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Intel® Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series of informal, one-on-one interviews with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Hosted by Intel employee Allyson Klein since 2007, Intel Chip Chat strives to bring listeners closer to the innovations and inspirations of the men and women shaping the future of computing, and in the process share a little bit about the technologists themselves.

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Intel® Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series of informal, one-on-one interviews with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Hosted by Intel employee Allyson Klein since 2007, Intel Chip Chat strives to bring listeners closer to the innovations and inspirations of the men and women shaping the future of computing, and in the process share a little bit about the technologists themselves.
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Game-Changing Memory Technology for the Data Center - Intel® Chip Chat episode 633

Learn about the operating mode capabilities included with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory: memory mode and app direct mode. Kristie Mann, Product Line Director for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory in Intel’s Data Center Group, talks about the inno...
Intel Corporation author

Accelerating AI Inference with Intel® Deep Learning Boost – Intel® Chip Chat episode 632

When Intel previewed an array of data-centric innovations in August 2018, one that captured media attention was Intel® Deep Learning Boost, an embedded AI accelerator in the CPU designed to speed deep learning inference workloads. Intel DL Boost will ...
Intel Corporation author

IBM Optimizing the Cloud for HPC Workloads - Intel® Chip Chat episode 631

Director, Offering Management for Compute at IBM Cloud, Jay Jubran discusses why enterprises are choosing the cloud for their HPC workloads. IBM's new HPC-as-a-Service offering is powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors as they offer the performanc...
Intel Corporation author

Architected for HPC, AI, and IaaS Leadership Performance - Intel® Chip Chat episode 630

Jennifer Huffstetler, VP and GM for Data Center Product Management at Intel, joins Chip Chat for a deep dive into the capabilities of a new class of processors: future Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors codenamed Cascade Lake advanced performance. Archit...
Intel Corporation author

For Lunar Exploration, Intel AI Can Help Where GPS Can’t – Intel® Chip Chat episode 629

With no GPS in space, how can a rover know its exact location on a lunar surface? In this Chip Chap podcast, Phil Ludivig, rover navigation engineer with iSpace, Inc.* joins Shashi Jain, innovation manager at Intel, to talk about research that applie...
Intel Corporation author

AI and HPC Are Converging with Support from Intel® Technology – Intel® Chip Chat episode 628

AI and HPC are highly complementary – flip sides of the same data- and compute-intensive coin. In this Chip Chat podcast Dr. Pradeep Dubey, Intel Fellow and director of its Parallel Computing Lab, explains why it makes sense for the two technology ar...
Intel Corporation author

Applying AI to Advance Space Exploration – Intel® Chip Chat episode 627

In this Chip Chat podcast, Zahi Kakish, a doctoral student focusing on swarm robotics at Arizona State University, joins Shashi Jain, innovation manager at Intel, to talk about some remarkable work that’s emerged from NASA FDL, the space agency’s Front...
Intel Corporation author

Accelerating AI Inference with Microsoft Azure* Machine Learning - Intel® Chip Chat episode 626

Dr. Henry Jerez, Principal Group Product and Program Manager for Azure* Machine Learning Inferencing and Infrastructure at Microsoft, joins Chip Chat to discuss accelerating AI inference in Microsoft Azure. Dr. Jerez leads the team responsible for crea...
Intel Corporation author

Descartes Labs Helps Customers Understand the Planet - Intel® Chip Chat episode 625

Descartes Labs helps companies to get business insight from huge volumes of satellite and geographic data, using a combination of Software as a Service and custom development. Handling petabytes of data, compression is hugely important for packaging th...
Intel Corporation author

Driving Data Center Performance Through Intel Memory Technology – Intel® Chip Chat episode 624

Dr. Ziya Ma, vice president of Intel® Software and Services Group and director of Big Data Analytics Technologies, gives Chip Chat listeners a look at data center optimization along with a preview of advancements well underway. In their work with the ...
Intel Corporation author

New Advances in Storage Ease the Move to Hyperconvergence – Intel® Chip Chat episode 623

Christine McMonigal, Director of Hyperconverged Infrastructure at Intel, joins Chip Chat at the Microsoft Ignite 2018 conference to talk about what’s new from Microsoft and Intel. The two companies have collaborated extensively on hyperconvergence. On...
Intel Corporation author

Windows Server 2019 and SQL vNext Modernize Enterprise Infrastructure – Intel® Chip Chat episode 622

