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Learn English and improve your vocabulary skills by listening to the elllo podcast, which features interviews with people from all over the world.

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Learn English and improve your vocabulary by listening to English from speakers around the word. Each episode, your host, Todd Beuckens, shares a real conversation with native and near-native English speakers and provides useful vocabulary to help students master English quickly.
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Episode 29: Dream House (Views 1371)

In this episode, Spencer talks with Curtis about her dream house. Students can listen and see what she would do with her kitchen, bathroom, livingroom, outside of the house and yard. Go to elllo.org for the full episode with script. audio, media and qu...

Episode 28: Hollywood Movies (Views 1351)

Today on the elllo podcast, Win from Vietnam, Michael from Norway and Goron from Italy talk about Hollywood movies and films made in 3D. This is lesson 1351 on elllo.org. Go to the website for the complete lessons with downloadable audio and printable ...

Episode 27: Best Teacher

This week on elllo.org, Abidemi and Jeremy talk about teachers that had a big impact on their lives. See the transcript below. Remember that you can go to the website to see the video, learn now words, download the audio and take a quiz.Transcript of c...

Episode 26: Cost of Living

This lesson on elllo.org we hear from Dan from Tropical MBA Podcast as he shares basic living costs for working in Southeast Asia. You can see the full lesson here!Transcript of ConversationTodd: So I'm here with Dan, and he lives in Bali, Indonesia. A...

Episode 25: Working in Bali

This week on elllo.org we hear from Dan, an Americna businessman working abroad, and he talks about why he likes to live in Bali and why it is a good place to set roots.The full episode online comes with a video, quiz, audio vocabulary and a speaking/l...

Episode 24: Sun vs Snow

This week Paul from England and Aimee from Scotland discuss where they would like to live.Go to elllo.org for the full lessons with audio, video, vocabulary, and more. See transcript of interview below:Paul: So, we were talking about climates, Amy. Uhm...

Episode 23 - Money and Retirement

This week Sorie and Mark talk about the future and money and saving for retirement.Go to elllo.org for the full lesson online on the web or mobile phone.http://elllo.org/english/1301/T1307-sorie-retirement.htmTranscriptMark: Hi, Sorie. Talking about mo...

Episode #18 - Evaluating the Euro

This interview is great for Business students. It is advanced but if you spend a little time working with the transcript and repeating phrases and words you don't know, you'll really improve your English and sound smart! Go online to elllo.org and look...

Episode #17 - Local Accents

Spencer talks about how her accent has changes over the years and Joel gives students some advice: be proud of your accent! For a full transcript, interactive quizzes, and vocabulary go to elllo.org and look for #1282. 

Episode #16: Croatian Cuisine

Carlo and Vesna talk about the food and wine in Croatia. Go online at elllo.org and look up 1279 to read the entire transcript, watch the slide show, and take the interactive quiz. 

Episode #15: Southern Style

Sarah and Peter talk about the difference between people in Southern US and the rest of the country. After you have mastered all the vocabulary and phrases in this episode, try to explain the differences people have in different regions where you live....

Episode #14: North Carolina

Peter and Sarah talk about North Carolina, a state in the US. Go to elllo.org and look for episode 1275 for the full transcript. 

Episode #13 Spanish Cuisine (Views 1273)

Ade talks about some of the popular dishes in Spain. She goes into detail about paella, one of the most famous dishes, but also one of the dishes with the most different variations. For a full transcript of the audio and to practice vocabulary, go to e...

Episode #12 Viewing Habits (Views 1272)

Abiedemi and Todd talk about how people prefer to watch movies in her country.Go to elllo.org for the full transcript, vocabulary, and activities that go with this lesson. 

Episode #11: Nigeria's Big Industry (Views #1271)

Abedimi and Todd discuss one of the biggest industries in Nigeria. Only India produces more of this product worldwide. Can you guess what it is?To check out the full transcript of the audio, go to elllo.org and search for interview 1271. 

Episode 10: Travels Tips for Pula (Views 1270)

Vesna talks about Pula Croatia.Go to elllo.org for the full transcript and lesson with vocabulary.

Episode #9 Sleeping Time (Views 1268)

Daniel talks to Hana about how much they sleep. They talk about taking naps as well.You can go to the elllo.org for the full lesson.

Episode #8 Scary Movie

In the spirit of Halloween, we talk about scary movies. Listen to Akane tell Ruth how she feels about horror films.Go to elllo.org for the full lesson. Ruth: So Akane, is there anything that you’re frightened of?Akane: Well… I’m, I’m really scared of h...

Episode #7 Trick or Treat (Views #289)

Happy Halloween. This week we listen to an older recording of Mike and Adrienne talking about Halloween.Go to elllo.org for the complete lesson.Transcript of the Conversation:Todd: OK, guys we're going to talk about Halloween. So, what do you think abo...

Episode #6 Music in Nigeria (Views #1261).

Today in the podcast, Abidemi talks about the music scene in Nigeria.Go to elllo.org for the full lesson.Transcript of the audio:Todd: So Abidemi, you're from Nigeria. Can you talk a little bit about the music scene in your country?Abidemi: Yes. Nigeri...

Episode #5 Three Choices (Views #532)

Today on the podcast Eucharia takes a quiz with Todd. She answers what she prefers for different situations. She talks about reading, drinking and other things.Go to elllo.org and see Views #512 for the lesson.Here is the transcript of the conversation...

Views #1258 Greek Vacation

In today's podcast, Daniel talks with Hana about her trip to Greece.Go to elllo.org for the complete lesson for this audio.Transcript of Conversation | elllo.org | #1259 Greek VacationDaniel: So we're talking about holidays. Is there any really, really...

Episode 3 Education in Spain

In the podcast today we listen to Adelina from Spain talk with Chris from Belgium about her thoughts on Education in her country.This podcast is lesson #1255 on elllo.orgHere is the transcript to the coversation:Chris: So Adelina, I guess it's not poli...

Episode 2: The Prank

Shirley talks about a prank she played with her brothers as child. Go to elllo.org/podcast/ for links to bonus material (Start of Audio Script)Hello, everybody and welcome to the podcast.This is episode #2 - The Prank.And in today's podcast we hear fro...

Episode 1: The Shack

In today's show we will here Shirley from Scotland talk about a special place she visited as a child. She talks with Yuri from Italy.Visit elllo.org #998 by going here for multimedia and lesson activities. (Transcript of audio)elllo, everybody, welcome...