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A short, weekly show about design and development hosted by Sam Soffes & Bryn Jackson. Each episode has five short segments comprised of listener questions, tech industry news, and other related topics.

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A short, weekly show about design and development hosted by Sam Soffes & Bryn Jackson. Each episode has five short segments comprised of listener questions, tech industry news, and other related topics.
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110: Love You, Bye

In this final episode of Immutable: Bryn and Sam share their favorite moments and what they're doing next.
Spec author

109: Some Blue, Some Brown

In this episode: We go on and on about YouTube videos and musical hardware. Bryn's doing performance work. Sam's basically a manager... or a designer... or something.
Spec author

108: Blisters For The Community

In this episode: Bryn's playtesting. Sam's almost moved back to SF. 2 episodes left!
Spec author

107: SwiftLyftLint

In this episode: Sam loves processes. Bryn's working on bypassing hard things.
Spec author

106: No Vagueity

In this episode: Yes, I know it's "vagueness". Sam got a house. Bryn's learning about acquisitions, but mostly board game acquisitions.
Spec author

105: Niche it up

In this episode: We complain about our eventual iPhones. Sam got a house. Bryn is done raising. Gaius Baltar is the worst thing.
Spec author

104: Hard to Say in Words

In this episode: Sam was underwater for 17 hours. Bryn's trying to look at the forest.
Spec author

103: Briefcase Passenger

In this episode: Bryn had a good/bad week. Sam's going diving in Mexico.
Spec author

102: Tired Travel Boy

In this episode: Sam lives in SF again forever. Bryn's raising more money.
Spec author

101: Bryn Does Games Wrong

In this episode: Bryn loves board games. Sam's moving to SF.
Spec author

100: Sarah, Take The Wheel

In this episode: Sam is still interviewing. Bryn is still fundraising.
Spec author

99: Haphazard Tweetings

In this episode: Sam's looking for a job. Bryn's agressively fundraising.
Spec author

98: The Subway of Ice Cream Sandwiches

In this episode: Sam is interviewing. Bryn has corrections and more fundraising meetings.
Spec author

97: Shapes and Colors: Trend of the Year

In this episode: Sam shipped an app. Bryn's learning how to size a market. What do you do when people copy your work?
Spec author

96: Anonymous Horse Chat

In this episode: Sam's been riding his new motorcycle. Bryn's learning how VC works. Redacted is featured on the App Store. Spectrum started onboarding the SpecFM Slack team.
Spec author

95: Giant Robot Camels

In this episode: Sam's going on a trip. Bryn's working on a deck.
Spec author

94: Ship, Ship, Ship & Don't Die of Sunburns

In this episode: a question or two! Soffes bought a motorcycle. Bryn shipped notifications.
Spec author

93: I Hate Mobile Safari So Much Right Now

In this episode: Sam loves JavaScript. Bryn needs notifications to ship yesterday.
Spec author

92: Informed Distaste

In this episode: Sam's a full-on javascript boy. Bryn launched Spectrum beta 2.
Spec author

91: Nike - God of Waffle Soles

In this episode: Sam's watching Arrow. Bryn's underestimating timelines.
Spec author

90: Art As Information Technology

In this episode: Sam's sick. Bryn's sick of not shipping. Then, we talk about superheroes and video games.
Spec author

89: Gettin' There

In this episode: Sam's switching clients. Bryn's trying to wrap up a backend rewrite.
Spec author

88: Peep It to Me

In this episode: Sam's in SF and prepping to do some teaching after wrapping up his current contract. Bryn made ramen and learned some things.
Spec author

87: Chocolate-Covered Vegetables

In this episode: motorcycles, teaching, ramen chemistry, graphQL, and more Zelda, obv...
Spec author

86: Wrong on REMs

In this episode: Swift 3, Canvas shutting down, Sam's motorcycle trip, REM followup, cooking, and video games...
Spec author

85: Double Down on Goofiness

In this episode: to REM or not to REM? Sam crashed his drone. Bryn has to build notifications, but also hates notifications.
Spec author

84: Mind Farts

In this episode: Ink has beta users. Spectrum needs a new backend.
Spec author

83: Big Boy Javascript

In this episode: Sam's working on Undo. Bryn's working on Explore for Spectrum.
Spec author

82: Quarry Fish

In this episode: Spectrum has customers! Sam's display works now.
Spec author

81: Sick on Fumes and Portfolios

In this episode: Sam's trying to become a real designer. Spectrum is launching soon.
Spec author

80: Plane Zelda

In this episode: Spectrum alpha launched. Zelda is good. Sam had a rough week. Now, he wants to make instruments. Fan-made Ink icons!
Spec author

79: Flail Days

In this episode: videos, video games, icon work, and betas!
Spec author

78: Dropping The Virtual Ball

In this episode: VR design, Ink is on TestFlight!, freelance pricing, business pricing for Spectrum, and Bryn's going to SXSW.
Spec author

77: Git a Grasp

In this episode: design collaboration tools! Spectrum and Ink are moving fast.
Spec author

76: Timezones, Right?

In this episode: Bryn gave Sam access to Spectrum! Sam's cranking on Ink and also freelancing again.
Spec author

75: Treadmill Pallets

In this episode: Sam built more furniture.
Spec author

74: A Pen for Assaulting an Ambassador

In this episode: We get a decent intro. Sam bought some blue stuff. Bryn bought some black stuff. Do design systems stifle creativity?
Spec author

73: Thinking in 3D

In this episode: Sam is now a game designer. Bryn is drawing squircles.
Spec author

72: Wildly Unsquare

In this episode: Bryn's trying to focus, Sam built a desk AND worked on a real app.
Spec author

71: Really Cool Node Thing

In this episode: Sam built a media center, Bryn's rebuilding his website.
Spec author

70: Odd Years Are Better

In this episode: syncing Xcode projects across computers, breaking up your CSS, Sam's building furniture, Bryn's learning to take breaks...
Spec author

69: Ink, Inc.

In this episode... copywriting, Sam tries to figure out a pricing model for Ink , Bryn does research on Spectrum
Spec author

68: Randy Woodhouse

In this episode: Sam explains many:many relationships. Bryn explains spell:character relationships in D&D. Sam wants to make a watch. Bryn's been working on Spectrum.
Spec author

67: PugConf 2017

In this episode: resources to keep up, distractions we avoid, best ways to build from a design file, running out of creative juice, and going from good to great!
Spec author

66: Welcome to the Killing Floor - A Thanksgiving Special

In this Thanksgiving special episode: what we're thankful for, the things we've been doing while we had time off, unlimited time, MBP opinions pt. 2, and the games we play when we're being unproductive!
Spec author

65: Maximum Fun Efficiency

In this episode: code analysis tools, Tachyons in production, React component frameworks, good ideas, and our updated recording setup!
Spec author

64: Super Chunky Cables

In this episode: color specs, the new Macbook Pro, monitors for Macs, memorable projects, and our processes for starting projects!
Spec author

63: Typography

In this episode: typography!
Spec author

62: Definitely Still Noodles

In this episode: user research, anxiety, onboarding hires, iteration on MVPs, and InVision vs the World!
Spec author

Only Partially in the Bathroom

In this episode: visiting San Francisco, podcasting software, technical knowledge debt, getting stuck, and the ethics of analytics!
Spec author