Jeff Woolsey, Principal Program Manager of Windows Server and Hybrid Cloud at Microsoft, joins Chip Chat to talk about how Microsoft has intentionally designed their products to meet the growing infrastructure needs of businesses using the Hybrid Cloud...
Intel Corporation author

Developing Hardware Enhanced Security Solutions with Intel® SGX - Intel® Chip Chat episode 621

Jim C. Gordon, GM Ecosystem, Business Development, Strategy & Communication at Intel, dives in to the developer opportunities Intel is excited to present with the launch of the latest Intel® Xeon® E processor with Intel® Software Guard Extensions, ...
Intel Corporation author

GoDaddy Moves to Hybrid Cloud and Optimizes Infrastructure TCO – Intel® Chip Chat episode 620

With 75M+ domain names under management, GoDaddy powers the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to side hustles and small businesses. As a SaaS provider, GoDaddy’s infrastructure needs to be high performing and highly secure, but invisible to cust...
Intel Corporation author

Modernize IT Infrastructure with Microsoft Solutions – Intel® Chip Chat episode 619

IT must prioritize modernization initiatives that can help shed the burdens of legacy infrastructure, boost operational efficiency, support emerging workloads, and maintain the security of the enterprise. To do this successfully requires a holistic app...
Intel Corporation author

Azure Delivers HPC Horsepower from the Cloud - Intel® Chip Chat episode 618

Jason Stowe, Principal Group Program Manager for Hybrid and Cluster Computing at Microsoft, joins Chip Chat from Ignite 2018 to discuss enabling HPC workloads in the cloud. Stowe and his team are responsible for facilitating traditional HPC workloads a...
Intel Corporation author

Enabling Innovation in Visualization via Intel® Rendering Framework - Intel® Chip Chat episode 617

In this podcast you will hear from James L Jeffers, Sr. Director, Senior Principal Engineer, Visualization Solutions Intel Corporation. Jim will discuss Intel’s continued investments in its portfolio of Open Source Software Rendering libraries to enabl...
Intel Corporation author

Fostering Innovation in Today's and Tomorrow's HPC Community - Intel® Chip Chat episode 616

Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager of the Technical Computing Initiative at Intel, joins Chip Chat to share her unique perspective on enabling the high-performance computing (HPC) community. In addition to leading Technical Computing f...
Intel Corporation author

Microsoft Azure Stack Solutions: The Foundation for IT Transformation - Intel Chip Chat episode 615

Many enterprises are sold on the idea of hybrid cloud but unsure how to bring their strategy to life. Todd Christ, Enterprise Solutions Architect for the Data Center Group at Intel, explains how Intel and Microsoft are working together to develop solut...
Intel Corporation author

Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing with Intel at Ignite 2018 - Intel® Chip Chat episode 614

In this episode of Intel Chip Chat, Christine Avanessians, Principal PM Manager of the Microsoft Azure Compute team at Microsoft, joins us to talk about Microsoft Azure’s Confidential Computing (ACC). ACC is a broad Microsoft initiative to protect appl...
Intel Corporation author

Essential Performance with Advanced Security: Intel® Xeon® E-2100 - Intel® Chip Chat episode 613

Jennifer Huffstetler, VP and GM for Data Center Product Management at Intel, joins Chip Chat to outline the exciting new capabilities of the Intel® Xeon® E-2100 processor featuring Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). Huffstetler is responsib...
Intel Corporation author

Revolutionizing Identity Management with Blockchain – Intel® Chip Chat episode 612

In this episode of Chip Chat, Chris Spanton, Senior Architect of Blockchain at T-Mobile joins us live from Microsoft Ignite, to talk about scaling into the cloud with Blockchain. Blockchain provides a lot of benefits like speed, cost, efficiency, and t...
Intel Corporation author

ONNX and Intel® nGraph API Deliver AI Framework Flexibility – Intel® Chip Chat episode 611

Prasanth Pulavarthi, Principal Program Manager for AI Infrastructure at Microsoft, and Padma Apparao, Principal Engineer and Lead Technical Architect for AI at Intel, discuss a collaboration that enables developers to switch from one deep learning oper...
Intel Corporation author

Microsoft Azure* Machine Learning and Project Brainwave – Intel® Chip Chat episode 610

In this interview from Microsoft Ignite, Dr. Ted Way, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft, stops by to talk about Microsoft Azure* Machine Learning, an end-to-end, enterprise grade data science platform. Microsoft takes a holistic approach to machine ...
Intel Corporation author

