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Episode 48--What to Talk about

In Episode 48, we talk about talking... That is to say that we tackle the issue of small talk and what to do to promote meaningful conversations. Listen in and then hit the streets with your new knowledge! ;)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 47--In the Heat of the Moment

It's Episode 47 and we're looking at how the heat affects our judgment and causes us to make silly decisions. Tune in to hear more about it! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 46--The DIY Episode

In Episode 46, we take on the DIY movement and talk about some ways to save money through homemade endeavors. Tune in and pick up a few tips! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 45--Taboos and Tattoos

In Episode 45, we take on the topic of tattoos and whether or not there is any taboo around having a visible tattoo these days. We also look a bit at the history of tattoos. Enjoy! :)
Edward Chevrier author

ESLedge Pod 44--Can You Make It to the End of This Sentence?

In Episode 44, we talk about our limited capacities to stay focused on the task at hand... Could it be that we're even worse at this than the notorious goldfish?
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 43--To Tell a Lie

In Episode 43, we look at signs that someone may be lying to us. The truth is out there... we just need to pay attention. ;) Enjoy!
Edward Chevrier author

ESLedge Pod 42--Sweet, Sweet Taxes

In Episode 42, we talk about everyone's favorite topic... TAXES!! How could you not tune in to hear more!?! Enjoy! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 41--No More Summer Jobs

In Episode 41, we dive into the world of teenage summer employment. Where have all the summer jobs gone? Tune in to find out! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 40--The Best Job in the World

We're at Episode 40 of the podcast and we're talking about strange and wonderful jobs... Listen up and you could be heading for a brand new career in no time! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 39--Finding the Perfect Gift

My father's birthday is coming up and I need to buy him a special gift... In Episode 39 we look at what makes a gift special and how to impress others with your gift choices. Lots of fun to be had! :) Enjoy!
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 38--Arguments 101

In this edition of the podcast, we look at some strategies for winning debates and defending your opinions. Actually, it's not always about winning... Listen in and pick up a few pointers for the next time someone asks you why you bought that bright gr...
Edward Chevrier author

ESLedge Pod 37--What Do People Do All Day? (Jonathan)

We get back in our 'What Do People Do All Day?' series as we interview Jonathan in South Korea. He tells us about some of his experiences living abroad and shares some insights on learning other languages. Enjoy! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 36--Young Enough to Work, Old Enough to Retire

In Episode 36, we get back into the discussion around aging, this time looking at aging populations and older people being forced to work past the age of 65. P.S. This podcast is nowhere near retirement!
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 35--Fast Music and Faster Cars

In Episode 35, we revisit a couple of topics and bring them together to give them a new perspective. Have a listen to the result! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 34--Forever Young?

In this episode we explore some new technologies that aim to keep us alive for longer and fight the effects of aging. Will it one day be possible for humans to live forever? Listen in to find out! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 33--Our Most Canadian Edition Yet!

Episode 33 is by far our most Canadian edition yet! You might say it's as Canadian as maple syrup! Tune in to find out why. ;)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 32--A Game of Fools

In Episode 32, we look at a strange holiday and how it's celebrated around the world. Tune in and chime in with your comments and thoughts. And enjoy! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 31--Interviews 101

In Episode 31, we dive into the (sometimes) stressful world of interviews, and we share some general tips on how to gear up for a big interview or exam. Be sure to check out the Discussion Questions after you listen! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 30--A Day without Selfies

In Episode 30, we look at the movement to end selfies... at least for one day. Check it out! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 29--What Do People Do All Day? (Jenny)

In Episode 29, we interview our friend Jenny! Let's see what life is like for a Canadian living in the Philippines. :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 28--The Hardest Language in the World

Is English the most difficult language in the world? In Episode 28, we present a list of challenging languages and discuss what makes a language more difficult to learn and master.
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 27--Is Sitting the New Smoking?

We are back with Episode 27 of the podcast! It has been a few weeks, but we are happy to be back to bring you another exciting topic. We hope you're sitting down for this because the topic is... SITTING!! Wait, that doesn't sound very exciting... Well,...
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 26--Why You Should Talk to Yourself

In Episode 26, we are talking to ourselves... Wait, that can't be right... We are talking about talking to ourselves! Why do we do it? Why should we do it? Listen in and find out more about why you can't resist the urge to say a few words while no one...
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 25--Everything on Demand

In Episode 25, we talk about the wild world of on-demand services. What will happen when people get used to having everything at their fingertips? There are so many services available these days, that we may not even know some exist. We take a look at ...
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 24--New Words for an Old Year

Here we are at Episode 24... We are looking back at some of the words we got to know better in 2016. This episode offers a quiz for our listeners, so you can test your listening comprehension and try to identify the correct definitions for the new ter...
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 23--What Do People Do All Day? (Follow-up with Phil)

In Episode 23, we are happy to catch up with the podcast's first ever guest, Phil, who helps us reflect on 2016 and speculate on the year to come. We get to hear about how his cat's doing, too! :) In this episode, we present several new terms and expre...
Edward Chevrier author

Pronunciation Challenge 6

We are bringing you another Pronunciation Challenge after a bit of a break from this segment. This one is holiday themed, so we're happy to stretch the holidays out for a few extra days! Enjoy!
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 22--How Do You Sleep at Night?

In Episode 22, we discuss the best and worst positions for sleep. If you're wondering what's keeping you awake at night, we hope this podcast sheds some light on your situation--and that it's not your guilty conscience that has you tossing and turning...
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 21--Let's Do Brunch!

