has made an about-face from over a decade ago when Steve Jobs said that people want to own their music. With Spotify, Pandora and other apps sharing their part of the streaming music market, Apple has now added an all-you-can...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting June 2015

WWDC! The annual Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is the week of June 8 and, luckily for us, we’re meeting the evening of first day. That means we’ll have a wrap up report of the keynote that will have taken place earlier that morning. Traditionall...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting May 2015

The Apple Watch is real and it’s finally here! But, is it all it’s reported to be? We’ll have a few watches on hand to show and talk about. We’ll review what the Apple Watch is and, equally important, what it’s not. There are many features of the watch...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting April 2015

RIP iPhoto & Aperture.  Apple has just release Yosemite 10.10.3 which not only includes the usual set of bug fixes and optimizations, it includes a brand new application, Photos.  Photos is the new application that replaces both iPhoto and Aperture...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting March 2015

Apple is planning an announcement from Cupertino the morning of our meeting. Being a Monday, it is a rare occurrence for us to discuss announcements just made rather than speculate on a presentation that might happen the next day or later in the week. ...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting Feb 2015

In 2014, Apple announced a few new products coming in early 2015. Well, it’s now early 2015 and these products are getting closer to being released. The Apple Watch is reportedly in production and the upcoming Photos application for OS X (replacing iPh...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting Jan 2015

January is CES month! Ben, Phil and other LAPUG members that attended will review what was shown in the iLounge area as well as the coming trends in consumer electronics for 2015.  We’ll also focus on Sandvox. This is a really easy to use web site deve...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting December 2014

OS X Yosemite has been out for a while and we’re discovering new things it can do every day. This is a great release and it promises to be the best version of OS X yet. Join us at our next meeting as we review not only some great new features in Yosemi...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting November 2014

OS X Yosemite is here! Not only that, we’ve got an update to iOS 8 that enables the collaborative functions of Yosemite and iOS working together even more closely. New iMacs and Mac Minis have been released, too!  We’ll review all this news and we’ll s...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting October 2014

Wow! Lots of cool new stuff this month. iOS 8 has finally been released and we’ve got a pair of gorgeous new iPhones. Apple promises that Apple Pay will replace our credit cards and be the future of digital payments. Also, the mythical Apple Watch has ...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting Sept 2014

Apple must be teasing as, once again, they’ve chosen the morning after our September LAPUG meeting to make some big announcements. They’ll be doing the big show from the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino and this is only the 4th time Ap...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting August 2014

At our last meeting, we took a little survey of topics members would like us to cover at future meetings. One of those topics had to do with networking and the explanation of IP numbers, how they’re given out, gateways, DNS, switches, routers, bridges,...

LAPUG Monthly Meeting July 2014

We're going to look at a few applications to help you get a little more productive in your personal and work lives. Apple provides some apps like Reminders to help you make lists of things to do. But, if you need to keep track of more things than simpl...