Highlighting Support for the PyTorch Ecosystem - Intel® Chip Chat episode 609

Dr. Jason Knight joins Chip Chat to talk about Intel support for PyTorch*. As Head of Software Product for the Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel, Dr. Knight guides the development of software to enable the best use of hardware in Intel's ...
Intel Corporation author

IT Modernization and Data-Centric Solutions at Microsoft Ignite 2018 - Intel® Chip Chat episode 608

Jake Smith, Director for Data Center Solutions and Technologies at Intel and the host of Intel's Conversations in the Cloud podcast, joins Intel Chip Chat to cover all the big ideas and news from Microsoft Ignite 2018. Smith and host Allyson Klein disc...
Intel Corporation author

Unleashing the Data Center with Intel Connectivity Solutions – Intel® Chip Chat episode 607

Alexis Bjorlin, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Connectivity Group, joins us to discuss how Intel is driving end-to-end data center networking connectivity through cutting edge solutions including Intel® Ethernet, Intel® Omni-Pa...
Intel Corporation author

Creating a Data Culture in Your Enterprise – Intel® Chip Chat episode 606

Data insights are the currency of digital business. A data-driven culture empowers employees with the resources and skills they need to access the right information at the right time to make smart decisions. Lisa Davis, General Manager for Digital Tran...
Intel Corporation author

OPNFV: Reduce Total Cost 43 Percent with Virtualized Central Office - Intel® Chip Chat episode 605

Heather Kirksey, Vice President of OPNFV, and Bryan Madden, Marketing Director for Intel’s Network Platforms Group, joined Chip Chat to talk about a compelling new paper outlining the total cost of ownership (TCO) savings resulting from a virtualized c...
Intel Corporation author

Increasing AI Application Performance with Software Optimizations – Intel® Chip Chat episode 604

Dr. Andres Rodriguez, a Senior Principal Engineer in the Data Center Group at Intel, stops by to talk about why it is so critical to optimize framework and software tools artificial intelligence applications. Intel has worked hard over the last two yea...
Intel Corporation author

Supporting the AI Community with Tools and Research from Intel AI Lab - Intel® Chip Chat episode 603

Dr. Yinyin Liu, Principal Engineer and Head of Data Science for the Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel, joins Chip Chat to talk about software tools and optimizations coming out of Intel AI Lab. Dr. Liu and her team work to converge resear...
Intel Corporation author

Life Lessons in Technology and How AI can Transform Innovation – Intel® Chip Chat episode 602

Gadi Singer, Vice President, Architecture General Manager, Artificial Intelligence Products Group, Intel, joins Chip Chat to discuss technology innovation and his top life lessons to help us understand AI and its natural progression into our everyday l...
Intel Corporation author

Solutions to Move Faster, Store More, and Process Everything - Intel® Chip Chat episode 601

Lisa Spelman, Vice President & General Manager for Intel Xeon products and Data Center Marketing at Intel, joins Chip Chat to review all the big news from the recent Intel Data Centric Innovation Summit. In this interview, Spelman discusses Intel's...
Intel Corporation author

Enabling Developers for the Persistent Memory Revolution - Intel® Chip Chat episode 600

Jennifer Huffstetler, Vice President and General Manager for Data Center Product Marketing, Product Management, and Storage at Intel Corporation, joins Chip Chat to discuss developer and industry excitement for Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory. Inte...
Intel Corporation author

Lenovo Shares Customer Use Cases For their New Workstation Line – Intel® Chip Chat episode 599

In this episode of Chip Chat, Rob Herman, GM and Executive Director of Lenovo Workstations and Client AI explores the constantly evolving market for workstations, ranging from high-end, dual-processor systems to a new ThinkStation P330 Family, answerin...
Intel Chip Chat author

Dell Launches New Workstation With Intel Xeon E Processor – Intel® Chip Chat episode 598

In this episode of Chip Chat, Rahul Tikoo, VP and GM of Commercial Client Specialty Products at Dell, joins us to talk about the latest additions to the Dell Precision 3000 workstation product family powered by the new Intel® Xeon® E processor. Rahul d...
Intel Chip Chat author

Catalyzing Waves of Technology Innovation, Past and Future - Intel® Chip Chat episode 597

Lisa Spelman, Vice President & General Manager for Intel Xeon products and Data Center Marketing at Intel, joins Chip Chat for a special episode celebrating the 50th anniversary of Intel's founding. In this interview, Spelman and host Allyson Klein...
Intel Chip Chat author