In Episode 21, we revisit a portmanteau from Episode 20 and dive into the history of brunch. When and why did we decide we needed to combine breakfast and lunch to form another meal? Well, the answer is more complicated than you might have thought. Tu...
Edward Chevrier author

Idiomatically Speaking--Shaking at the Knees

We continue our 'Idiomatically Speaking' segment with a quick look at 'knee' idioms. We were 'up to our elbows' a few weeks ago, and now we're 'knee-deep' in idioms... Deal with it! Enjoy! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 20--Another Portmanteau for Your Mantel

It's our 20th episode!! We are celebrating with... another episode of the podcast!! In Episode 20, we look at portmanteaus and their place in our world. You'll be amazed at how many examples there are... Tune in and test your knowledge! Enjoy!
Edward Chevrier author

GrammarTime 6--Very, Too, and Enough

We are back with another GrammarTime episode, and this time we are focusing on a bit of proper word usage. If you're wondering about when to use 'very' and when to use 'too,' then this episode is for you! Enjoy! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Idiomatically Speaking--Up to Our Elbows in Idioms

We are back with another edition of Idiomatically Speaking. Get your ears ready for some elbow idioms! No need to 'elbow your way' through the crowd... there's plenty of room for everyone. :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 19--Daylight Saving or Spending?

After a bit of a break, we are back with another full episode of the podcast! In Episode 19, we take on the history of Daylight Saving Time and look into the reason it has stayed with us for so long. Whether you like DST or not, it's something we all ...
Edward Chevrier author

Pronunciation Challenge 5

In 'Pronunciation Challenge 5,' we continue our adventure through the fabulous universe of tongue twisters and challenging sounds. As always, try the challenge out for yourself and see if you can do better than I did -- though I was pretty good this ti...
Edward Chevrier author

Pronunciation Challenge 4

In our fourth edition of the 'Pronunciation Challenge,' we bring you a particularly nice tongue twister to practice your 'w' and 'v' sounds. If these are problematic for you, be sure to take the challenge on for yourself! Enjoy! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Pronunciation Challenge 3

This is part 3 of the Pronunciation Challenge. We will be back with full episodes next week, but we're still having fun bringing you tongue twisters in the meantime. For this edition, we are working on 'th' sounds vs. 't' and 'd' sounds. These are part...
Edward Chevrier author

Pronunciation Challenge 2

Here is the second part of the Pronunciation Challenge. We present another tongue twister for you to master and try on your own. See how you do with this new challenge! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Pronunciation Challenge 1

The show is taking a short break from our regular episodes, but we are offering some new materials to our listeners... The 'Pronunciation Challenge' presents tongue twisters and tricky phrases to help with your pronunciation skills. Try to master each ...
Edward Chevrier author

GrammarTime 5--An Intro to Past Perfect

We continue to take on grammar points in our 'GrammarTime' series. In our fifth edition, we move on to the past perfect and give some tips on usage and precise meaning. Tune in if you need to brush up on your skills! Quiz questions to come...
Edward Chevrier author

Idiomatically Speaking--Stinky Feet Make for Great Idioms!

We are moving on to idiomatic expressions that talk about 'feet.' If you thought things couldn't get any more exciting, you were wrong! So jump on in with both feet let's get the idiom party rolling! :)
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 18--Nothing to Sneeze at

In Episode 18, we talk about sneezing... When do we do it? Why do we do it? And what happens after a sneeze? You'll never look at sneezing the same way! Tune in and check out our Discussion Questions on Twitter or Facebook. Ach... ach... ach... Enjoy! ...
Edward Chevrier author

GrammarTime 4--Present Perfect Simple vs. Continuous

In GrammarTime 4, we are just about ready to stop talking about the present perfect... but not quite yet! In this edition, we talk about the difference between the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous. Sound exciting? Well, it gets bet...
Edward Chevrier author

Idiomatically Speaking--Don't Cross Your Toes!

In part 3 of Idiomatically Speaking, we move down to our feet to talk about expressions using 'toe' and 'toes.' Be sure to review this episode from 'head to toe' to get a grasp of every idiom and its special meaning! Enjoy!
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 17--The Official End of Summer and All About Dolphins

In Episode 17, we remind our listeners that summer is officially ending (sorry) -- at least here in Canada. But, there is a fun festival taking place this weekend in Toronto, and I am actually looking forward to a bit of cooler weather over the next f...
Edward Chevrier author

Idiomatically Speaking--From Hands to Fingers

In this edition of Idiomatically Speaking, we move from hands to fingers in bringing you more examples of practical idioms to use in daily life. Don't let this opportunity to review important idioms 'slip through your fingers.' Tune in and be enlighten...
Edward Chevrier author

GrammarTime 3--For and Since with Present Perfect

In GrammarTime 3, we continue to explore the Perfect form in English, this time looking at using 'for' and 'since' to talk about time and duration. We go over a short quiz on usage. To check your answers, check out the Facebook page or follow the podc...
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 16--Colors, Homes, and the Color of Your Home

Episode 16! Wow... who knew color could be so important when it comes to buying and selling your home? In this episode, we look at the problems some people face buying homes in bigger cities, talk about being 'house poor,' and analyze the role color pl...
Edward Chevrier author

Idiomatically Speaking--All Hands!

This is the first edition of "Idiomatically Speaking," another brand new segment from the Edward's ESL Edge podcast. In this edition, we cover a bunch of idioms using 'hand' and 'hands.' There are so many examples that things kind of get 'out of hand'...
Edward Chevrier author

Episode 15--No More Hangovers!

In Episode 15, we are getting ready to wrap up our summer festivities, but maybe not before one or two more parties... If we party a bit too hard, however, we may be in need of a few tips to prevent or cure our hangovers. We go over some vocabulary and...
Edward Chevrier author