Driving Technology Adoption and Education in Developing Nations – Intel® Chip Chat episode 596

Laurie Horenstein, a Program Manager for the Intel Foundation and Michael Hall, a Director in Data Center Group Marketing, join Chip Chat to talk about the Intel Employee Service Corps. IESC is a volunteer program started in 2009 where teams of 5-7 Int...
Intel Chip Chat author

Aggressive IT Modernization Helps Oath Reduce Infrastructure TCO - Intel Chip Chat episode 595

Frequent updates to its IT infrastructure have led to overall TCO reductions for Oath’s massive content delivery infrastructure. Hugo Gunnarsen, VP of Data Center Infrastructure and Performance Engineering at Oath, describes some of the factors in Oa...
Intel Chip Chat author

Bringing Complex Data To Life with Intel Select Solutions – Intel® Chip Chat episode 594

Visualizations serve the critical role of making complex data intelligible in a variety of industries. Jim Jeffers, Senior Director and Senior Principal Engineer, Visualization Solutions, at Intel, leads a team that develops three important open source...
Intel Chip Chat author

Video Workloads & Visual Cloud are Driving Industry Transformation - Intel® Chip Chat episode 593

Video traffic growth continues unabated, representing the vast majority of global IP and mobile traffic. Lynn Comp, general manager of Intel’s Visual Cloud Division, joins Chip Chat to explain how more consumer choice with content, devices and location...
Intel Chip Chat author

The Problem with Old Pipes - Intel® Chip Chat episode 592

The network plays a critical role in IT transformation, as it connects data, apps and services to all parts of the infrastructure. But many enterprises struggle with the legacy of fixed-function network equipment which cannot provide the necessary spee...
Intel Chip Chat author

MWC Livecast with Gemalto: Securing the 5G Digital Transformation - Intel® Chip Chat episode 591

Paul Bradley, Head of 5G Strategy and Partnerships for Gemalto, joined Chip Chat at MWC 2018. Gemalto creates a fabric of trust across the digital economy, protecting individuals, institutions and data. Bradley emphasized the need for greater awareness...
Intel Chip Chat author

Enterprise Data Strategy: Unlocking Advanced Analytics and AI - Intel Chip Chat episode 590

The foundation of any analytics and AI initiative is data. Jeremy Rader, Strategic Business Development, Analytics and AI, Enterprise & Government at Intel shares how it’s easy to overlook the most foundational part of achieving your AI goals: your...
Intel Chip Chat author

GDPR: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint - Intel® Chip Chat episode 589

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), went into effect last week and Garry Binder, Enterprise Solution and Security Architect at Intel, joins Intel Chip Chat to discuss why it is so important from a tech sector perspective and what we may...
Intel Chip Chat author

AI Powers Smarter Investment Decisions - Intel® Chip Chat episode 588

Michael Bishop, CTO and Co-Founder at AlphaVertex, discusses combining data science and machine learning on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors available on Google Cloud Platform. He mention develop models, insights, and products powered by AI to help ide...
Intel Chip Chat author

Accelerating FPGA Deep Learning for Intel OpenVino - Intel® Chip Chat episode 587

Tony Kau, Software, IP, and Artificial Intelligence Marketing Director at Intel, discusses the new Intel® FPGA Deep Learning Acceleration Suite for Intel OpenVINO. The software tool suite enables FPGA AI inferencing to deliver reduced latency and incre...
Intel Chip Chat author

Broadening Access to Personalized Medicine with Intel Select Solutions - Intel Chip Chat episode 586

Dr. Paolo Narvaez, Senior Principal Engineer and Director of Engineering at Intel, joins Intel® Chip Chat to talk about Intel Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics. Dr. Narvaez works to harness the best Intel ingredients to create full-stack solution...
Intel Chip Chat author

Film characters and creatures brought to life with Intel AI – Intel® Chip Chat episode 584

Ziva Dynamics makes it possible to create realistic characters and creatures for motion pictures and entertainment. SciTech Academy Award winner and Ziva Dynamics Co-Founder and Co-CEO James Jacobs discusses how his company uses machine learning algori...
Intel Chip Chat author

Key Protection with Intel® KPT – Intel Chip Chat Episode 585

Jesse Schrater, Product Marketing Manager for Intel’s Data Center Group, joins us to discuss the forces impacting data center security, and what Intel’s fundamental approach to security is. Jesse explains that effective data center security starts with...
Intel Chip Chat author